My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 35

Suzuka is a Spoiled Girl


Yuka-chan had gone to bed, but it was not bedtime for us yet.

We are spending our time together on the sofa watching variety shows, but we are in a state of lethargy because her parents have found out that we are doing a special kind of performance.

How am I going to face her parents when they come home?

“I don’t know… well, even if they find out. It’s rather that to make me wear a scruffy swimsuit, isn’t it?”


The parents found out and so did I. I don’t know if it’s normal play.

Me and Suzuka talk about our regrets, but only sigh.

Then, Suzuka, who has reopened her heart, puts her head on my thigh sitting on the sofa.

“Uhe~, now I have no choice but to ask Yuki to heal my wounds … Pet me?”

“You’re a spoiled girl.”

“Because, you know~ isn’t it too painful for my parents to find out that I’m wearing a school swimsuit at my age?”

“You know, I’m in a position where I might as well have commanded it, you know?”

“Ah, that’s right. Ehehe~”

Suzuka is pleased when I start stroking her lightly.

Come to think of it, I often get Suzuka to pat me, but I’ve never petted her much…

I mean, that’s it.

Suzuka with her face on my thighs and her legs flapping around.

She’s so worth petting.

“You look like a big kid.”

“Eh, Yuki’s more like a kid.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

I can’t use my right hand and Suzuka is always helping me out.

Okay, I should be very careful with the nudging to show my constant gratitude.

I will continue to stroke her gently without loosening my hand.

“Yeah. Take good care of your wife, will you?”

I gave her a little nudge on the head as she said something out of line.

Suzuka looked at me with a dissatisfied face and started joking.

“It’s DV, okay? This is a case for alimony. If we don’t want to get divorced and be charged alimony, we can… Hmmm, what should I do?”

“Don’t ask for things without thinking.”

“Because I thought it would be a good chance to beg for something. By the way, Yuki, how would you apologize if I was about to divorce you?”

“I don’t apologize! I would do something about it before I get divorced.”

“I’m not asking that anymore~. But I’m glad. I’m also glad to hear you say so. By the way, I will cry… when Yuki starts divorcing me… And then I’d scream, “Don’t throw me away~!”

What a cute answer.

I was immersed in a warm and fuzzy feeling and made up my mind that I would never let her cry.

But, however.

“I’m sorry about the part-time job.”

I apologize again for almost making her cry just recently.

I wanted to surprise her.

I had bought a birthday present for Suzuka with the money from my part-time job and delivered it to her, but in doing so, I had strangely concealed the reason why I had started working part-time.

“Forget it. I’m not mad about that one, okay?”

“No, well, that’s okay. I’ll just have to apologize and stroke you until you feel better today.”

“Yeah! Ah, that’s right. There was something that Yuki did to Yuka that I thought was good~. I have a favor to ask you.”

“As long as it’s something I can do.”

“Then, I want to sit on your lap!”

“You’re being awfully sweet today. Well, that’s all right. Sit as much as you want.”

Suzuka happily came to sit on my thigh.

She sat down with a happy mood, turned her head toward my face and whispered happily.

“I wanted to sit on Yuki’s lap and see. Surprisingly, I’m like this, and I haven’t sat on other people’s lap much.”

“I’m regretting saying you can sit on it rather casually for me. It’s usually heavy.”

“Isn’t it terrible to call your wife heavy? Aaah. Is this a divorce crisis?”

“Oh, no. You are such a jerk.”

Taking advantage of our earlier exchange, she joked with me about the threat of divorce.

It was so funny that I couldn’t help it.

“Hey, hey, Yuki.”


“Hug me tight?”

“I can’t help it.”

I gently put my hands around Suzuka, who is sitting on my lap, and hug her.

I really think I did something stupid.

When I was working part-time, I acted so plain to Suzuka because of my fatigue and made her worry about me.

She probably says she forgives me, but I can tell that she really missed me.

Because we were childhood friends.

No, we are still ‘childhood friends’ even now that we are married…

“Nnhmmm. Yuki. Shall I do this for you sometime?”

“If I sit on you, you’ll get crushed, right?”

“I see. Good boy.”

Suzuka disappeared from my lap.

I said she was heavy, but I was a little sad to see her go.

“Where are you going?”

“I was going to have a cup of coffee. What about you, Yuki?”


“Okay. Sugar and milk as usual?”

“Yes, as usual.”

I continued my conversation with Suzuka, who was brewing coffee.

However, at a moment’s notice, I suddenly saw Suzuka’s shy face in her school swimsuit.

As if following it, I remembered many things.

Middle school.

It was when the girls were taking pool class while the girls and boys already had separate PE classes.

I tried to go peeking into the girls’ locker room with my bad friends.

Of course, I quit the peeking because I was too timid, but apparently Suzuka had heard us talking about peeking and teased me, saying, “You didn’t peek.”

It was an ordinary memory.

But somehow, whenever I recall it, I feel a rush of joy.

Because, the girl who made fun of me for not having the guts to peek like that is now my wife.

“Yuki? What’s the matter with your silence?”

“Suzuka is so cute~”

“Wow. Thanks. Here, coffee for you.”

“Thanks a lot. Well, now that I’m here at your place. Shall we play a board game that we used to play together?”

The board game that I used to play with Suzuka.

Apparently, it was still stored in the same place, and I was able to find it.

“Ohohoho. Well then, let’s see. How about we take off a piece of clothing if we lose?”

“When we were little, did our mothers ever scold us for taking off our clothes when we lost?”

“Yes, yes. We were so innocent at that time. We didn’t think it was bad to take off our clothes at all.”

“Let’s see, let’s say we don’t undress. Well, how about we skip the undressing and instead, if I win, Suzuka can wear her middle-school gym uniform, and if I lose, you can wear her middle-school uniform?”

“Eh, that doesn’t benefit me in any way. But … Well, it depends on Yuki’s attitude, right? Hehehe, anyway, let’s play.”

Then Suzuka and I had a good time playing board games.