About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 79

Elder Sister vs Younger Sister

“If we kiss, will you leave me alone?”

“I did leave once, didn’t I?”

Kotone wrapped her arms around my back, wearing just a bath towel, and smiled mischievously.

Her soft body warmth made my temperature rise.

This can’t go on like this.

“Um, I’d prefer if you left the bathroom.”

“In that case, if Senpai kisses me ten more times, I’ll consider it.”


“You can’t?”

“Kotone is… Rei-san’s younger sister.”

“Even though you’ve kissed that sister twice already.”

“That’s true, but…”

“…I know Senpai likes my sister, but right now, it’s just me here.”

“You’re right.”

“So, you can do whatever you want to me?”

“I don’t want you to do anything.”

“But Senpai’s face is also bright red.”

Kotone giggled.

“I’m not asking for a kiss. I just want you to hold me for a little longer like this.”

“Is that enough?”


I gently put my arms around Kotone.

Her body was surprisingly delicate.

She was an heiress to a major corporation, a top student, and a cold-hearted girl who did terrible things to Rei.

That was Kotone.

But in my arms, she was just an ordinary girl.

“Haruto-senpai, I still want you to kiss me one more time.”

“I said no, didn’t I?”

“Senpai’s so stingy.”

Kotone said that while still looking like she was having fun.

We had been isolated from the outside world for a week, and we were getting closer to each other like we were the only things in the world.

If this continued, my relationship with Kotone might become irreparable.

Anyway, I just hoped we could escape from this captivity, but there was no hope.

However, something unexpected happened.

There was a loud noise from outside the bathroom.

Kotone and I exchanged glances.

The front door of this room had opened.

I thought that the kidnappers had come, and I remained vigilant.

One of the men tried to attack Kotone, so there was no room for carelessness.

However, the unexpected had occurred.

The one who came was a gentlemanly leader.

“Huh, I see. Is that how you two get along?”

Kotone blushed at the man’s amazed voice.

We were both in bath towels, and we were in the bathroom together, so it was only natural that there would be a misunderstanding.

But I was so surprised that I didn’t care about that anymore.

The man was accompanied by a girl.

There was a beautiful girl with silver hair and blue eyes.


“Haruto-kun! I’m so relieved you’re safe…”

Rei’s eyes widened.

She was in her school sailor uniform.

“Why is Rei-san here…?”

In response to my question, the man answered.

“We were lucky to have successfully kidnapped you. It was quite brave of you to try and find the two, but you didn’t expect to become a target of kidnapping herselff.”

Rei lowered her eyes, looking distressed.

I see.

Was Rei-san looking for us?

However, the police were probably searching for us as well, and it would have been difficult for Rei-san to find us on her own.

Strangely, even though we were kidnapped and should have attracted attention, they managed to kidnap Rei-san without being noticed by the police.

It’s possible that the kidnappers had connections within the Tomi family.

As I pondered this, the man slammed the door shut and left.

In the next moment, Rei-san embraced me.

I felt her warm touch and her sweet scent, and I was enveloped in a sense of relief.

It had been a while since I had held Rei-san like this.

“Haruto-kun! I’m so glad you’re safe…”

“I’m sorry for making you worry. Didn’t they do something to Rei-san?”

I was concerned that something might have happened to her while kidnapped.

However, although Rei-san had tears in her eyes, she shook her head.

“I was just taken in a car and brought here. I don’t really know what happened.”

Then, Rei-san looked at me and Kotone.

“More importantly… why were Haruto-kun and Kotone in the bath like that?”

“There are circumstances behind this…”

As I stammered, Rei-san muttered, “I see.”

“It’s not just me and Sasaki-san; but Kotone too…”

“We even kissed.”

Kotone happily said and gave a teasing smile.

Rei-san seemed shocked, but she eventually regained her composure and glared at Kotone.

“Kotone, did you force yourself on him?”

“I initiated it, but Senpai seemed to enjoy it too.”

“…Kotone hates me, so she’s trying to steal Haruto-kun from me, right? Isn’t that the case?”

“Is that really…?”

Kotone, still in her bath towel, approached Rei-san.

Then she bowed her head.

“I apologize for trying to harm my sister. I realized I shouldn’t seek revenge on you in this way.”


“I’ve experienced something similar, and I thought, ‘I shouldn’t seek revenge on my sister like this’.”

“So, you decided to approach Haruto-kun instead?”

It might be true, considering Kotone’s hatred for Rei, she might be trying to take the person Rei-san liked — me.

However, Kotone shook her head slowly.

“I want Haruto-senpai to choose me, not my sister. But it’s not for the sake of revenge against my sister.”

Kotone looked straight at Rei-san.

“I’ve… fallen in love with Haruto-senpai.”

Kotone blushed and smiled happily.

Then, she turned around and hugged me, … pressing her small red lips against mine.