Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 126

The Poison Called Ryoma Ryuzaki

–I couldn’t stop laughing at the unexpected turn of events.

“Ahahaha! Hey, how in the world are you feeling right now? Are you feeling refreshed? Are you feeling good? Are you feeling like, “Suck it up!”

I looked at her face and instantly realized.

It was sad, but I had seen that face three times before. It was impossible not to notice.


Mary, who is usually so talkative, seemed to be unable to say anything just now.

It’s not hard to see why.

She realized for the first time that she was “in love”.

“You can’t say anything, can you? Your head is full of Ryuzaki, isn’t it? You’re in pain because the person you love is hurt, aren’t you???”

It’s just like that time.

She looked exactly the same as the three girls who fell in love with Ryuzaki at the high school entrance ceremony.

That was very, very amusing.

“You may have thought you were manipulating the story as you wished under the pretense of being a creator, but … You are, after all, just another subheroine.”

Mary Parker was certainly a tricky character.

But in the end she was just a factor in moving the story along.

“No. I am the creator. I’m a creator…! Ryoma, Kotaro, Kirari, everything was supposed to be my idea.”

“But it didn’t. It’s shoddy for a creator… It didn’t go the way you wanted it to… at all, the catharsis was thin, and the aftermath after reading it was bad. Isn’t it embarrassing to call yourself a creator at this level?”

Really, it’s ludicrous.

It’s just like me.

I used to think I was the protagonist, and now Mary is the same. She thought she was the creator, but she was just a subheroine. She must be very shocked.

As evidence, she was still unable to accept the reality.

“It can’t be. Because there’s no reason … why did … I fall in love with Ryoma? No, no, no way. How could I like a person like that? It’s impossible.”

Sorry to be so desperate to deny it, but there is no point in looking for a reason to do so.

Ryoma Ryuzaki is a “protagonist”.

“Of course there is no reason. Ryuzaki is a poison that ravages the hearts and minds of those who get involved with him and makes them crazy.”

Even the main heroine, Shiho, was very wary of Ryuzaki. She avoided Ryuzaki by not making eye contact, not talking to him, and not paying attention to him.

She probably smelled him with her intuition as the main heroine…, or in Shiho’s case, it would be more accurate to say that she “heard” him.

That is how dangerous and unusual Ryuzaki is.

The proof of this is that the girls I once cherished went crazy at every turn.

Azusa, Kirari, and Yuzuki were all distorted in some way. Azusa’s distortion has recently been cured, and Kirari seems to have gotten off the bottom, but Ryuzaki’s aftereffects will remain forever.

That is how abnormal that man is.

Rather, Mary would be the better one because she was only aware that she was still in love with him after being next to Ryuzaki for such a long time.

A normal subheroine would succumb to the poison after the first meeting. They depend on it and it destroys their hearts. I think she is the one who has endured.

“Convenience doesn’t need a reason. See, you always said it yourself. It didn’t matter what the ‘process’ was.”

I have heard that you don’t need a reason to love someone.

It’s true, Ryuzaki doesn’t need a reason to be loved by others. That’s what he is. A protagonist is generally an unreasonable being who is loved unconditionally.

As one would expect from Ryoma Ryuzaki.

(He’s not just a protagonist after all. He is the protagonist-“sama” … who arrogantly tramples on the thoughts of girls all the time.)

Ironically, Mary must have fallen victim to his venom this time.

Pity… but, well, I don’t feel sorry for her.

Because this is what she deserves.

I guess this is the punishment for trying to play with others to satisfy one’s own needs.

Unfortunately, Mary’s scenario was a perfect “collapse”.

She is, after all, not a creator.

She was just a subheroine, one of the pathetic harem members.

That fact was irresistibly hilarious…