About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 80

Kotone’s Declaration of War

Kotone pressed her lips against mine and smiled blissfully.

She confessed to me, and then she kissed me.

After a while, Kotone finished the kiss and smirked.

Despite Kotone’s forceful actions, she kissed me in front of Rei.

I hesitated and glanced at Rei-san.

Rei-san stood frozen, as if shocked.

Meanwhile, Kotone, still in just a bath towel and completely soaked, didn’t make it any easier to avert my eyes.

“Senpai? Is it okay for you to look at me with such lustful eyes in front of my sister?”

“I’m not looking.”

“Senpai is a liar.”

Kotone chuckled and turned towards Rei-san.

“Hey, nee-san. Did you know I sleep with Senpai every day? Do you understand the implication?”

Rei-san’s face turned red at Kotone’s words.

This was bad.

There was a misunderstanding.

Rei-san opened and closed her mouth, then pointed at me and Kotone.

“Sleeping together, does that mean…?”

“Don’t blame Senpai, nee-san. If you’re alone together every day and facing life-threatening situations, that kind of relationship naturally develops.”

Kotone said with a mischievous smile.

While not outright lying, she chose her words to create a clear misunderstanding.

Indeed, Kotone and I shared a bed, but it was because Kotone was scared and couldn’t sleep, not because of any inappropriate relationship.

I tried to explain, but Kotone covered my mouth with her slender index finger. 

Kotone’s little gesture made me upset.


“Are you going to make excuses to my sister? But it’s true that we slept together and kissed, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“And I genuinely like Senpai, you know?”

Blushing, Kotone looked up at me with those beautiful black eyes.

“Senpai protected me. That’s why… from now on, I want you to protect me, not my sister.”

I felt my heart race as I was captivated by her gaze.

It was delightful to hear a beautiful girl say she liked me, but I had Rei and Kaho in my life.

As I started to speak, Kotone covered my mouth again, this time with her lips, not her finger.

I could have pushed Kotone away.

But I accepted Kotone.

(TLN: …I will commit no life.)

I couldn’t bring myself to forcefully push away Kotone, who said she liked me, and reject the kiss.

Kotone eventually pulled away.

Then, she lowered her gaze and spoke in a hushed voice.

“I don’t need an answer. After all, I know that Senpai likes my sister more than me.”


“However, I won’t lose to my sister. Someday, I’ll be your number one, Senpai!”

With a clear voice, Kotone declared.

It seemed to be directed at both me and Rei-san.

Kotone confidently approached Rei-san.

“Nee-san, do you like Senpai?”

“…! Well, I… I really like Haruto-kun. No, I really love him.”

“That’s right. So, nee-san, you’re my rival. But now, it’s a different kind of rivalry from before.”

“A love rivalry?”

Rei-san muttered softly, and Kotone smiled and nodded.

“Nee-san, and Haruto-senpai. Be prepared, okay?”