Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 1

What’s your job?

My name is Ryuusei Yokohama, 32 years old, technically a programmer, but in reality, I am … a gangster.

I don’t want it to be mentioned that my name is also only one character different from that of a top celebrity.

When I was 18, I chose to become a member of the yakuza, an underground profession that I could not tell anyone about.

Now, 14 years later, I mainly collect debts, track down fleeing debtors, and clean up the mess.

Normally, when a debtor flies away, the usual method of collection is to make the guarantor pay, but our business model is different.

Unlike mere black money, the debtor who borrows is a person of the underworld and therefore, it was often the case that there was no guarantor.

Those who want to borrow money from gangsters, many of them have one or two quirks.

They are fine as long as they pay their debts in silence, but all of a sudden, many of them make a scheme and plot to escape.

Some fly overseas, others go from place to place in Japan, some hide in rural areas, and some hide with the women that they have surrounded themselves with.

I follow in their footsteps in order to catch them and collect their debts.

Just the other day, I seized the assets of a hitman I caught at the last minute as he was trying to fly overseas and put him on a deep-sea fishing boat.

And this time, under direct order from the boss, I was entrusted with collecting a debt from a man.

The other person was stubborn.

Usually, I would not accept such a job, but I had no choice but to accept it because it was directly from the boss.

We were able to quickly find and catch the person in question, but when we questioned him, he said that he was doing research for money, which was called “Reincarnation Magic Circle” or something like that.

I don’t understand the eyebrow-raising story, but the man is an alumnus of the prestigious Imperial University, and he has a USB memory stick containing the results of his research hidden inside a stuffed bear of the university’s black magic club.

When I heard this, I was 99% sure it was a lie, but I am of the nature that if I smell money, even 1%, I have to check.

The collection would be exacted to the last yen.

I waited for the night and decided to sneak into the Imperial University.

── The Imperial University’s black magic club room.

A few days ago, at midnight, a student had apparently died here, and there was tape all over the place forbidding entry.

It seems that the scene was preserved, and the items in the room were not taken away.

In the center of the room, there was tape in the shape of a person.

And a stuffed bear that had fallen beside it.

It was probably this stuffed animal that the man had mentioned.

When I checked, I found that there was indeed a USB memory stick inside.

In order to check the contents, I turned on the PC in the room and inserted the USB memory stick.

A folder appeared, and when I clicked on it, I saw a shape that looked like a magic circle.

It seemed that he had really been researching a “Reincarnation Magic Circle”.

“… Let’s check to see if it’s really worth anything.”

I drew the magic circle on the floor of the room, imitating what I saw.

This should be the procedure, they say, the next step should be to cast the spell.

That, too, was written down.

(TLN: Unintelligible speech, has no meaning.)

I chanted the spell along the way.

“Nothing … happened… Damn! I almost believed that childish gibberish.”

In the meantime, I removed the USB flash drive from my PC to take it home and put it in my pocket.

“How do I collect from that guy … I guess the only way to collect … is to put him on the deep-sea fishing boat.”

I mumbled, and just as I walked over the magic circle I had drawn.

The magic circle glowed!

“Wha! It really worked!?”

A surprised Ryuusei Yokohama.

The next moment, Ryuusei Yokohama’s consciousness faded away and he collapsed on the spot.

The news came on from a TV set in a restaurant.

“──A few days ago, a strange body was found in the club room of a certain club at the Imperial University. The cause of this series of strange deaths is not known whatsoever. Since the deceased man was not a school employee, the police have launched both incident and accident investigations, looking for a motive for entering the school. His identity has not yet been disclosed.”

“This is the same one that killed a student a few days ago, right?”

A man in work clothes watching TV confirmed to his colleague while eating.

“I remember, Sato Taro was such an ordinary name that I wondered why anyone would name someone like that nowadays, and here I was, blowing miso soup.”

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

Although the case became a hot topic of discussion, it was later treated as a strange death and the case went cold.