Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 12

What’s up with having a little brother?

Sima was astonished.

He had thought he had been practicing for that day.

However, Tauro, the eldest son, who was one year older than him and had [Knight], was of a different caliber.

The second son, Jiro, was one year younger, but he had a strong [Monk Warrior], a top level fighter.

But as for Ryu, the third son, who was three years younger, he thought he could handle it because he was physically bigger and more skilled, but he was no match for him at all.

After all, the Landmark family was a formidable family, just as his grandfather and father had told him!

Sima felt ashamed of himself for being so arrogant, and decided to change his mind and serve the three of them.

Ryu did not know about such a change in his heart, but he reflected after he cooled down that it might have been a mistake to beat the older Sima, who would be serving the eldest son Tauro.

Ostensibly, his combat skills should be useless because of his [Jack of all Trades], so it would have been like cheating an opponent.

He wondered if Sima had lost confidence now that he had three combat skills (Sword, Spear, and Martial Arts), and if she might be angry that he had cheated him.

He was wondering what to do when he bumped into Sima in the hallway of his house.


Ryu froze.

“I’m sorry about the sword practice!”

As soon as their eyes met, Sima apologized without a moment’s pause.


Ryu was puzzled.

“I underestimated you all. From now on, I will put aside my arrogance, renew myself, and serve the three of you!”

Although he was older than Ryu, this was the moment when Ryu had a new apprentice.

“Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you…”

It was not at all what he had imagined, and Ryu was puzzled as he replied.

“As expected of Ryu-sama!”

Sima, who had followed Ryu on his walk to the forest, praised Ryu’s hunting skills.

He had to hunt birds because there were no prey in the traps today, but since Sima said he was not good with a bow and arrow, he shot down the birds instead.

“Ryu-sama is so skilled at everything, it’s really amazing!”

Perhaps Sima was surprisingly good at being a little brother.

That said, he had no intention of becoming a big brother…

He should just follow his brothers Tauro and Jiro.

“I’m worried about Ryu because he often goes alone.”

He asked Ryu to stay with him.

So, here they were.

Brothers, didn’t you push it on me!?

He thought it was not the case, but he found Sima’s coaxing to be rather bothersome.

Well, he was not a bad kid, so he could put up with it.

He told himself.

After capturing a few birds, he put them in the magic storage and decided to head straight to a farmer’s field.

The farmer, who had been in debt, had given him a field to produce Coffee beans on a steady basis, so today he was checking to see if everything was going well.

“The Coffee trees growing in the forest were successfully transferred to the field without dying. It will take two or three more years for the fields of the people who planted seeds.”

“Yes, it will take a few more years for stable production.”


“Until the production line stabilizes, we will continue to support them. Until then, we will ship the products from the forest and the ones we moved here.”

“Will there be buyers?”

For the farmers, this was their biggest worry.

The farmers had no other choice but to put their money on it.

“It’s all right. The Commerce Guild, with whom we have a contract, is asking us for more goods. Fufufu…”

In his previous life, he would have been reported for such a comment, but in fact, the amount of Coffee bean powder processed from the forest was not enough, and it was quickly consumed by the aristocrats.


“Oh, you mean beans. Powder is fine, but it sounds dangerous.”


The farmer man was uncertain, but the word “dangerous” surprised him.

“Oh, it’s not your problem. It’s all right.”

“I hope so…”

There was a hint of uneasiness, but so far it seemed to be going well, and the farmers had no choice but to believe him.

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