Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 135

(Interlude 4) Third-Party Perspective

Regarding Shimotsuki-san, I had the impression that she was quite unapproachable.

When I first entered the school, she was a quiet person who never said a word, so I had the impression that she was somewhat cold.

She was also unusually beautiful and looked like a person from another world.

But recently, thanks to Nakayama-san, that impression has completely faded away.

She really laughs a lot only in front of Nakayama-san.

They are like a princess and a knight. They are like a fairy tale, so I admire them both.

I am also rooting for them from behind the scenes.

I hope they will be happy.

But that doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea to cheat on the seat change.

After all, they have been sitting next to each other for a long time. And since the lottery was prepared by Shimotsuki-san, the injustice is obvious, isn’t it?

I am the class president, so I pointed this out. I strongly appealed to Suzuki-sensei to rectify the situation, but she replied, “Eh? There is no such thing as injustice~” Her mind was full of flowers.

She is a person with a loose head and a loose way of speaking, so that is not an option.

Well, I did what I could do as class president. I don’t know the rest, so I guess you can go ahead …

I don’t hear any complaints from other people either, so I guess the situation is half-accepted by them.

I would also like to mention a little more about Ryuzaki-san…

He stopped coming to school after the festival.

I don’t know what happened to him, but thanks to that, the female students are not very energetic and the atmosphere of the class is also gloomy.

Since Ryuzaki-san is somehow very popular, the girls in the class get excited just by his presence. I don’t understand it, but I guess that’s the way it is. Thanks to this, when he is not around, the atmosphere among the girls is blatantly cool, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I didn’t like him very much during the overnight learning program, though, because his self-important behavior was conspicuous.

However, as if to say that was not the case, the second semester started with him being irresistible, so it is strange, isn’t it?

The reason for this is not certain, but … I am a neutral character, so maybe I am not poisoned by him.

Thanks to this, I can see things from a flat perspective like a third party, and I like this position.

What kind of drama will unfold between them in the future?

I don’t think I will be involved in their story anymore, but I will keep an eye on their future as a classmate of … and as a new friend of Asakura-san’s.

My favorite stories are the ‘happy endings’ where everyone is happy.

Hopefully, this one will be like that as well… Shall we get back to the main topic now?

So, how will the fallen harem protagonist move on?

What role will the childhood friend of the mob character play in the next story?

From what angle will the new heroine move the story?

And we can also look forward to the activities of the mob character who won a great victory over the harem protagonist.

Well, that concludes our sub-character perspectives.

We look forward to your continued support.

TLN: That’s pretty much it with the filler chapters, next one is back to main story.