Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 107

Above self-confidence, there is arrogance, and below humility, there is servility

She speaks eloquently.

“I am a really good actor. I won Ryoma’s heart beautifully … and hihi, it was easier than I thought. Poor boy, ruled by his need for approval, can easily fall in love with just a little affirmation.”

She seemed to be amused by the fact that the story was progressing as she had planned.

“I’m not sure why Ryoma is so unmotivated. He always moves according to his feelings… He’s like an animal. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be such a fool.”

“He’s not that … he doesn’t think about anything. It’s just that he’s insensitive. He’s so insensitive to other people’s feelings that he only follows his own.”

“Kotaro, I told you before that I don’t care about the process, right? As a result, it’s the same as not thinking about it…. If he was a normal boy, he wouldn’t have betrayed Yuzuki and Kirari to flirt with other girls, would he? He really is an easy person to deal with, isn’t he?”

Even from Mary’s point of view, Ryuzaki seemed to be an anomaly.

“To be honest, I don’t understand how anyone could like someone like that. I’ve been with Ryoma ever since I transferred to the school, but I’ve never understood his appeal. I don’t understand what Yuzuki and Kirari are talking about.”

“It doesn’t make sense… I don’t get it either…”

If you are looking for a reason, you won’t find a satisfactory answer.

The reason is simply because he is the main character. There are plenty of reasons that can be given after the fact, but they are all convoluted.

In the end, I believe that Ryuzaki is only loved by various girls thanks to his opportunism.

That’s why Mary’s statement was right on target.

As one would expect from a self-proclaimed creator. She seems to be good at analyzing characters.

“Ryoma is really blessed. He has no charms that he himself has acquired through his own efforts, yet he is so conceited. That’s the big difference between him and Kotaro.”

“Differences are … not just there. Me and Ryuzaki are totally different.”

“No? You are rather similar, just in different positions, you know? It’s just that Kotaro is a sneaky bastard who goes beyond humble …, and Ryoma is overconfident and conceited, so you seem to be opposites.”

… That point of view was kind of new to me.

I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. I see, it is true that Ryuzaki and I may be similar in that we do not create anything on our own.

The only difference is whether we are sneaky or arrogant – that’s all, Mary said.

“If something were different, Kotaro could have been Ryoma. If something had changed, Ryoma could have become Kotaro. Such a reversal of the two positions, and the blessed egotist going through hell… oh, it’s a very nice story!”

I see. So that’s why Mary chose me and Ryuzaki.

“The story is progressing just as the plot suggests. The foreshadowing has already been laid out. I’ve already done the preliminaries. The parts are already in place. All that’s left is to put them together.”

It seems that Mary’s desired “Suck-up romantic comedy” is finally reaching its culmination.

“Ryoma, determined to love only me, has foolishly abandoned the other subheroines. The conceited man, who has no doubt that his feelings will be fulfilled, decides to confess his love to me at the cultural festival. But to his surprise, the main heroine falls for another boy – Kotaro. The boy is just a mob character, but he is someone Ryoma hates. Devastated by his defeat, Ryoma hangs on to the subheroines, but they don’t take to him at all and discard him. In fact, the subheroines are all girls who have close ties to Kotaro in the past. A stepsister, a childhood friend, and a former best friend all find themselves attracted to Kotaro again over time. The girls join the harem of the boy who was once a mob character, crying and apologizing for having once betrayed him. Kotaro thus acquires not only the main heroines but also the sub-heroines, and lives a happy life. Ryoma, on the other hand, is overwhelmed with regret, finally realizing how blessed he was and living miserably on his own, clinging to the past. Life doesn’t go well, and he spends his lonely life regretting what he should have done then, what he should have done now…and after watching this story, I say this with a refreshed feeling in my heart.”

… It’s long.

And unlike Shiho’s story, it wasn’t cute at all, which made me feel bad anyway when I heard it.

But I listened to her maturely without interrupting her, because she was about to be satisfied.

…Suck it up! I said, right?”

Okay, the decisive line is perfect.

Phew, it’s finally over… I’m really tired already.