My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 19

The Spoiled Life

“Okay, I’m off.”

“Take care.”

After seeing Suzuka off at the door, I scratch my stomach with my left hand and begin to enjoy the time alone at home for the first time in a long time.

“I’m going to have a cup of coffee.”

Boiling water in the kitchen.

I can’t use my right hand for the most part, but I can do it just fine.

First of all, I get some water from the sink.

Then, I bring the pot close to the kettle to fill it with the water that is coming out……

I notice that I have not removed the lid from the top of the pot.

I can’t use my right hand.

I had no choice but to put the pot down and then use my left hand to remove the lid.

Then, I noticed.

“Huh? I’m too spoiled, aren’t I?”

Now that I can only use my left hand, I didn’t even know that I had to put the pot down before I could remove the lid.

It is easy to understand why I became like this.

It is because Suzuka does a lot of things for me.

She takes care of me and does a lot of things for me.

To say I am happy would be an understatement, but this is not good. If I keep this up, I’m going to steadily become a useless person……

“I’ve been too spoiled indeed. Let’s be serious.”

Even after entering university, I still couldn’t use my right hand to some extent.

There are definitely situations where I cannot have Suzuka walk beside me and take care of me, and there is no way I can have her with me at all hours of the day.

While the water is boiling, I try to pour instant coffee powder into a mug.

It is a stick type that is individually wrapped.

I try to open the seal, but my right hand can only support it, but I can’t grab it.

Therefore, it is difficult for me to open it.

I was thinking seriously about getting rid of the fragrance, knowing more and more that my adaptation had not caught up with my injury, even though it had been quite some time since I was injured.

The sun was about to set and it was almost dark outside.

The sound of Suzuka’s voice came at the same time as the front door opened.

“I’m home~!”

The time I spend alone goes by quickly.

Watching movies on the TV in the living room, playing with my phone on the sofa, eating cup noodles, snacks, and so on.

While I was thinking about that, Suzuka comes into the living room and says to me.

“Yuki. How are you?”


“Well, you could have said you missed me there, couldn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, well, I missed you.”

“But oh well. So, you were home alone for the first time in a while, what did you do?”

“I watched movies and stuff. Well, one of them wasn’t bad. I realized…. Hey!”

A person is trying to talk to you in a slightly important way, but you go to your room to put your bag on the table.

I mean, isn’t it terrible to do something like this on purpose?

“Sorry to keep you waiting. What did you realize?”

Suzuka, who had put her bag down, came to sit next to the sofa where I was sitting.

Looking at her, I told her clearly what I realized in her absence.

“I can only use my left hand, right? And, well, Suzuka does a lot of things for me.”


“I’ve been spoiled so much that I haven’t been able to do anything with one hand since I got out of the hospital. Even boiling water is something I didn’t know how to do with one hand because you were doing it for me.”

“I see. I mean, you’ve been spoiled so much that you realize you’re becoming a useless human being.”

“So, I’d appreciate it if you’d moderate the spoiling.”

If things continue as they are, it won’t be good.

If I am spoiled too much, when I start college life, I will definitely have a hard time because I am not used to living with one hand tied behind my back.

“That’s true, too. Then, I’ll do it in moderation.”

Thus began the life of no longer being spoiled.

Dinner came soon after I started living a life without being spoiled.

My father had not come home from work yet, so it was just me, Suzuka, and my mother.

I tried to take a side dish from the platter to the plate, but I could only use one hand.

Even if I wanted to move the plate closer to the platter, I couldn’t because there were other dishes lined up around it.

The side dish fell on the table with a plop.

“Oh, my dear. Why didn’t you just have Suzuka-chan take it for you?”

Mother scolded her.

Suzuka, who knew how I was trying to break free from being spoiled, was holding back her laughter.

“Mother-in-law, Yuki feels that I’m spoiling him too much right now, so he is trying his best on his own.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. It’s true. The first time you start your college life, you will not have Suzuka with you 24/7. You have to get used to using only one hand. Well, I don’t know if you can get a fork when we go out to eat, so let’s confiscate it.”

The fork was taken away from me by my mother.

Then she gave me chopsticks.

If you go to a restaurant and ask for a fork or spoon because you’re injured, you’ll usually get them…….

Yes, this is abuse to me.

I never thought I’d be abused by my parents at my age.

“Heck. Nuh. Phew.”

While struggling, I tried to eat rice with chopsticks.

Seeing this, Suzuka and my mother smiled at me.

I was determined to show them that I could eat dinner with chopsticks, but I couldn’t even eat rice with chopsticks.

“It’s so messy! It can’t be helped. Okay, turn this way.”

I turned toward Suzuka, who was sitting beside me.

I took a bite of the rice as she brought it to my mouth with chopsticks.

“You know, I’m trying to grow out of being too spoiled, right? This makes me feel even more spoiled, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah? One more bite.”

Once again, rice was brought to my mouth.

Again, I took a bite. To be honest, it was not a bad feeling.

Mother looks at me and Suzuka as if we were a parent and a baby.

“It’s nice to be young.”



I realized that we were flirting in front of my mother.

I was embarrassed to be seen flirting with someone I love by my parents, as I should be.

I ate the rest of my rice with my face bright red.