Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 41

The Outcome, But What?

In the attempted assassination of Marquis Sugoella, both Grandfather Kamiza and him collaborated, having learned about it in advance from Marquis Sugoella himself. They cooperated in investigating and acted until the day of the event.

As a result, they managed to preemptively thwart the plan. However, during this process, it became apparent that the attack on the school was intended to divert attention and, simultaneously, to eliminate Tauro, who would likely be the next head of the Landmark family.

It seemed that the neighboring country found the Landmark family bothersome, particularly after their disruptive activities in the rear of the country during the recent war.

Initially, the plan was to prepare for framing the Landmark family for Marquis Sugoella’s assassination. However, with the failure of the initial plan, they shifted to the assassination attempt.

Grandfather Kamiza learned of this immediately and rushed to their aid, unraveling the entire plot.

Considering that the assassination plot involving Baron Elanza was kept under wraps until his transfer to the capital, it seemed truly fortuitous that Ryu happened to find the hidden room.

“Thanks to Ryu finding the hidden room.”

Grandfather Kamiza gently stroked Ryu’s head.

While Grandfather Kamiza expressed gratitude, Ryu couldn’t help but feel that it was mostly due to his grandfather’s actions afterward.

He hadn’t done much himself; he needed to become stronger. That became Ryu’s solemn vow.

Afterwards, until Father Farza and Jiro returned from the capital, things passed without much incident.

In the meantime, a messenger of gratitude came from Marquis Sugoella, but since Farza was absent, Kamiza handled it. After Father returned, there was a plan to express gratitude properly.

Meanwhile, Farza learned about the assassination attempt on Marquis Sugoella and the attack on the Landmark family on his way back.

So, after hearing that news, they drove the carriage tirelessly day and night, arriving a few days earlier than planned.

Passing through the city gates, he encountered Grandfather Kamiza and stopped the carriage.

“Why the hurry? The outcome wouldn’t have changed even if you returned slowly. The horses must be pitied.”

Father Farza, getting off the carriage with a changed expression, was greeted by Grandfather Kamiza, who smiled while comforting the horses panting with foam.

“Is everyone safe!?”

“Yeah, Ryu and Cecile-san properly protected the house in my absence. I was a bit worried since I was away from home.”

“I see, I’m glad everyone is safe… Oh, I have to see Cecile and the others soon.”

From Farza’s side,

“Grandpa, I’m back!”

Jiro popped his head out of the carriage, looking worn out. He must not have slept much due to driving the carriage vigorously for several days.

“Welcome back, Jiro. Are you okay? You look exhausted. Farza, hurry back and let him rest.”

Farza, getting on the carriage, now ran it slowly back to the mansion.

A few days after he returned from the capital.

Farza received a meeting request from Marquis Sugoella.

It seemed more like a request now that he wasn’t a retainer.

They wanted Grandfather Kamiza to attend as well, probably to discuss Farza’s actions in this incident.

It was something to be proud of, but the truth was, Ryu wanted a bit more time to relax.

This year, Farza had made two round trips to the capital, taking three weeks each way.

To be honest, he was tired of being rocked in the carriage.

But since it was a request from the Marquis, he couldn’t refuse.

“All right… let’s go. This time, I’ll take Ryu, who wanted to travel. … Jiro has been through enough on the way back.”

Jiro endured the forced march without a single complaint.

In return, he probably wouldn’t want to see a carriage for a while.

“By the way, with this incident, the events in the capital have become a mystery… Let’s talk about it after we return.”

This time, when he went to refuse the promotion to Viscount, he brought Jiro with him. Surprisingly, Jiro was highly praised by King and Prime Minister.

Most likely, they evaluated him highly by unconsciously using the skill “Appraisal” and judging him as excellent.

They decided to recommend him for admission to a capital school starting next year.

Originally, Ryu had planned to enroll Jiro in the same school as Tauro. However, after refusing the promotion to Viscount, it became awkward to decline Jiro’s opportunity.

The King, genuinely considering Jiro’s future in place of the Viscount promotion, intended to promote him and thought of sending him to the capital’s school.

Jiro sensed this and didn’t say anything.

For that reason alone, Farza felt sorry for Jiro.

Jiro was looking forward to going to the same school as Tauro.

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