Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 11

What about breaking through the limit?

It was a day off from sword training.

Ryu had some free time, so he decided to go into the forest.

It was a little early, but he decided to check out a trap.

When he went deep into the forest, he found a big boar in a pit aimed for big targets.

It was stuck in a well-positioned stake and seemed to have died.

He quickly pulled it out of the hole, but it was heavier than he had imagined.

It seemed impossible for one person to pull it up directly, so he tied a rope to a tree and pulled it up to the big boar’s leg.

Even so, it took a lot of strength, but he was able to cover it by using one of his “Jack of all Trades” abilities, [Physical Enhancement], even though it was a low level.

As he pulled up it, he heard a voice in his brain.

<[Hunter] has reached G+ limit. Confirmed the activation conditions for the ability of … “Gokudo” <those who push the limits and try to master the path>. The ability [Limit Break] has been acquired. Accordingly, the limits of the Hunter will be pushed. You have been promoted from …G+ to F- rank. Rank advancement granted a slight status bonus to Dexterity and Agility.>

It was suddenly the “Voice of the World”, but it was the first time Ryu had ever experienced it, and he panicked.

He looked around and realized that it was echoing directly into his head, and that’s when he first thought of the “Voice of the World”.

“… This is the Voice of the World… huh? It’s really a voice…”

It was like he was still recovering from his surprise.

“Ah, my Jack of all Trades should only go up to G+, but it said I’ve broken that limit!”

If that was true, instead of being pessimistic about the [Jack of all Trades] skill, wouldn’t it be an advantage? He came to that conclusion.

Jack of all Trades was an unfortunate skill that could do anything, but could never reach any higher level. However, combined with “Gokudo”‘s ability [Limit Break], could it become the strongest?

Of course, it involved effort, but he now had more options to strive and improve on what he wanted to do.

It was the moment when he felt confident that he could contribute more to the Landmark family from now on.

“Ah, I have to drain the blood out of the big boar.”

Ryu rushed back to reality and went to work.

From then on, Ryu became a hard-working fiend.

He began to devote himself to his studies and soon reached the limit of [Teacher] and surpassed it with his ability. He was given a slight status bonus in Intelligence when it was promoted to a higher rank.

He also began to practice sword, soon reaching the limit of [Sword] and surpassing it.

Spear, axe, bow, shield, mace, and martial arts were all upgraded one after another, and his status increased little by little.

In addition to martial arts, he also reached the limit of Merchant] and [Cooking], and the “Voice of the World” echoed in his mind again and again.


“…Pfuu, it’s stopped.”

The “Voice of the World”, which he had begun to get used to hearing day after day, stopped.

“No, I’m sure I’ll be able to hear it if I keep at it.”

Ryu changed his attitude.

Ryu did not realize it, but by breaking through many limits, the slight status bonuses that were not significant in themselves increased Ryu’s status considerably, like a mountain that grew when the dust settled.

However, it was not until much later that he realized that.

Seasons passed and Ryu turned seven years old.

It was at this time that the Landmark family added a new companion to the family.

The grandson of Sebastian, the butler, was hired as a servant.

He was a ten-year-old boy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a strong competitive spirit.

He would surely become the butler of the Landmark family in his eldest brother Tauro’s lifetime.

Sima, the 10-year-old boy, joined the regular sword practice.

At first, he challenged Tauro, the eldest son, showing his competitive spirit, but being a martial artist with the skill [Knight], Tauro showed his superiority.

Next was the second son, Jiro.

He was also had the skill [Monk Warrior] and overwhelmed Sima, who challenged him this time because he was younger than him.

Then it was the third son, Ryu’s turn.

Although he had lost many times, his opponent was only seven years old, and he had the [Jack of all Trades] skill and [Appraisal], skills that had nothing to do with martial arts, as well as “Gokudo”, which he was not familiar with, so Sima was indeed a bit nervous.

But then, his master, Farza,

“Sima! Don’t underestimate your opponent before you even begin to fight, or you will die quickly on the battlefield!”

He was threatened with a blow and grabbed his sword back.


Ryu had an overwhelming victory.

Even Ryu himself was surprised.

He had been facing Farza and Sugo, who were usually very strong, as well as Tauro, the eldest son, and Jiro, the second son, who were excellent fighters, so his senses had become desensitized.

Before he knew it, Ryu realized that he too had become stronger.

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