Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 2

What is Reincarnation?

“God, we have a problem!”

A man with a white beard, who was called “God” in a pure white room, turned his head in the direction of the voice.

“Another reincarnation from the earth! It seems that this time he has been reborn directly into a world that God is in charge of. What should we do!?”

“Again?… Which one…”

God moved a finger of his hand.

“Hmmm, it certainly is from Earth again. It seems to be from the same place as the young man who came the other day, and he seems to have triggered it by chewing a few words in the same way. Coincidentally, this is not good. Let me warn the God of Earth.”

The female assistant asked God who seemed to be relaxed.

“So, what about the reincarnated people?”

“It is rare, but not unprecedented, for someone to go directly from the lower world to ours without passing through the divine realm. I’ll tolerate it this time. And from what I’ve seen of his status, he doesn’t have any skills that are special enough to alter the world.”

“I understand… I’ll take care of it then.”

Thus, Ryuusei Yokohama (Gangster) was safely reincarnated in another world.

It was the residence of a local lord, a Knight Baron, in the furthest reaches of the frontier, about three weeks by horseback southeast of the royal capital of the Kingdom of Crestoria.

A baby boy was born.

“The child’s name is …, yes …, Ryu, Ryu Landmark!”

The father, a slender, tall, but stocky man with red hair and brown eyes, named the child and picked him up.

His blonde-haired, blue-eyed wife, who had given birth to the child, also picked him up in her arms,

“What a nice name.”

and rejoiced.

It was the moment when the Landmark family’s third son was born.

Ryu Landmark, formerly known as Ryuusei Yokohama, was simply shaken.

When he came to, his body was barely moving, and his vision was blurry.

He felt that he was being held by someone.

The man seemed to be a large, so large that he could fit in the palm of his hand.

When he tried to speak, it didn’t go as planned, he could only say “Da” and “Uh”.

When he got upset, he cried.

He didn’t know why, but he cried emotionally.

The man hurriedly laid down beside the woman.

“Ryu is fine.”

Dazed vision,

Is this… am I really a baby…?

I finally realized that I was a baby.

Is this what Buddhism calls Reincarnation? Anyway, it seems that I am reincarnated. I don’t remember … dying… Ah! Umm, Reincarnation Magic Circle!

Ryu Landmark remembered the end, which was now a memory of his previous life.

It was a shock, no small one, but if he was dead, then so be it, change of mind.

Fortunately, the parents seem to be good people this time.

The former Ryuusei Yokohama did not know what his parents looked like in his previous life.

He was abandoned by his parents as soon as he was born, and he grew up in an orphanage for most of his childhood.

So it seemed to him that this life would still be lucky compared to his previous life.

Ryu grew up with all the love of his family.

Ryu had red hair like his father and blue eyes like his mother, and was blessed with good looks inherited from both of them.

While growing up, he struggled at first with the gap between his memories of his previous life and his baby self, but his family was a big help, and by the time he was four years old, he was able to come to terms with his memories of his previous life and his current age.

The Landmark family were all wonderful people.

Yes, the family was amazingly good, benevolent, and kind to their people.

They were too good people to give charity to the poor, to help them, and not to care about their own livelihood.

Therefore, despite being feudal rulers, their lives were frugal and impoverished.

Ryu loved such a kind family so much that when he was four years old, he went out to the nearby forest and set traps to catch animals and contribute to the poor food situation of the Landmark family by adding a side dish to their poor diet.

He also found other things to eat in the forest and brought them home.

There is something that has always stuck with Ryu, ever since he was a baby.

Everything he saw was labeled with a name.

This made it convenient for him to know the names of things he saw for the first time, but he didn’t know any more than that, so he began to break into his father’s study and look them up in books.

Since his name had been displayed on things since he was a baby, he had memorized the characters by comparing them with the names of his family members when they spoke to him.

So one day, when his father found Ryu reading a book, he acted like a parental idiot and said that Ryu was a child prodigy.

It was true; he could read and write at the age of four, even though he had not been taught.

The family seriously discussed the possibility of sending him to the Royal Academy in the future.

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