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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 34

Your Tyrant Is Back

“Your Majesty, I said you shouldn’t eat the cake.”


“I didn’t.”


Astria played it off, but Sena, with a dubious look, spoke up.


“… Please clean up the whipped cream from the corners of your mouth before speaking.”


“I had cream on my mouth?”


“You did. Quite visibly.”


“I see.”


Astria quickly wiped the cream off her lips with her tongue and then closed her mouth.


Sena smirked slightly and glared at Chris. Seriously, giving cake to a severe diabetic patient?


Chris quietly showed his right hand. It was swollen and red. …You’ve been through a lot too.


Sena then addressed the Empress.


“You want to live long, right? Then you should stay away from sweets.”


“I understand.”


Astria’s response didn’t indicate any understanding.


Sena sighed lightly.


“Eating everything you want isn’t good for your health. Especially for you, Your Majesty.”


“If you’re worried, just stay close to me. Even when sleeping, even when working. I’m your personal physician, after all.”


Sena tensed. She’s talking about her pain.


“…You’ll have to endure even without me.”


“Whenever you crave sweets, you can just eat me instead.”


Sena subtly backed away, cautious of Astria. Astria quickly grabbed Sena’s wrist and pulled him towards her.


Sena was drawn to Astria like being embraced. With a deep chuckle, Astria whispered into Sena’s ear.


“If you keep running away like this, I’ll do it right in front of everyone.”


“W-what are you talking about?”


“Making a baby.”


‘She’s shameless…!’


Sena’s face turned red. In medieval times, such slightly risqué jokes were common, and people were immune to them. However, Astria’s comment didn’t feel like a joke at all, leaving Sena flustered.


“Even if nothing else, won’t the greatest prince ever be born with a face like mine?”


Astria smirked.


“I’m curious whose personality the child will resemble. Will it be me or you?”


“You… You really don’t know. A person’s personality isn’t innate; it’s influenced by their upbringing.”


“Is that so?”


“Yes. Education plays a significant role.”


Sena nodded. Ignoring innate tendencies would be foolish, but with good upbringing, a child would flourish.


…Why is he talking about this? Is he forgetting something important?


‘Not the time for this!’


He had been too relieved to think that Astria’s lifespan had been restored to normal. Meeting the most important members of the church and invoking a religious trial.


“Is that so? Then teach well.”


“…Since when did we become like this?”


“Why are you suddenly asking?”


“Suddenly indeed. I’m your physician, not your husband. Make a baby with your husband.”


“You’re so clueless. An emperor naturally creates a child when they find a passing face they like. That’s how I was born.”


‘Was she an illegitimate child?’


Though taken aback by the absurd joke, curiosity overwhelmed him.


As far as Sena knew, Astria’s legitimacy was unquestionable. He believed her to be the daughter of the Second Empress, Marianne.


“To do that, we need to handle this matter well.”


“What matter?”




Astria gazed sharply at the Duke.


“The interesting event I mentioned.”


“Oh, yes. You did mention that.”


“This is a result we are able to reach thanks to you. Enjoy and watch.”


Before Sena could ask more, Astria turned to Chris.






Chris bowed with a faint smile.


“Put an end to this tiresome play now.”


“I’ve been waiting for this.”


With a document in hand, he ascended the platform, surveyed the hall, and spoke in a voice neither too loud nor too soft.


“This is a message from Her Majesty that an audience will begin at this hour.”


Nobles dancing.

Nobles conversing.

Nobles eating.

Nobles waiting silently.


All of them stopped their activities and turned to look at Astria simultaneously.


She was about to do something.


“I hope you’ve brought good gifts.”


Right now.




The first petitioner was a face Sena was familiar with.


Someone he had been waiting for, yet not particularly keen on being close to.


“I am the Inquisitor Lucia.”


Lucia smiled, bowing slightly.


“I have come here under the guidance of Justitia. Your Majesty, I sincerely congratulate you on your recovery.”


“Lucia, was it?”




“Stop killing my people.”


Lucia responded with a bright smile.


“Would you like a world without heresy?”


It sounded disrespectful to hear.

However, surprisingly, Astria didn’t seem bothered by such things.


She asked with an amused expression.


“What do you think? Is there much heresy here?”


“Very much so. It makes me nauseous.”


It was Sena who was surprised by Lucia’s response.


‘Was this person sent by Cruyff?’


The answer just given meant ‘I’ll crack down on anyone you name’.


The target also includes dukes. Her words of salvation were that she could get rid of them once and for all.


Cruyff must have acted quickly after receiving the letter. The fact that Lucia was now looking at Sena was evidence of that.


‘It’s resolved.’


Sena’s expression brightened slightly.




“Sorry, but I have no intention of borrowing the power of the church.”


For some reason, Astria said to Sena.


“That’s all debt.”




‘Did she know?’




Astria said with a blank face.


Sena looked down.


Concern for Astria.


Resentment towards Astria for finding a definite solution.


Sena had no choice but to answer.




With Sena’s response, Astria turned to Lucia again.


“So be it. Anything else?”


“The saint has spoken. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to act on my own whims. I shall withdraw.”


“Inquisitor Lucia.”


Astria spoke calmly.


“Go to the right.”


What did that mean? As Sena wondered, the next guest arrived promptly.


“I am Hans, the Count of Saturn.”


“Hans. I haven’t heard of you.”


“In Your Majesty’s esteemed view, I am merely a lord of a very small village that cannot be seen. However, I was able to become a central noble thanks to the grace of Duke Reinhardt this time.”


“Go left.”


“For Your Majesty’s comfort due to a leg injury, I have brought authentic goods… What?”


As he hesitated, Chris, who was standing next to Sena, forcefully approached and dragged him away.


“Who do you think I am!”


“How dare you raise your voice in front of Her Majesty. Do not cause a commotion.”


Astria said calmly but sharply.








How much time had passed?

Sena, watching, was tired from Astria’s selection process.


Sena stood beside her, calmly observing the ‘lifespans’ of those petitioners gathered.




The number of those at this extreme crossroads was not insignificant.


Without exception, they all stood on the left.


‘I’m not sure yet, but this is…’


He could tell it was the difference between life and death.




“Your Majesty, this is Marquis Ashmont.”


Astria cut straight to the point.


“I have already abandoned you once. Yet, do you still pledge allegiance to me?”


“Your Majesty, did you not strip a mere mage who couldn’t even wield magic on the battlefield of the title of Grand Lord?”


“Answering a question with another question. The gap between us has grown wider, Marquis Ashmont.”


Despite her words, Astria spoke as if she were enjoying herself.


“I apologize.”


After a moment, her laughter subsided, and Astria spoke seriously.


“It’s simple. Despite being a lowly mage who couldn’t use magic on the battlefield, I thought you would care for my people. You used it where it was needed.”


Ashmont’s fist clenched.


Sena’s suggestion to stand by Astria’s side.


Even if it wasn’t that.


“My loyalty…”


He wanted to wash away the mistake from  eight years ago, where he couldn’t repay her trust.


“Will you accept it?”




Astria closed her eyes briefly before speaking.


“You go to the right.”


Marquis Ashmont stood on the right. There weren’t many people on the right. Most were on the left.


At that moment, Sena hardened his expression. The next in line was Duke Wilhelm.


“Your Majesty.”


“Do you have something to say? By the way, you’re also on the left.”


“A bit bold, aren’t we? May I ask what your intentions are?”


Somewhat arrogant. Astria’s brow furrowed.


But Wilhelm’s expression showed that he had no more tricks up his sleeve.




Sena swallowed hard. He glanced between Sylvia and Chris. Chris seemed somewhat relaxed, and Sylvia’s hand was already near her sword. She sensed it too.


He felt like he was standing before a time bomb about to explode. He needed to grab and throw it before it detonated, but he couldn’t.


‘If only I could—’


He was having these thoughts when…


“You seem surprised.”




“Why, isn’t it about time the Imperial Knights arrived?”




The nobles who had been silent until now murmured upon hearing the conversation.


“They can’t come. They’re probably all dead.”


Astria’s laughter deepened. Wilhelm’s pupils dilated as he quickly glanced behind him.




The giant doors of the banquet hall opened, and through the gap, about twenty armored knights entered, surrounding the nobles inside.


Wilhelm looked back at Astria.


“How… The Teutonic Knights shouldn’t be here.”


“You’ve caused quite a stir. Did you provoke the monsters in the west? If Teutonic Knights doesn’t leave immediately, it could be dangerous. However, I could delay sending reinforcements for three days. Granz’s Knights are subduing the north, so the number of monsters isn’t as large as expected. Rihatton can hold out for three days. It’s probably the limit, though.”


‘…So that means.’


Sena realized the truth about the number 3.


The core of the rebellion was ‘Teutonic Knights’s absence’. That was the key, and during the three days Teutonic Knights were secretly staying at the royal palace, the rebellion couldn’t succeed.


In other words, if Duke Wilhelm hadn’t instigated the rebellion today, he would have known and moved more cautiously, and the rebellion would have succeeded.


“Go left.”


Duke Wilhelm could not refuse.


Now, the nobles in the hall were beginning to understand the difference between ‘left and right’.


The faces of the nobles on the left turned ashen.




Astria’s voice echoed through the hall.


In this silent place, where even the sound of a crawling ant couldn’t be heard, someone approached.


It was a nobleman who had faced him in the past in front of his room.


“You are the last. Count Iso.”


Count Iso was not merely observing the etiquette; he was beyond completely composed.


“Your Majesty, it’s not me.”


“What do you mean, it’s not you?”


“I-I joined the noble faction only because of Duke Wilhelm’s coercion.”


Iso rose to his feet, gesturing dramatically towards the back.


“The people on the left are the same. Aren’t they?!”


It was a desperate gesture and movement.


Astria tapped her finger on the armrest of her chair.


Iso quickly turned towards Astria again.


“Y-Your Majesty. It’s true. I-I never harbored impure intentions…!”


Astria smiled subtly.


“I believe you, Iso. Was that all?”


Hope flickered on Iso’s face.


“But I cannot forgive you for messing with my physician.”




“As expected, die.”


Astria raised one finger with a bored expression.


And she precisely traced that finger on Iso’s neck.




With a loud noise, white dust rose from the ceiling of the banquet hall.


Some parts crumbled, and rocks fell.


Some were crushed to death. But the nobles didn’t even think about moving.


More accurately, their bodies couldn’t move.


Because of the dense aura emitted by Astria.


Sena slowly turned his head.




The upper part of Iso’s chest was completely gone. Blood gushed out like a fountain.


“There have been rumors lately.”


Astria stood up from her seat.


It was unbelievable to most of the nobles.


“About my physical condition.”


“About my character.”


“About my reign.”


She walked lightly, as if taking a stroll.


She stopped next to Duke Wilhelm.


Duke Wilhelm couldn’t even blink.


“It’s a ridiculously despicable question.”


Astria’s blue eyes flashed.


Why was she so obsessed with her legs?


Astria never considered a full recovery from the beginning.


The only thing she was interested in was a purge.












… …


All the nobles on the left indicated the number 0.


Sena finally realized who he had revived.


Before him was a tyrant.


Simply a tyrant.


“Rejoice. Your tyrant is back.”


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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