I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World Chapter 1

Meteor: Ice Magic (1)

TL/ED: Lolz

There’s a saying that people don’t change.

It’s not an absolute law, but personally, I agree that the lives of ordinary people don’t easily change.

Just like the exam preparation I always did hastily, as if struck by lightning, unable to start early from the beginning of the semester.

Just like the inability to touch even a bit of the adult world’s complexities.

Habits and thoughts engraved in the soul, transcending the physical, never change.

Even if one falls into this world with memories of a past life, it remains the same.


An ancient study, generating small sparks by exploring the unchanging laws of the world and the movements of celestial bodies.

The sparks spread across the continent, eventually transforming into a single torch that ignites grandiosely.

Finally, illuminating the ignorant night and soaring towards the sky, it was called the Magic Tower.

Six years have passed since falling into this world and fighting on the battlefield.

And now, four years since stepping into the Ivory Tower built with the fortress of truth. A total of ten years have passed.

Unlike my peers who entered together, I haven’t climbed a single step.

I was spending most of my days just like I did a long time ago on Earth.

Lying in bed, scrolling through.


[If you missed today’s attendance for the ‘Principles and Understanding of Dimensional Glass’ course, you’ll get a penalty]

If you want to kill the professor who suddenly changed the classroom with a phase transition 2 minutes before the start of class, go ahead. Hahaha.

[Recommended 378 / Not Recommended 11]

— Like

— Relentless Personal Attacks

— Are you from the —- faction? Last year, half of them got an F due to attendance shortage.

— Why is attendance harder than exams? Haha.

— Unpaid students are being mass-produced, haha. Tuition is slowly melting, haha.

— Isn’t it a simple spatial magic test? I found the classroom location right away, but those who couldn’t find it won’t escape the lower floors for the rest of their lives.

ㄴ —-

ㄴ So, what about the hierarchy, then?


In the palm-sized magical tool that fits perfectly in the hand is an item called ‘Witch Note’.

Although it’s not known who created it, and it’s known among mages as a witches’ trinket, the source was actually me.

To be exact, it was a type of status window acquired from my previous life, but I didn’t even know how to use it properly until I entered the Magic Tower.

I still don’t know the exact principle, but there are a few facts I learned through trial and error.


[It’s been a while since we had a rookie, but please don’t have a welcoming party starting from the 174th floor.]

Do you guys not know that it ruins the atmosphere when you mix nerds with lively youngsters gathering?

Especially those newcomers who haven’t even reached the 10th floor in their first year but act like nobles and have sucked honey from the system in staff roles, not even combat mages. They are the most annoying.

— You can leave, seniors.

ㄴThank you.

— Is this guy crazy?

— Please don’t come out, seriously.



[Be careful around the Meteor Hall, socialites are roaming around]

If you write your name on the survey, you automatically join the Demon Worship Club, and evil spirits will appear in your dreams every night.

Don’t go there unless you want to be mentally tortured until you become a sacrifice for your roommate.

— Ugh, here we go again, haha.

— Ironically, it feels empty without them now.

— What’s the security department doing? They clearly take bribes every year.

ㄴThey are definitely receiving under-the-table money

— My roommate snores every night, where should I go now?


The Witch Note is given to all apprentices upon entering the Magic Tower and is attached to the first page of the rulebook they receive.

Therefore, all apprentices who entered the tower to become mages can access the forum.

The lively regeneration of posts usually occurs when new people enter.

It’s also a period when I, who is already busy, becomes even busier.


[Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the administrator today]

Climbing the stairs endlessly and finally getting annoyed because I can’t find the classroom… Want to race?

— What the heck is this again?

— Let’s go!

— Air raid alert! Air raid alert! Air raid alert!

— Haha, the manager is late again.


The administrator of this forum is the one who is currently missing.

When the number of people increases, so does the chaos.

Users complained about the unexpected tactical nuke that was posted.

“Tsk, get out.”

In my past life, I enjoyed trolling on forums quite lightly, but at this moment, without any hesitation, I moved my fingers.

I knew that leaving that thing alone in a place where most users are wizards could lead to terrible consequences.

The tactical nuke, which initially resembled a simple trolling, continued to evolve.

Some detached themselves after being hit by the initial blast, while others, sharpening their skills, prepared for a counterattack.

The killing power of weapons designed for mutual annihilation became so strong that it went beyond control, making it impossible to determine who was on the right side anymore.

Images flipping upside down or moving in photos were just the beginning.

Transitioning to other posts, getting engraved in the reader’s optical nervous system, and in the worst case, burning the mana circuit…

While ensuring maximum freedom of expression, that’s one thing I cannot allow.

Deleting the post and a 14-day IP ban.



[Blocked the chaos.]


Feel free to enjoy the forum without worries.


Thanks to timely response, nuclear war was prevented.

Thanks to prompt action, we were able to prevent a nuclear war. Additionally, for the first time in a while, posts praising me started to appear.


— Oh man!

— Whew, that’s a relief, haha.

— Our administrator is doing a great job, haha.

— Live forever lol



[That guy must be insane; I haven’t seen him during the off-hours on the forum.]

Is he even a human?

— Isn’t he a graduate student?

— I heard he’s a professor.

ㄴ Probably not. The issue of closing the forum came up several times during faculty meetings.

— Seriously, what is he doing managing it all day? Is he really in the upper floors as rumored?

— If professors can’t catch him, there must be something about it.


Although it was all baseless speculation about being not alone, using forbidden time-manipulating magic, or being one of the Seven Sages…

All of the guesses were wrong, but I didn’t feel bad because I received praise.

For the sake of sound sleep, I only logged in lightly for about 5 hours before bedtime and around 3 hours before and after meals.

Other than that, I checked it casually during breaks in class, but to others, it seemed like I was a diligent person.

Anyway, the forum was stabilized, and as dawn deepened, a calm discussion of ‘Is Meteor really fire magic?’ flowed.

The sight of users rushing in like hornets to tear apart their opponent was truly the peaceful forum I desired.


At that moment, as I was preparing early for the next day, a comment caught my eye.

Clearly, it was a clumsy typing of someone using the Witch Note for the first time.


[Those idiots don’t even know that Meteor is a fire magic.]

Did your ancestors make the rocks that pop out of the magic circle?

Of course not; you pray to the earth spirits to create enough friction heat and kinetic energy when dropping from the stratosphere.

— Yes, the next spirit stepping stone.

— Is it already time for the dawn prayer?

— Particularly, spirit mages get scolded by their summoned creatures.

— Among the 7 factions, they’re the second least popular for a reason.

— Marine113: Meteor is an ice magic.

ㄴ What kind of fresh nonsense is this again?

ㄴ Meteor is an ice magic. It’s like hail and rain-wrapped wind.

ㄴ Did your ‘S’ key break?

ㄴ Winry x Principle

ㄴ The weirdos are here.


The users from the dawn shift, who gathered to observe the newcomer who confidently presented the novel logic that Meteor is an ice magic, seemed to think it was better to just ignore them, as they appeared unrelated to the forum.

Mostly anonymous, seriously discussing scholarly knowledge on a bulletin board poses the risk of revealing one’s identity.

Nevertheless, the floating ID ‘Marine113’ continued to explain alone why Meteor was an ice magic.



[I will explain logically why Meteor is an ice magic]

It’s because… If you drop an ice crystal centered on a magic core from a high altitude, you can secure sufficient frictional heat and kinetic energy… Magic cast from the hole in the stratosphere is difficult to position accurately, but unlike other phenomena, it evaporates water vapor, allowing you to correct the coordinates. If you’re curious, I can show you in person…


Despite no one reacting to those words, the user continued to write.

For the first time in a long time, I sensed that the time had come to draw out the sword of justice.

It’s not about the power of an administrator.

Will I use my authority to ban them for misuse?

Like other users, I can participate in forum discussions anonymously.

One ID, two goons shielding it.

And another account self-targeting for precaution against suspicion of being multiple users.

‘Is it a bit lacking?’

Since I’m not one to devote my life to the forum like others, I might seem a bit amateurish.

Nevertheless, getting too serious in a dispute with just one user wasn’t good either.

Based on the extreme praise for only ice magic within the pure elemental school, it was roughly apparent what faction this user belonged to.

Ready to act, I left a casual comment as a greeting and a light joke.


— Did an ice dispenser come into the dormitory and steal your job? You crawled all the way here just to type nonsense and sit down.

ㄴ Glesia School level.