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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 45

From Today, You Are Mine

“Betty? Betty?”


Sena, thrown into Astria’s bedroom, knocked on the door with a stern expression.


However, she had no intention of opening the tightly closed door.


Sena turned around with a contemplative expression. Astria, wearing only a blouse, was approaching with a relaxed smile.


“Your Majesty, you seem to have lost your… pants.”


“I usually sleep without pants.”


“That’s not good for your health.”


Sena tried to retreat, wary of the approaching Astria. Unfortunately, the door blocked his escape.


“It’s fine. I’ll soon eat something good for my health.”


“Good for health? What could that be? Ahaha.”


He tried to pretend not to know, but she had forgotten about that part of Sena for a moment. Astria was a tyrant who only knew how to go straight.


“Sena, it’s you.”




Astria stood in front of Sena.


She scrutinized Sena from head to toe.


A good size to hold.


Silver hair to dirty.


Every strand of hair. Now, everything was hers.


Astria’s possessiveness grew uncontrollably.


Everything valuable should be hers.


So naturally, the most beautiful gem in the world should also be hers to possess.




Astria lifted Sena’s chin with her index finger, who was half-sitting.


“From today, you are mine.”


Sena’s vision filled with Astria.


“Don’t even dream of running away.”




Feeling the possessiveness just by looking, Sena swallowed hard.


His ‘first time’ had often been threatened in the past.


Medieval women were subtly licentious. Sena had been tempted frequently, whether it was because they had nothing else to do.


Yet he had persevered, only wanting his ‘first time’ with a woman he loved.


Sena did not love Astria. In fact, such feelings were difficult for Sena.


‘Would refusal change anything?’


Being powerless, Sena was not even a meal for women with power. There was no way to refuse if they insisted.


Chloe, Seria, Sylvia, among others. If they wanted, they could have taken Sena at any time.


But Sena couldn’t engage in relationships he didn’t want.


There was a trick.


That was…


‘Beg for sympathy.’


Pretend to be weak, pitiable once, and they couldn’t continue to the end.


“I am not someone’s property.”


“From today, you are mine.”


“And I come from a family of priests, so chastity is fundamental to me…!”


Sena shouted desperately. Astria smirked even more.


“The precious ‘first time’ you’ve safeguarded until now is for my sake.”






Astria chuckled.


“Then cry. I quite enjoy conquering a despairing opponent.”


‘Is she a psycho…’


Astria couldn’t care less.


Perhaps Sena’s perfect adversary.


“…I won’t cry.”


“So, what’s the conclusion?”


“Do as you please. If Justitia doesn’t mind, that is.”


Sena stared solemnly at the floor.


This might raise the pity score, making her give up.


Like others.


“I can’t bear it.”


But without hesitation, Astria seized Sena.




Sena awkwardly smiled as he looked up.


This isn’t right, what’s happening?


Astria threw Sena onto the bed.


“Your Majesty?”


Astria, with burning eyes, gazed down at Sena lying beneath her.


Sena was very taken aback. It seemed like a switch had been flipped.


“W-would you please calm down?”




Astria was about to pounce on Sena.




Sena tightly closed his eyes.


Alright, I understand.


I’ve lost, Your Majesty.


Just allow it.


“Let’s, uh, take a bath first!”




“I’ll do whatever Your Majesty desires. Anything.”


Sena’s face flushed.


However, for Sena, who had a condition of mysophobia, this was quite a significant issue.


“Instead, let’s wash first. It would be too uncomfortable without washing.”


She’ll allow that, right? Isn’t that so?


“Do we really need to wash just to make a baby? Do it in the morning.”


“That doesn’t make any sense.”


“I need to have a baby right now. I’m starting to feel sleepy.”


Is she sleepy just because it’s midnight…!


Sena felt unfairly treated to his core, but he had no choice but to show consideration to Astria.


She spoke as if she didn’t like it.


“Your robe looks stuffy.”


“I-I’ll take it off.”


Astria tilted her head.


Why all this trouble?


She grabbed Sena’s robe, seeming ready to tear it off.


With his eyes tightly shut, Sena cried out.


“It’s a precious robe!”


“…Even in this situation, you’re a stubborn one.”


Astria, slightly regaining her senses, moved aside from atop Sena’s body.


She just stood by the bed, looking down at Sena.


“Hurry up and take it off.”




Sena wanted to cry.


‘Why does my first night have to be like this?’


Isn’t there supposed to be a difference between men and women?


At least, he wanted to approach his first time as a man.


He wanted to lead and see a shy woman.


What is this, seriously.


Instead of leading, he was being led around on a leash.


‘I’m really so upset.’


Sena knelt on the bed, his face flushed to his neck.


Unfastening the robe’s tie, he bowed his head deeply.


“Please don’t look.”


“I will.”


“You’re too much.”


“And what will you do about it?”


Astria crossed her arms, watching. Her bare feet caught his sight.


Her feet were really small, he suddenly realized.


‘Wait a moment.’


Halfway through untying his robe, Sena looked up.


‘This is also Astria’s first time, right?’


Let’s see beyond the title of Empress.


Astria was just a pretty blonde girl.


Physically, she was quite petite. To the point of being similar to him, enough said.


Even if she was a tyrant, she might not be one in bed, right?


In fact, he might not need to be scared.


She won’t be using mana when she does that.


‘How long will I live like this? Huh? Will I be forced into my first experience too?’


Sena recalled the days when he was constantly bullied by this golden girl.


Huh, so annoyed.


But sometimes, she showed a girlish side of her age.


As Sena unbuttoned his shirt, his hands were no longer shaking.


“…Your Majesty?”




“Your Majesty, you should also undress.”


“Alright then.”


Come on, Your Majesty, be embarrassed too.


I’ll stare back at you.


This was a counterattack. Sena thought so.







With one hand, Astria tore her blouse.


As buttons fell, her pure white skin…


“… What are you doing under the blanket?”


“Please turn off the light. Lights out, lights out!”


Sena, wrapped in the blanket, mumbled desperately.


‘It seems she has no shame!’


Astria’s delicate eyebrows furrowed.


“Now telling the Empress to turn off the lights…”




“No, first, you need to undress. You can’t undress if the lights are off.”




Sena slipped something out from under the blanket.


It was neatly folded clothes.


In the midst of this tidiness, Astria’s face turned incredulous.


“If that’s a skill, then it’s a skill.”


“Now, please turn off the lights.”




Astria switched off the lights. Finally, Sena cautiously peered out from under the blanket.


When he couldn’t see anything, Sena was relieved.


When Astria lay down next to him, he was distraught again.


Thump, Thump.


His heart pounded loudly. At this rate, Astria next to him could probably hear it.


‘Am I really going to do this now?’


Sena’s pupils shook even in the darkness.


The day had finally come.


“Then, let’s begin.”




“To create a successor.”


Astria’s calm voice was heard, and at the moment Sena swallowed dryly.


Astria took Sena’s hand. It was soft and small. It felt like his heart stopped momentarily.


“With this, your first time belongs entirely to me.”


And with a satisfied tone, Astria spoke.


By the way, apart from holding hands, there was no other physical contact.


“Just as I heard, it’s sweeter than any other dessert, and it feels like walking on clouds. It feels really good.”


“…Your Majesty.”


Sena asked Astria, who had just held his hand.


“What are you doing?”


“What do you think? Making a baby.”




“Didn’t you hear? I heard that by doing this, the goddess will bless my womb with a successor.”


Are you a hermaphrodite…?


Suddenly, Sena remembered Astria’s history.


She became Empress at the age of 12.


It was an extremely rare occurrence, but what if she didn’t know how to make a baby by the age of 12?


… There was no one who can tell the Empress how a baby is made.


Sena blinked tearfully.


Why was he scared this pathetic Empress?


Give me back my precious time.


“Will it be a daughter or a son…?”


Nevertheless, it looked like she was happy, which was fortunate.


She really did have a cute side.


Finally, Sena smiled and fell asleep.












In the late hours of the night, whose time was unknown.


Sena hastily woke up, covering his own mouth.


The inevitable flow of blood, regardless of Sena’s desperate will, stained the bedsheet.




Sena’s pupils dilated. His body twitched, but he managed to stay silent.


In the darkness, it wasn’t clear, but most likely, there were red stains on his hands and the bedsheet.


‘This must not happen.’


Feeling a shiver down his spine, Sena calmed himself.


‘Can I keep hiding like this?’


In truth, he knew.


Today was lucky, but…


If they sleep together like this every day, he’ll get caught someday.




Sena clasped his hands together.


And fervently prayed to Justitia.


‘No one else may know, but please don’t let Astria know that I’m sick. Then, I will go quietly as you wish.’


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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