Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 43

Interested in Different Races, But What?

The new inn was the finest in this city, the capital of Marquis Sugoella.

Ryu couldn’t help but recall Baron Elanza’s mansion, but what set this place apart was its refinement.

Despite the expensive furnishings, it had a subdued beauty, reminiscent of the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi”.

It wasn’t the kind of inn a humble baron like Ryu would normally stay in, but perhaps it was one of Marquis Sugoella’s expressions of gratitude.

Although he was curious about the lodging fee, Ryu decided not to ask and silently planned to stay. He felt that asking might make him too nervous to relax.

“Alright, I’ll go explore the city.”

“Yeah, but don’t wander too far and get lost.”

“Got it!”

With that, Ryu replied and started running.

Time was limited until evening, and he wanted to see various things.

“Come on! If I don’t work, I won’t eat, so I’m saying get hired!”

A 16-year-old blonde girl with green eyes was arguing with the dwarf owner of a blacksmith’s shop.

“Why should I hire an elf, then!?”

The one arguing with the dwarf was an elf, known for their pointed ears and delicate physique, which wasn’t suited for heavy labor.

Moreover, dwarves and elves didn’t get along well.

Even without that, the dwarf couldn’t imagine the elf being suitable for blacksmith work.

“I had a job posting! Didn’t you see it!?”

“You definitely don’t have the aptitude for blacksmithing! Even if you had a good physique, I could consider you as an assistant, but I can’t hire someone I can’t rely on!”

“That’s not true! My aptitude lies in being a proud ‘Spirit User’, a ‘Tracker’, and a ‘Forest Priest’! Don’t belittle me!”

“As I thought! Why did you think I would hire someone like you with that physique?”

“I don’t know! I don’t have money, so I can’t eat. That’s why I work. You’re recruiting, and I need a job. That’s how it works in this world!”

“Don’t say absurd things, elf! If I don’t hire someone useful, it’ll only be a loss!”

“Don’t label elves as useless! Apologize! If you don’t, I’ll destroy this shop!”


Unexpectedly, the dispute turned into the moment the elf became a complainer…

Ryu, who happened upon the scene, initially felt impressed by the rare combination of a dwarf and an elf but soon realized it was just a quarrel.

However, considering the skills the elf mentioned, Ryu thought she might be someone he’d like to hire.

He needed to consult with his father, but personally, he was interested in having an elf as a servant.

“Um… Excuse me. Miss Elf over there. Would you like to work at my house?”

Ryu intervened in the midst of their argument.


The sudden interruption by the child made both the dwarf and the elf stop arguing, but the mention of ‘employment’ further left them in bewilderment.

However, the dwarf quickly regained his composure.

“Kid, cut it out. Didn’t you hear what happened? She’s threatening to ruin the shop.”

He got stopped.

“Hey, don’t speak of people like they’re villains!”

The elf girl attacked the dwarf again.

“See, the lack of self-awareness is the most dangerous. That’s what elves are like.”

“Well, Miss Elf’s skills seem excellent, so I’d like to have her as part of my staff.”


Ryu introduced himself as the third son of the Landmark Baron’s family.

“The Landmark family’s kid, the talk of the town!”

The dwarf at the blacksmith shop was astonished.

“Who’s that?”

The elf girl seemed completely unaware.

“Haven’t you heard of the Landmark family, the ones who recently saved the life of Marquis Sugoella, the lord of this city!?”

“I can’t help it! I just came out of the forest!”

“Anyway, he’s a noble!”

“… So, will you hire me?”


Her stomach growled at the timing of her words, and the elf blushed.

“Well, let’s start with a meal; it’s on me.”

With a cheerful smile, Ryu took the elf’s hand and invited her to a meal.
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