Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 40

No Mercy, But What?

The observers, or rather, attackers, were clad in unified black attire, and their coordinated movements indicated they were no ordinary foes.

Indeed, Ryu’s favored earth magic was mostly thwarted by their defenses.

“Alright, one more time.”

Luring the attackers close to the wall, Ryu, at the last moment, cast the basic but instantly deployable earth magic, “Stone Shards”, in abundance.

At close range, the enemies had no time to react with defensive magic. Defending with swords and shields was all they could manage, and two of them were incapacitated with clean hits.

At that precise moment, Mother Cecile, synchronizing with the timing, unleashed her powerful area-of-effect lightning magic, “Thunderstorm”.

The enemies, just after defending against the earth magic, were vulnerable.

Four of them fell to the raining spears of lightning.

Yet, undeterred, the enemies leaped over the wall.

Ryu hastily retreated.

It was the moment the assailants landed on the ground.

Ryu’s trap was activated.

The wall served as a blindfold for setting up the trap.

The ground disappeared, and those who fell into the holes were impaled by emerging stakes. Spears sprouted from the earth, causing injuries, and traps entangled their legs, suspending some of them upside down.

In total, three individuals became incapacitated.

Not missing the opportunity created by the disarrayed enemies, Sebastian swiftly cut down one of them.

Five remaining.

However, Ryu, Cecile, and Sebastian were still at a disadvantage against the remaining five.

Eyeballing each other, Ryu’s group retreated into the mansion.

They deemed it advantageous to engage in further combat outside, considering the organized movements of the opponents.

They could still fight within the confines of the narrow mansion.

Ryu took the rear, Sebastian faced the front, and Cecile provided magical support in between.

The mansion’s corridors were not spacious.

Each opponent would face Sebastian one-on-one.

But in an instant, the enemy singled out Ryu as their target. Two intruders broke a window and entered from behind, flanking Ryu.

“This is ruthless for adults to do to a child.”

Ryu muttered.

Cecile instinctively tried to shield Ryu, but…

“Mom, it’s okay. I’m Father’s son too.”

Ryu held back his mother.


The leader-like figure among the attackers issued orders from behind.

At that moment, enemies attacked Ryu from the front and back.

“Enhance Strength, Enhance Agility.”

Cecile promptly cast spells on both Sebastian and Ryu.

The two repelled the attackers in close combat.

Especially surprising to the enemies was Ryu’s sword skills.

“This kid can fight! It’s not just magic!?”

During the surveillance period, Ryu had only been engaged in road maintenance and castle wall construction with earth magic all day, leading them to misunderstand.

Then, a stalemate ensued.

The combat in the narrow corridor was evenly matched, with Ryu occasionally getting injured, promptly treated by Mother Cecile.

The enemy wished to defeat Cecile first, but faced with the dilemma of dealing with Sebastian and Ryu, they hesitated.

“In that case!”

The leader-like man tried to set the mansion on fire using fire magic.

“That’s not good.”

A voice came from behind the enemy leader.


As the enemy turned around, a sword emerged from his chest.

Grandfather Kamiza, who had suddenly appeared, had impaled him from behind.

“It was a bad move to lay hands on my family from the start.”

The remaining attackers were fragile after losing their leader.

The two on Sebastian’s side were quickly defeated in a pincer attack with Kamiza, and the two on Ryu’s side attempted to escape outside. However, Cecile, pursuing them, cut them down from behind with wind magic.

“The consequence of laying hands on my son.”

It was merciless, but if it were one’s own family being targeted, there was no room for mercy.

Everyone was safe, which was the most important thing.

“Sorry for being away for so long. I was busy preventing the assassination plan against Marquis Sugoella. When I heard that our family was also targeted, I hurriedly returned. Fortunately, I made it in time.”

“Is Grandma okay?”

“Yeah, she wasn’t targeted.”

Ah, so Grandpa rushed to Grandma’s side first.

While tempted to comment on Grandpa’s lovey-dovey behavior, it was better to refrain for now.

Everyone was safe, and that was what mattered.

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