I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World Chapter 2

Meteor: Ice Magic (2)


ㄴ Marine113: Cancel it. I’ll file a complaint at the Magic Tower Ethics Committee for such offensive language. Permanently expel the graduate school student and penalize him…

ㄴ ㅇㅇ(1.1): Oh, from the Glesia School? Does that mean you can get free ice cream all the time? Sweet~

ㄴ Marine113: Seriously, just shut up.



Unexpectedly, users cheered in the heated atmosphere of the forum.

Was it because today’s fights, happening several times a day, were different?


It was because the outcome didn’t matter anymore.



[I’m sorry, actually, I think it’s true that Meteor is ice magic.]

(Photo of a frog raising its fist)

A punching comment

[Recommended 189 / Not Recommended 1]

— I agree

— If it’s Marine113 who came in excitedly, thumbs up

— 1 Dislike, it’s obvious who it is, lol


Releasing anger from Marine113 and the mysterious user with a suspicious IP that gently provokes.

Those familiar with the forum had mostly guessed their identities.


[Stop it, I’m going to cry, kid]

Whoever you are, you won.

— I think I know who it is.

— Check the IP, lol 1.1, lol

— Seriously, 1.1, Top rank?


[Oh, was ‘that flow’ really the Tower Master? Lol]

Is this the first time in the history of the Empire that a Tower Master is being prosecuted by the Ethics Committee?

— It would be hilarious if it really happens.

— But isn’t there someone here who can manipulate IP? If it’s not really Tower Master, only the administrator can do that, right?

ㄴ Oh, the kind one is suspicious, the bad comment!

ㄴ Shh!

ㄴ We don’t know anything!



[Did new nicknames suddenly increase?]

At this time?

— It was a clean early morning class that everyone just woke up in~

— Seeing them put all their effort into fighting even when dealing with inflow, it’s reassuring~


Since the Magic Tower Forum was established, the owner’s identity has never been revealed.

No one knew which faction they belonged to, what rank of magician they were, let alone if they were alone.

Managing a community with such impact and leaving no traces was impressive.

So, when they joined the fight with an alt-account like today, it raised expectations.

Perhaps there could be clues about the identity of this mysterious owner.



[Look at what that 1.1 said]

Come to the Glesia School faction research lab on the Secret Garden Floor tomorrow.

Tell the guard you came in response to the youngest’s summons, and they will guide you.

Don’t run away, make sure to come.

I’ll make you realize it when we meet in person.

— Is there a fight?

— Let’s go, let’s go~

— If it’s the secret garden floor, is the middle floors, but…

— Is it okay to expose the location of the lab?


At the point where more than three pages passed from the comments on the first post.

Unable to endure Marine113’s anger any longer, a post containing the suppressed rage was uploaded, and the anticipation reached its peak.

Knowing that there was no chance they would respond, everyone silently awaited an reply.

After a while, one comment was posted on Marine113’s post.


— ㅇㅇ(1.1): Do you not like it? If so, come to the Marylin Hall yourself.

— ㅇㅇ(1.1): Wait under the statue, lol.



Of course, there was no intention to respond to the challenge.

As an apprentice, my rank was only 1, and I wouldn’t be able to defeat anyone with magic.

The reason for accepting the provocation was just to see the other person’s face.

The Marylin Hall is one of the first dorms where entering apprentices unpack their belongings.

With a large population, there was no need to worry about revealing my identity. Moreover, it was where I worked as the administrator.

The probability of confirming who the person standing under the statue is and then going back to sleep is 30%.

There is a 70% chance that I won’t even go out when I wake up late.

Considering my usual sleep pattern, the latter was more likely, but today was an exception.

It was because of the uninvited guest who came into my office shouting as soon as the sun rose.

“Wake up, Clark, you lazy apprentice!”

Sticking my face out of the blanket, I confirmed the identity.

There was a woman in a robe resembling rags, glaring at me.

The noteworthy point was her height, almost the same as the ice dispenser installed a week ago with the authority of the supervisor.

In other words, extremely short.

“I thought the light was on, so you must have been studying all night. But instead, you were looking at this. These kids nowadays…”

“What brings you here so early, Master?”

Agnes Aitar.

The founder of the Aitar school, which can be said to be the predecessor of the Haeju School.

There is a reason why such a great magician has traveled to such a humble place.

The Haeju faction is the least favored faction within the magic tower. Consequently, their financial situation is dreadful.

“It’s too cold in the lab to sleep.”

“Don’t they have a boiler there?”

“We have a hearth, but the cost of firewood is expensive.”

Haeju is a curse.

In this world, if someone incurs resentment or fights against demons, there is a prescribed way to cure it.

They seek out priests or wizards specializing in holy magic in the school.

Magicians from the Haeju faction do not exist in the priority list.

The reason is simple.

Rather than going through the process of dissecting the principles and components of spells to reconstruct the formula, it’s easier to receive a simple blessing and be done with it.

As a result, there is hardly a place on the continent where a wizard graduated from the Haeju school in the Magic Tower can find employment. Well, to be precise, there is only one avenue open to them.

The path of a curse magician.

How convenient it is. Just close your eyes, and calls from evil organizations on the continent, including the ‘Black Star’, a group of dark magicians, pour in.

If you were a highly educated talent struggling in the Magic Tower, they would welcome you with open arms.

As a result, the current Haeju faction is producing outstanding wanted criminals every year who will leave their mark on the empire’s history.

No need to mention that financial support from all institutions, including the royal family, has been cut off.

It was Agnes, who considers herself my mentor, who came to the dormitory on cold days to warm herself by the fireplace.

“If there’s no money in the school, go out and earn it. Honestly, when you’re as skilled as a master, you can use other magics, right?”

“Hmm, the current me is struggling with the curse. The more I unleash my power, the worse the curse becomes.”

“What curse are you under?”

“I shrink. It’s a dreadful thing.”

She confesses the truth with an endlessly heavy expression.

Even if she’s already at the level of an ice dispenser, shrinking wouldn’t make much of a difference, would it?

Anyway, she seemed to be making efforts in her own way to revive the school, gathering new disciples and participating in conferences.

It’s just regrettable that the only lifeline she held onto was me.

“Clark, it’s time for you to start climbing the tower. Didn’t I let you into the Magic Tower?”

“You said I could challenge it slowly at that time!”

“That! You! Four years! I didn’t expect you to linger in this bottom tier for so long!!!”

The purpose of the apprentices who entered the Magic Tower is to climb.

Especially on the first floor, if you have even a bit of talent in magic, you rarely fail the test, which is more like a ritual of passage.

In front of the Grand Square, write your name on the ‘Omniscient Stone’, and specify the wish you want to obtain.

Then, based on the challenger’s abilities and aptitude, the path to climb the tower is engraved on the constellation plate of the stone.

The more stars engraved on the stone, the more opportunities and connections you can gain, so many climbers strive to elevate their status before inscribing their names.

Of course, cases like mine, staying on the first floor for a long time, are not common.

“I understand that mental preparation is necessary. Still, isn’t it not that difficult to write your name on the stone?”

“It’s not easy.”

“What on earth are you saying? Even if you climb just up to the 20th floor, no, the 10th floor, there’s a lot of knowledge I can give you!”

Even the stomping of the feet seemed like a cute tantrum of a niece. It seems the curse indeed has some power.

However, cuteness alone couldn’t convince me.

“I’ll go up on my own when the time comes. For now, get some rest. I’ve warmed up the bed for you.”

“Will you listen to me properly ..!?”

“I have some business to attend to, so when you leave, just lock the door. Oh, and would you like a cup of cocoa?”

“Really… !?”

After tossing the bait of a warm bed and sweet drink, I put on my robe and left the room. Time was running late, and I had to hurry.

The hallways and stairs were bustling with students heading to classes since morning.

At the entrance to the dormitory stood a statue of Marylin, who founded the Kaleidos School.

This Marylin Hall is named after her.

“Let’s see, did they really come out?”

Based on my experience, there was a high probability that the other party, who applied for a meeting, didn’t show up.

The reason was obvious. After sighing and sleeping, the head becomes clear when you think about it again the next day.

Disputes that occur in the community are usually not serious enough to fight face-to-face in reality.

Moreover, sometimes a warm atmosphere is staged when meeting in person.

However, my expectation was overturned, and the other party was waiting at the agreed-upon location. Moreover, there were two of them.

“Vina, can’t we just go back now? This is the starting floor. If Milone finds out that you came down without permission, there will be trouble!”

“I can’t. We promised to meet here.”

Two women attracting attention from afar.

Seeing their faces, I felt that something was wrong and took out my Witch Note.


[Crazy! A direct descendant of the Seven Sages appeared in Marylin Hall right now]

There are so many people here, everyone is coming to see.

— You mean pureblood? They have a free pass for climbing, so why do they come down?

— Can I see if I go now? I’ve been in the tower for 3 years, but I haven’t seen their faces yet.

— I saw one just once last time when I was a test supervisor, and it was a different world, not only because I couldn’t even talk to them, but because they live in a different world.


The forum was already running a live broadcast in real-time.