Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 127

Suck it up… right?

Thus, Mary’s “Suck it up” type romantic comedy went bust.


“… I failed? Me? That’s impossible.”


Even if she desperately denies it, the fact remains.

The end she wanted had not come.


“I’d like to ask you a question. How do you feel right now? As you wanted, the harem protagonist has fallen to the bottom of the pile, right? Are you refreshed? Are you refreshed? Can you say the line you want?”


An empty classroom after school. It was getting dark outside before I knew it, and the afterschool festival had probably already started. If we go out to the corridor, we will surely find it crowded with students who have been carried away by the fever of the festival.


But in this classroom, the air was as cold as if it were a different space.


“I thought it was supposed to be fun… I thought the ‘story’ I created was supposed to be a masterpiece.”


The story, well, it would have worked.

If you think about it in terms of her favorite ‘result,’ Ryuzaki was in despair after being dumped by the heroine. I, on the other hand, was not loved by the sub-heroine, but I was able to maintain a reasonably happy position.


But she seemed to be in pain.


“You can’t say, “Suck it up”. Because the person you love has been hurt, so it must be hard for you, too.”


I was watching.


Even when Ryuzaki was confessing, I was hiding and watching the whole time.

I could even see Mary’s expression through the gaps in the cleaning equipment locker.


I know she may not be aware of it, but … Mary’s expression changes when she is in front of Ryuzaki. As for me, I didn’t notice it because I thought it was an act.


But her emotions were not made up.

Her behavior may indeed have been an act. Mary herself must not have been aware that she had fallen for him.


But I realized it just now.

Only in front of Ryuzaki, she had a very soft expression on her face. Her eyes sparkled as if she was a maiden in love.


Seeing her like that, it was impossible for Ryuzaki not to think that Mary loved him. So he must have been quite surprised that he was rejected.


“After all, you are just a subheroine. You were just a part to decorate Ryuzaki’s surroundings. In this volume, well, you moved the story along nicely and misled the audience in many ways with your tricky words and actions, but … I’m sure you’ll be appearing less and less in the future. Because you’re just one of the harem members, so there’s no way around it.”


That’s how subheroines are treated.


“I’m sure you, who can look at things from a bird’s eye view, can understand that, right? You can see the pain and suffering of unrequited love in the future… Oh, what an ending. It really does make me laugh.”


Oh no. I can’t control my emotions.

The black feelings that had been pushed inside me were swelling.

It was so nice to see Mary now.


Oh, I see. I finally understood how Mary felt.

Indeed, this pleasure is addictive.


No wonder Mary, who is a hedonist, is so crazy about it.

Because I felt so refreshed now.


“Mary-san, come on, let me hear you tell me what it feels like to be laughed at by the very people you’ve been toying with …. Blurt out your regrets, your sore losers, your throwaway lines, as much as you want! You couldn’t say this if you weren’t …, could you?”


Those were the words she was hungry for.

But this time, I will say it.






“Suck it up… right?”







At that moment, Mary staggered.

She turned over, hands on her head leaning against a desk, and she was … devastated, in despair.


“…I see. I was just a subheroine.”


She is indeed a genius.

She understands quickly and rationally.

Without getting emotional…, no, because she couldn’t get emotional…, she understood her position quickly.


But it is also a double-edged sword.


Like Azusa, she can’t be remorseful.

Like Kirari, she can’t be inspired.


She can only accept reality and despair… I knew she was a pathetic character.


“Yes. You are a subheroine, not a creator. From now on, you’d better never be mistaken again… If you do something undeserving, you’ll be hurt.”


This is a piece of advice from a mob character who mistakenly thought he was the protagonist. This is advice from a senior.


“The subheroine should be like a subheroine and take care of the protagonist-sama’s good mood. If you do that, you’ll get some of his favor.”


I said this as if I was going to spit it out, and I looked away from her.

This was the end of Mary Parker’s run.


I’ve been pushed around a lot, but … anyway, the story has somehow come to an end.


Both the protagonist and the subheroine are heartbroken, and the real mastermind is a mummy… What a terrible romantic comedy, at all!