About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 81

Sisters and Love Rivals

Rei-san and Kotone had been glaring at each other for a while.

The two are sisters, and they are also romantic rivals.

Moreover, the object of their love is me.

While I was flustered, Rei-san looked at me and Kotone and said,

“I won’t lose to Kotone…”

“Huh? Then, specifically, where do you think you surpass me, big sister?”

Certainly, both Rei and Kotone were stunning beauties, with sharp minds to match. Both were perfect in every way, evenly matched.

Rei stuttered for words and suddenly thrust her hand towards the ceiling.

“I-I have bigger…uh, assets than Kotone!”

She had just said something outrageous.

Rei-san looked at me with embarrassment.

“Haruto-kun… you prefer bigger ones, right?”

“That might be true.”

I answered reflexively.

Kotone pouted in dissatisfaction.

“I don’t care about your b****t size, Ane-san.”
(TLN: Ane-san is similar to Onee-san, more formal.)

“Perhaps you are bitter about losing?”

Rei-san chuckled.

Kotone blushed deeply.

“I-I’m still growing! I’ll beat big sister someday!”

Rei-san and Kotone bantered back and forth.

What should I do?

We were going to live together in this room, the three of us.

And there was only one bed.

Luckily, the bed was unnecessarily large, so it wasn’t impossible for three people to sleep in it.

Rei-san and Kotone were still arguing.

“I’ve even taken a bath with Haruto-kun before.”

“Well, I just showered with him earlier!”

“But Haruto-kun and I have bathed together in the same tub, pressed up against each other.”

Kotone stared at me with a shocked expression.

It did happen a few times, but it wasn’t a regular occurrence.

Kotone glared at me.

“It’s fine… When we return to the mansion, I’ll do various things too.”

I couldn’t ask what “various things” meant.

In any case, returning to the mansion was crucial.

As long as we stayed here, we were at the mercy of kidnappers, and our lives could be in danger at any moment.

“Kotone…, can you put on some clothes for now?”

“If Senpai is going to dress me, then sure.”


“Yes. Would you mind putting a bra on me, helping me into shorts, and then putting a blouse on top of that? Don’t you want to try?”

“I can’t do that.”

Rei-san was watching us.

I couldn’t possibly do such a thing in front of her.

Kotone looked down with embarrassment.

“I… I don’t mind being seen n*ked by Senpai. I really like Senpai that much.”

“Thank you…, but I just want you to wear normal clothes. Otherwise, I won’t be able to stay calm.”

“I don’t want you to stay calm. You can attack me in front of Nee-san if you want.”

I blushed and shook my head.

“I won’t do anything.”

I repeated, and Kotone looked at me with upturned eyes, then seemed to give up and started putting on her u*derwear.

I quickly averted my gaze.

When I looked back, Rei-san’s face was bright red.

“Me too… If it’s Haruto-kun, I don’t mind being seen n*ked. That’s how much I really like you.”

Rei-san leaned in and suddenly captured my lips.

I was taken aback, succumbing to the moment, intoxicated by Rei-san’s sweet fragrance.

“I’m not going to give Haruto-kun to Kotone…”

Rei-san’s blue eyes were moist.

Before I knew it, Kotone was approaching me.

“It’s not fair… Please kiss me too…”

Then, Kotone gently pressed herself against me.

At that moment, the door to the room opened.

It was the male kidnappers.

In a hurry, Kotone jumped back, cautiously hiding her body with both hands.

The men had brought food, apparently breakfast.

“Good grief…”

The more refined of the two men shrugged, handing me a tray with cornflakes for breakfast.

In the process, something fell from the man’s pocket.

It looked like a business card holder.

I picked it up and was surprised.

The business card inside belonged to a Tomi Group executive.