Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 44

Hiring an Elf, Isn’t That Something?

The beautiful elf maiden’s name seemed to be Leanne.

The two of them had come to a small restaurant, with Ryu and Leanne silently enjoyed their meals.

Since the conversation wasn’t progressing, Ryu decided to ask Leanne about her age. The answer surprised him; she looked 16 or 17 but was actually 45.

Elves lived more than three times as long as humans, as Ryu had heard from his mother, Cecile, but seeing it in person was still astonishing.

Next, Ryu asked why Leanne was in trouble. She explained that she had left her village, practically running away, had little money, and quickly spent what she had.

While wandering the town hungry, she noticed a dwarf, with whom elves typically had a strained relationship, recruiting for a job in front of a shop.

Having no particular issues with dwarves and desperate, she knocked on the door, leading to the current commotion.

“So, are you really the son of that Baron?”

After finishing her meal, Leanne asked, seeming more composed.

“I am the third son of the Landmark Baron family. We have recently been promoted, and we are short-staffed. Someone with your excellent skills like Leanne-san would be valuable. I wanted you to become my servant.”

“Servant, huh…”

Seemingly unsure.

“Elves are a noble race. Even if you serve someone, it should be someone respectable. How old are you, Ryu?”

“I’m 9.”

“Surprising! Humans really mature early… I have seen it in the past, but you are more mature at 9 than an elf.”

Sorry, when you considered his past life, their ages weren’t that different…

Although Ryu didn’t say this out loud, he thanked her instead.

“Thank you.”

That’s all he said.

“Also, we can’t make a decision without meeting Ryu’s parents.”

“That’s right. My grandfather and father are staying at the inn, so I’ll guide you there.”

And so, he returned to the inn with the elf Leanne.

When Ryu returned, he had brought back the beautiful elf.

Grandfather Kamiza and Father Farza were surprised.

“This is my grandfather Kamiza and father Farza. Grandpa, Dad, this is Leanne, and I want to hire her.”


Kamiza, Farza, and Leanne were surprised by Ryu’s introduction.

“Could it be that Leanne is the daughter of Lindes, the village chief of Lindo Forest?”

Kamiza inquired, familiar with the elf.

“Yeah, Dad? She looks familiar, so I thought the same.”

Farza also seemed to know, agreeing with Kamiza’s question.

“So you mean Uncle Kamiza and Farza-kun?”

Leanne, the runaway elf, asked.

Ryu was left out of this.

“Do you all know each other?”

“When I was an adventurer, I met her in the elf village with Kay, Farza, and Cecile. At that time, she was as small as little Farza and Cecile, but she’s grown now. Still young for an elf, though.”

“Indeed. It’s strange that only I seem to have aged.”

Farza also stared at Leanne in surprise.

“…Um, so?”

Ryu took control and explained the situation and the recruitment.

“In that case, I’m not against it.”

“I’d be very welcoming if Leanne-chan comes to us.”

“Uncle Kamiza is our benefactor, and Farza-kun’s child is also fine with me.”

“But, running away from home is not good, Leanne-chan. Did you contact your family?”

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

Leanne apologized, seemingly unable to lift her head in front of Grandfather Kamiza.

“By the way, I never expected Ryu to bring Leanne-chan back… Cecile-san will be delighted. Hahaha!”

“Eh? Is Cecile-chan still well, Uncle Kamiza?”

“She became my wife.”

Farza answered instead.

“I see, it turned out that way. They were close back then.”

From an unexpected encounter, the stories of Grandfather Kamiza, Father Farza, and Leanne continued to liven up until late at night, just before the meeting with Marquis Sugoella the next day.

By the way, Ryu was left out and went to bed early.

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