My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 20

Are You Angry?

“What about the bath?”


The spoiled life is over.

A bath is quite a spoiling experience……

Night. Basically, there will never be a time when Suzuka isn’t around, and I can’t have her spoiling me in the bath, can I?

“I’m sure Yuki wants to do his best on his own, so I guess I don’t have to help you out?”

“Oh, oh.”

An answer that doesn’t add up.

She can help me with the bath, right? Because I wanted to say that.

“Oh, but I’ll cover it with a plastic bag.”

She covered my right hand with a bag so that the bandage would not get wet. 

A little while later, I took a bath without assistance for the first time in a long time.

The bathroom was filled with the sound of small drops of water dripping from everywhere.

I struggled to wash my body with one hand and soaked myself in the bathtub.

“I’m spoiled. I’ll have to …… do something about it before my departure for college.”

The reason why I am in such a hurry to be able to do it, to some extent, with one hand.

That is partly because the graduation trip is coming up.

It is not a good idea to act like you are with your girlfriend on your graduation trip.

For the people around us, the two of us should do whatever we want to do.

If Suzuka spoils me now that I can’t use my right hand, it will only look like we are flirting to those around us.

The graduation trip should be enjoyed by “everyone”.

The two of us should not be so busy with our own world that we forget about “everyone else”.

“Oh, well, I’ll have to buy something so I can clean the bathtub properly in our new home.”

I come up with another idea of what we need for our new home.

It will be the first time for me to live away from my parents and in a different place.

Unknown experiences must be waiting for us.

“I guess I’m at a turning point …… right now.”

Dazed by the changing routine, I warm myself slowly in the bath.

I get out of the bath.

With one hand, I managed to finish wiping myself off and finished getting dressed. I went to my room with the towel around my neck.

“I’m done!”

I couldn’t wipe my hair well with one hand.

With a towel around my neck, I scrubbed and told Suzuka that I was back from the bath.


“What’s up with the silence?”

“I see Yuki clumsily wiping his hair, and I have an itch to dry it off myself.”

“I have to get used to using one hand, and I’ll dry it myself, okay?”

“Even if you say so, come on. It’s the clumsiness that’s making me itch!”

After saying all that.

After she finished saying that, she took away the towel I was using and began to wipe my hair.

“Hey, I said it’s okay. I told you I’m fine.”

“Well, well, well, don’t say that, all right?”

Then, Suzuka finished wiping my hair and was satisfied, and she left to take a bath.

While I was relaxing alone in my room, I noticed a fashion magazine on my bed, which is Suzuka’s territory.

When I’m relaxing alone in the room, I see a fashion magazine in Suzuka’s territory called my bed.

“Sometimes it’s not so bad to read something like this.”

I picked up the fashion magazine and started reading.

I opened the page with a fold on it.


Special feature: ” Date outfit collection”.

Perfect for an important outing with the guy you’re interested in.

She went to the trouble of reading this kind of thing to decide what to wear.

Well, it must make her happy.

She is making an effort not to show it, behind my back. All I can say is that she looks even prettier now.

Okay, next up is ……

“Special Feature: ‘Ranking the Things You Want Your Boyfriend to Do to’……”

Various articles appear in fashion magazines.

I started to read it to find out what kind of things women in the world want their boyfriends to do to them, but I found it to be rather silly.

The only thing that was written was that it was absolutely false.

‘I want to be savagely loved!’

I seriously don’t get it.

If I did that to Suzuka, she would probably snap at me, right?

“Oh, you’re looking at my magazine!”

“I was just curious. I’m sorry.”

“Well, that’s fine, but …”

She glances at me.

Is she wondering if I’ve noticed the fold in the page with date outfits?

Surely, I’d be embarrassed if Suzuka found out about my behind-the-scenes efforts, too.

I should just keep my mouth shut and get on with it.

“Well, a women’s fashion magazine. It’s not really my cup of tea.”

Which one was the one you were looking at with interest just now? I tossed the fashion magazine on the bed.

“Oh, I see.”

She looked relieved.

Probably because she didn’t think I’d notice the folded corner.

This kind of thing is really cute.

If it had been me before we started dating, I would have said, “You know, there was a fold on the page with an example of how to dress for a date.” I would have said something like that.

I’ve become a lot kinder.

Well, there’s a part of me that wants to be a little mean…….

“Well, some people often put folds on their favorite pages in magazines, what about you?”

“I guess I’m one of those people who don’t!”


It was slight, but it was folded, all right?

Don’t laugh at ……. Don’t laugh at Suzuka’s lie.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, I kinda hate putting a fold on it.”

“Pfft, can you even look at this?”

I pick up the magazine I let loose on the bed and show her the folded pages.

Then Suzuka comes up to me and takes the magazine from me.

“Yuki is so mean! You knew it, but you were so mean to ask me if I folded it or not! You are so mean! I won’t help you even if you’re suffering!”

“Oh, yeah, yeah. Look, my hair is dry enough now, so let’s go to bed, shall we?”

Suzuka puffed up her cheeks and got angry, and I started to prepare for sleep.

Suzuka still sleeps on the bed and I sleep on the futon on the floor.

Suzuka has been helping me since I got injured when I put down the futon that is being moved to the edge, but she won’t help me because I made her angry earlier.

“Even if Yuki asked me to help her, I wouldn’t help you~”

Suzuka blurts out as she looks at me with her eyes fixed on me.

She was mischievous, saying it out loud, showing that she was concerned about me.

She’s such a sweet girl, I was thinking.

“I found out that I did a lot of things with one hand. Thanks to Suzuka, I’ve been able to live without any inconvenience, huh? Really, I’m grateful.”

“Ehehe ……. I’m not going to help you even if you try to get me to help you with such sweet words!”

After making a happy face for a moment, she immediately switches to an angry face.

I can’t get enough of that childishness.

“I know. I know. Good night, Suzuka.”

“Hmm. I’m not going to reply to the mean Yuki…….”

The silly girl doesn’t realize that what she just said is a reply.

Now, I wonder what her mood will be like when she wakes up tomorrow.

I turned off the light and fell asleep on the futon I had laid out.