Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 125

The value limit of “sub-heroine”

It’s finally here.

Soon, the moment she has been waiting for will arrive.


“Mary, it’s time for our appointment… Let me hear your answer.”


It’s just the two of them in an empty classroom at dusk. It’s an unquestionable situation. Well, there is probably a mob character lurking somewhere in the classroom, but Ryoma Ryuzaki is unaware of it, so it is practically just the two of them.


“I like you, Mary.”


The voice of the determined protagonist-sama echoed.

His eyes were directed straight at Mary.


“I will always love Mary, won’t you let me?”


She wondered how much effort she had put in to hear that sentence.


(Phew… finally.)


To be honest, even Mary, who prides herself on being a great actor, had difficulty with Ryoma Ryuzaki.

It would take no ordinary effort to make someone fall in love with someone who is so insensitive, whose favors are not conveyed, and who so easily tramples on one’s feelings.


That is why she was so excited to hear this one word.

Mary’s body shook at this moment that had finally arrived.


She was excited.

She was fidgeting.

She was itching.

She was nervous.


She wanted to explode with emotion as soon as possible.

But not yet. If she peed her pants here, the catharsis would wear off.

She must be rushed a little bit more. If she doesn’t take advantage of this perfect timing, she won’t be able to recover the degree of “Suck it up.” that she missed because of the mob character.


That’s why she is so excited.


“… I am so glad you feel that way, Ryoma!”


First, a light jab. Ryuzaki’s cheeks relaxed as if he was somewhat relieved at the words of affirmation.


With that one word, he was convinced that he had won.

It’s not a bad idea to push off here, but … not yet, Mary said, getting even more impatient.


“It’s like a dream come true, to be with Ryoma for the rest of my life…!”


“No, it’s not a dream. I’ll make Mary happy. So, please …take care of me.”


Ryuzaki was already in the mood.

He stepped up to hold Mary’s shoulder.


(It’s here.)


She smiled.


Ryoma Ryuzaki was feeling very conceited after all the patience, impatience, and pretension.


Now was the right time, she thought.

It was now or never to “betray” him.

So she finally said…






“…I’m sorry.”






Ryoma Ryuzaki did not react to that answer.




He tilted his head as if to say that he did not understand what was said.

He probably didn’t expect to be rejected.


She repeated it once more to him who was so conceited like that.


“I’m sorry, Ryoma? I love Ryoma, but…. I have found someone I love even more!”


Explain firmly.

Choose words that leave no room for interpretation.

Immediately, Ryoma Ryuzaki lost his expression.


“…………What is … that?”


The twisted words were tinged with a single emotion.

That despair was exactly what Mary wanted.


(More, more, more …!)


She was starving. She wanted more of Ryoma Ryuzaki’s misery.

It wasn’t enough. She wanted more, more, more!


As if to pluck Ryoma Ryuzaki’s despair.

More words were added.


“Ryoma, you’re a little late… I really liked Ryoma. But after today’s play, I found someone I like even more. So, I’m sorry, okay?”


“Wait, wait. That’s a lie… Are you kidding!? Is there someone you like more? Ah, it’s impossible… Who is that? No, because there is no one who is closer to Mary than I am…”


He was about to say something.

He looked at me with wide eyes, as if remembering.


“No way, are you kidding me ……? You like someone from today’s play? Hey, that can’t be true, right? How could it be him, of all people? Hey, Mary, … who is it? Who the hell is it?”


Ryoma Ryuzaki came in closer to her, yelling at her.

She looked at him distraught and said clearly.


“I’ve fallen in love with Kotaro.”




–With that one statement, it was over.






Ryoma Ryuzaki’s face was filled with anger.

He was breathing hard like an animal and clenching his fists tightly.


“Him, of all people…! That guy again! Don’t be a fool, … don’t be a fool. Don’t interfere with me, Nakayama!”


If Kotaro Nakayama had been there, he would have punched him.

Ryoma Ryuzaki, who showed that much anger, didn’t see Mary anymore.


“S**t… S**t, s**t! Damn it!”


He shouted, kicking a nearby desk.

He continued to reap several desks, messing up the empty classroom, and then fled the scene.


Mary stared at the scene.

Finally, the moment had arrived.

It was the “bad ending” she had been waiting for.

She laughed at the fall of the harem protagonist who had been blessed with everything.


“This is the end of Ryoma’s story, isn’t it?”


She muttered and tried to close with her usual one-liner.

She spat out the decisive line and tried to bask in the afterglow of having finished making up the story.


“Suck it up…”


But she couldn’t finish that one sentence until the end.


“… Huh?”


She suddenly realized.

The usual feeling of clarity was not there.

No, on the contrary, there was a small pain in the area of her … chest.


(What is this?)


The unexpected event was puzzling.

The unexpected event was bewildering.

As she was perplexed in this way… a mob character, who had been hiding, came out.


“… Hey, you’re kidding, right?”


He looked at Mary and rolled his eyes.

But his expression immediately relaxed, and immediately he laughed.


“Aha… ahaha… ahahahahaha!!!”


He was truly having a good time.

The mockery that should have been Mary’s is now being done by a mob character.


The reason, she couldn’t figure out.

She glared at him, wondering what was so funny.


“Kotaro? What are you trying to say?”


Ask. She strongly urged him to give a short answer.

Finally, he told her.


“You’re hurting, aren’t you? It’s painful, isn’t it? You must be in … shock, hurting that guy, rejecting his confession.”


That was the worst possible outcome for Mary.


“If you haven’t noticed, I’ll tell you. Mary… you’ve unconsciously fallen in love with Ryuzaki.”


It’s like a mummy-taker becoming a mummy.


“What creator are you … just a subcharacter for leverage. In the end, you were fascinated by the main character, Ryoma Ryuzaki.”


So there was no catharsis.

She fell in love with Ryoma Ryuzaki, so seeing him unhappy and hurt didn’t refresh her.


She couldn’t say, “Suck it up” …

Because she had fallen in love with him.


“You fell in love with Ryoma Ryuzaki, just like all the other subheroines.”


Mary was stunned by that statement.

All her life, she had thought of herself as a creator. She had thought she was close to God.


But no.


She was, after all, a character.

When Mary was reminded of this, she could only be stunned.