Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 15

Bubble, what is it?

The Landmark family received an unexpected windfall of money before the harvest.

It was the money from the sale of wheelbarrows.

The local woodworker and blacksmith were also busy working day and night to manufacture the wheelbarrows.

“Ryu boy, we are having a hard time! We have so many orders that we can’t keep up with production! I’ve hired some assistants, but they haven’t been able to handle it.”

The Landmark town is small.

There was no large-scale business that could respond to this unimaginable volume of orders.

“So how about we split up the work?”

Ryu suggested, watching the craftsmen at work.

“Split up the work?”

So far, the craftsmen had made each wheelbarrow one by one.

Therefore, he suggested that each craftsman decide which parts to make, and then divide the work among them until the final assembly of the parts.

This would be easier for the assistants, who were not yet confident in their skills, and would require less skill to learn.

“I see. Sharing the work, huh?”

As a result of Ryu’s suggestion, each person’s work was greatly simplified, and even though many assistants were hired, efficiency did not decrease, but on the contrary, productivity increased greatly.

This naturally increased the number of jobs, which was a good thing for the town.

The population of the Landmark Knight Barony was small to begin with. Therefore, when the economy improved, prosperity was quick to increase.

It may not sound like a benefit to farmers, but farmers didn’t spend all day in the fields either.

They can work part-time assembling in their spare time.

So they were able to ride this wheelbarrow bubble.

The Landmark family office.

“I was worried we wouldn’t have enough money come early summer.”

Farza said with deep emotion.

It was time for a discussion before harvest time approached.

“My grandchildren never cease to amaze me. Wahahaha!”

Grandfather Kamiza laughed heartily.

“Tauro-sama is growing up to be the next head of the family, and Jiro-sama is working hard to support him. Ryu-sama is also contributing to the finances, the Landmark family is in good hands!”

Captain Sugo followed Kamiza and laughed boldly.

“My grandson Sima will also spare no effort to help, and I will make him do his best.”

Sebastian, the butler, bowed reverently.

“I think Sima is also very good among his generation, Sebastian. My grandchildren are just too talented.”

Grandfather Kamiza spoke in a complimentary, amused tone.

“That’s right, Sebastian. Sima is doing very well. Sometimes you have to praise him.”

Farza also gave Sima his appreciation.

“Thank you, my lord. I’ll let him know that.”

Sebastian accepted calmly.

“By the way, should we not invite Ryu? This crop’s performance was probably largely due to Ryu’s idea.”

Kamiza said.

“I think he will come soon.”


A sound came from the door of the office.

“Come in.”

Farza answered the knock briefly.

“Excuse me.”

Ryu entered the room.

“You’re here, Ryu. Sit down.”

His grandfather, Kamiza, patted him on the side and motioned for him to sit down.

“Yes, Grandpa.”

Ryu obeyed.

“Now that Ryu is here and everyone is together, I went around the villages yesterday and it looks like we’re going to have a good harvest this year.”

“That’s great. Well, then, the Landmark family will be well off.”

Sugo was delighted.

“It’s all thanks to Ryu’s suggestions. The village chiefs also said that the soil in that forest has been changed by replacing the soil. And the coffee fields seem to be doing well, too. This year, there won’t be much left to harvest, but it looks like it will continue next year and the year after that. So I’m hoping to use the profits we have now to expand the coffee fields.”

It was a decision made by the lord.

It seemed that he had decided that the coffee beans would certainly be the Landmark family’s lifeline.

“…In order to do that, we would have to clear a large area of forest. Not only would we have to cut down the trees, but we would also have to remove stumps and clear the land, which would be a lot of work.”

Sebastian spoke realistically.

“… I think I can help you with that.”

Ryu seemed to have the odds in his favor.

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