Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 14

What’s with the Cart?

Ryu was there among the adults of the Landmark family: his father, grandfather, butler, and Sugo.

He was in his father Farza’s office.

“Thanks to Ryu, the Landmark family is making progress in rebuilding its finances, but it is still a difficult situation. Do you have any ideas?”

It was a rough question.

No one could answer.

“We’ve already lost a lot of money this year, haven’t we?”

Grandfather Kamiza asked Farza in return.

“Yes, we spent the money on the Coffee bean crop that Ryu suggested, so we’ll have to hold out until the harvest.”

“If the harvest is even better than it is now, we’ll be ready for next year.”

“I think that’s too much to hope for, since the yields have been worse the last few years than they’ve been in the last decade.”

Sebastian, the butler, pointed out.

“The land is so poor and the source of the crop was so bad, you know. Hahaha!”

Sugo laughed as if he were talking about someone else.

“At least if we had as good a harvest as our neighboring territory, we’d have more time to spare.”

Farza let out a sigh.

“… I think we can improve the fields for next year, almost for free.”

Ryu, who had been listening in silence, opened his mouth.

“There are many forests in the territory. If we collect the dead leaves from those forests and mix them into the soil in the fields, I think it will turn into fertilizer and increase the harvest next year.”

“Is it so?”

Farza and the other adults stared at Ryu blankly, almost as if they were hearing him for the first time.

“The Coffee fields are doing well now, but I think that’s because we mixed the soil with the dead leaves from the forest to create the same environment.”

“Oh! Why didn’t you tell us that before!?”

Farza questioned Ryu, since the Coffee fields had been started last year.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t report it until now because I didn’t have any confirmation.”

This was true. Even with his knowledge of his previous life, he did not know much about farming.

However, he was in the forest every day and noticed the difference in the soil.

So when growing Coffee trees, he discussed with the farmers whether it would be better to make the soil environment the same.

“We could do that right now. Let’s make a proposal to the village chiefs.”

Proposing is another good thing to do.

Although he was the head of the Landmark family, he did not give orders to the chiefs.

Ryu was proud of his father.

The village chiefs were convinced with the success of the Coffee bean cultivation, so they immediately nodded to this proposal and gathered the villagers to start the work.

It was already early summer, so they did not know if it would be effective, but it was better than not doing it at all.

It was one more thing to look forward to during the harvest season.

Watching the work of carrying dead leaves and soil from the forest, Ryu was concerned about one thing.

It was inefficient.

Some carried them in sacks, some wrapped them in cloth and hung them around their necks, others carried them in bags hung from trees by two people, all carrying them in their own way, but the result was that the number of round trips only increased because the quantity was so small.

Ryu wondered if there were no wheeled carriages in this world.

A cart is a wheelbarrow pushed by a person at a worksite.

At construction sites, they are mainly called “carts” or “push carts”.

In a previous life, Ryu had a part-time job at a construction site when he was a teenager.

Ryu brought the blueprints of a cart to a woodworker and a blacksmith in town and asked them to build one for him as a test run in a joint effort.

The payment was to be made later.

I’m sorry, I don’t have any money… ugh!

At first, the craftsmen were reluctant, but Ryu, the third son of the lord, was on the other party.

Besides, the blueprints looked interesting. This intrigued both the woodworker and the blacksmith as craftsmen.

As a result of their joint efforts, some changes were made.

The tires were made from a small carriage wheel, and since there was no rubber in this world, an uneven steel sheet was attached to the wheels to increase strength, since uneven wheels could slip and prevent turning.

“Boy, this is a great invention! I’ve never seen something this useful before. I was thrilled to make it!”

When he was told that, Ryu thought it might be worth some money, so he went to the Commerce Guild and applied for a patent on the wheelbarrow.

A few days later, after the patent for the wheelbarrow was granted by the Commerce Guild, a merchant immediately visited Ryu.

It was about commercialization.

Of course, the Landmark family had no money at the moment.

So they decided to increase production by having the merchant invest money in the woodworking shop and blacksmith shop.

These wheelbarrows were a big hit in Landmark’s town.

One person could carry a heavy load, and anyone could push it as long as they kept their balance.

Just then, the hostess of a small restaurant was happily pushing this wheelbarrow.

There was a sack of wheat on top, but it looked easy.

Witnessing this made Ryu happy. He felt that he was of service to the Landmark Territory again.

After getting a feel for it, Ryu immediately received an offer from the merchant to expand his sales channel.

He immediately gave the OK and decided to expand outside of the territory.

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