My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 36

The Two Laugh Happily as They Consider the Future

We slept together on the bed in Suzuka’s room.

Although even a semi-double bed is too small, it is already great when it is a single bed.

… Well, that’s it.

Suzuka hugged me so hard, I don’t know if she was asleep or if she did it on purpose.

“As expected, it’s tough for two people in a single bed…”

“I guess so~! Nah, but I think that I was surprisingly comfy in bed.”

“…Did you hug me on purpose?”


“You hugged me so hard.”

“Haha, sorry.”

I really don’t recognize that face.

I guess that’s why she suffered from the act of cuddling, without her awareness.

It’s cute even if it’s on purpose, and it’s still cute even if it was unintentional cuddling.

No matter how you try to get around it, it’s still cute…

“Well, Suzuka. What are we going to do today?”

“Mom and Dad will be back in the evening. Till then, we’ll be babysitting Yuka. Well, I’m going to make breakfast.”

Suzuka stood up.

We woke up at a time when Yuka had not yet woken up.

Children are creatures that want to do anything.

If we were not awake, she would have done a lot of things to make herself breakfast, and as a result, there would be a high possibility that she would have been in danger in many ways.

That’s why we got up early.

Then we finished our little talk on the bed together and left Suzuka’s room and headed for the living room.

I turned on the TV and started watching the news on the couch.

While I was watching the news, Suzuka was preparing breakfast.

Should I help? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to, but I can’t use my right hand, and it’s in the way for me to help.

“Yuki~. Which do you prefer, fried egg or omelet?”

“Fried egg.”

“I understand. I’ll get things ready quickly, so why don’t you go and wake up Yuka?”

I went up the stairs to Yuka-chan’s room.

I knocked on the door.


“Ah, yes. I’m getting up~~”

I heard Yuka’s sleepy voice. 

Through the door, I said in a slightly strained voice,

“Oh, good morning. Suzuka is making breakfast, so come down quickly, okay?”


I could feel her will to get up and I went down the stairs.

Then I had breakfast with Suzuka and Yuka-chan who had woken up.

Her parents were supposed to come back around evening.

Until then, I was wondering how to spend time with Yuka-chan.

“Oto-san! Play house!”

She even insists on what she wants me to play with her.

So, it’s good that Suzuka is involved and made to play house, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the casting hilarious.


“Not babyish … Be more babyish!”

“Eh, Onee-chan. I’m still working hard on this, okay?”

Suzuka is the baby.

I’m the father

Yuka is the mother.

… It’s no good.

It’s so funny to see Suzuka trying to play the role of a baby.

“Ask the father if he could make me look like a baby?”

“Leave it to me. Here, Suzuka-chan. Do you want some milk?”

I said, pushing a toy baby bottle to her mouth as if to make fun of Suzuka.

When we were childhood friends, I usually made fun of her like this, agitating her and all.

It will be interesting to see how she reacts to my agitation after a long time.


The baby bottle was flicked.

As expected, this is what happens when you are made fun of and agitated so much.

It was the time when I was deeply impressed that our relationship as childhood friends was still continuing.

She came close to me and begged for a cuddle.

“I’m a baby. Can you hold me?”

“Kuu. Are you really my childhood friend? Before, you would have lightly punched me in the face if I had provoked you like I did just now.”

“Ehehe. Because I can’t hit someone I love. So, will you hold me?”

” …I can’t help it.”

I was not a hugger, but I squeezed Suzuka.

Last night, when she treated me as if I were a pillow, she hugged me rather tightly, so I hugged her tightly, too.

Then, she said with a laugh.

“It’s painful, but it’s also nice to be hugged tightly like this. Ehehehe.”

“… Oto-san! It’s not fair that she’s the only one!”

Yuka-chan, who is a little angry at being left out of the loop, squeezed her body between Suzuka and I. All three of us laughed at how cramped we were.

“Here hey. Don’t get crushed between me and Suzuka, okay? Yuka-chan.”

“Yuka~. Be prepared, okay?”

“Wow, Oto-san. I’m so excited! It’s so close! But it’s fun, so more!”

Just the right amount of suffering.

Suffering that wasn’t unpleasant.

Yuka was enjoying it.

After the playtime was over, Yuka began to draw.

…A child is a creature that quickly gets bored and starts doing something else.

I try to watch her drawing from behind, but…

“No! Don’t look!”

She stubbornly refused to show me what she was drawing.

Slightly annoyingly entangled, show me, will you? Hey? Approach her, but she doesn’t show it to me at all.

It can’t be helped.

If I can’t get Yuka-chan to give me attention, I’ll just have to get Suzuka to give me attention.

“Suzuka. It seems Yuka-chan hates me. Please comfort me.”

“It can’t be helped.”

We both watched her drawing behind her back.

Sometimes she would turn around to see what Suzuka and I were doing, and then she would warn us, “Don’t look at it!” It’s also cute.

“Do you like kids, Suzuka?”

“I like Yuka, but I’ve never had much contact with little children other than Yuka, so I don’t know”

“Is that so? Let me ask you clearly, do you want to have children, Suzuka?”

” You ask very directly.”

Mom also told me.

We have money, so even if we had a child, it wouldn’t be a problem.

That’s right.

Until now, we had only become a married couple by chance, so it didn’t really hit me that we were going to have a family.

But recently, I have come to want to spend the rest of my life with Suzuka, and children are something I can no longer avoid.

‘Well, I know it’s selfish of me, but no matter how much we want it, at least until graduation from college…”

“I know it’s a little graphic, but we have to make a clear decision together, right? Oh, but you can’t talk about anything more graphic than this here with Yuka around, okay?”

“I know that much. It would be terrible if Yuka-chan was listening and told mother-in-law about all kinds of things. No, no, no. It’s no good. It makes me laugh because I never thought I’d be having this conversation with you.”

I laugh a little, partly because I never thought I would be in this situation.

Caught in my laughter, Suzuka smiled as well.

I held Suzuka’s hand for some reason.

It was a meaningless act of holding her hand.

But Suzuka didn’t shake my hand off and squeezed it back.

“I just wanted to hold your hand too.”