Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 124


It is a natural progression, in a sense, that a girl who has enjoyed stories so much will eventually become a creator – or something like that.


But what was distorted was that Mary was a genius.

Surely, if she had been creating fictional stories, she would have been able to produce many masterpieces that would live on for generations to come. That is how far Mary’s parameters have swung.


But because she could do anything, she turned reality into a story.

Mary’s ability to express fiction in reality makes her a… very distorted creator.


(This way, this way, … I can continue to enjoy it for the rest of my life!)


After working on her first work, she began to create works of art.


Of course, the works produced are not for anyone. They are only for her own enjoyment and, in a sense, are nothing more than a form of self-satisfaction.


But that was fine. There is no need to make others understand. She is the only reader.


The world revolves around Mary.

She is God. From her bird’s eye view position as a creator, she can manipulate reality as she pleases.


All her life, that’s how she has played with reality.

As a child, she continued to use adults to create a sleazy development centered on love-hate drama.

When she reached puberty, she started playing with her classmates and got into school romantic comedies. Unlike adults, children are simple and easy to manipulate, which was also convenient for her.


This is how she lived her life as she wished.

She was going to continue to do only fun things like this for a long time to come.


Even though she came to Japan for her father’s work, that life was not going to change.

But today, finally … for the first time, the story became distorted.


(Kotaro… don’t do unnecessary things.)


She was frustrated because things didn’t go the way she wanted. 

The fact that a mob character interfered with the story was terribly annoying.


Ryoma Ryuzaki confessed to her at an unusual timing that was not calculated, well, it was inevitable. Such timing discrepancies are common. So she doesn’t care about the process. She cares about the result… Even so, the mob character went the extra mile this time.


(Kotaro’s refusal to accept Kirari has reduced the degree of sadness… haha, good grief.)


She treasures ‘contrasts’.

The antagonist is unhappy. The protagonist is happy. The gap between the two makes the “Suck it up!” stand out.


If Kotaro had done as she said, he could have been surrounded by many girls and could have had a harem, a man’s dream… Mary couldn’t understand him giving up his own pleasures.


There was something wrong with that boy.


He’s just a mob character for all intents and purposes, but he doesn’t act like one.

He has a will. There is conviction. He has unwavering strength. He is a mob character who should be a nobody, but he has a strong “self”.


She had never seen such a person before.

That is why she reached out. She thought that with this boy, she could create a wonderful story. But it seems she was wrong.


(Damn … Well, that’s okay. This is a “process” after all. As long as the result is what I want, that’s all that matters.)


She told herself. In the end, Kirari is just a process.

What is important is that Ryoma Ryuzaki will be unhappy.


If she could witness that, she would feel a little better.

With this in mind, she headed for her classroom.



When he confessed to her in the back of the school building, she put her answer on hold, saying, ‘I’d like you to wait a little bit.’ An hour later, in an empty classroom, she decides to tell him her answer to his confession.


The reason why she specified the time was to show the scene to Kotaro Nakayama. Of course, his appearance would be hidden. She had already given him instructions to hide somewhere in the empty classroom.


As expected, there was a possibility that Ryoma Ryuzaki would make a move if he was in the same place at the moment of the confession. Ryoma Ryuzaki must simply be unhappy. No violence is necessary for that. She doesn’t want him to feel better by punching someone.


(I know I’m a little off schedule, but … it’s fine. There is no such thing as a bad story in my works.)


Finally, the moment arrived.

This is the moment she has been waiting for the longest.


“Suck it up.”


She is hungry for those words.

She craved that pleasure so much…