Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 136

(Prologue) – The Fallen Harem Protagonist’s Monologue

TL: Bogdi
ED: Cassian

–Nakayama Kotaro.

Once again, I lost to that person.


When I confessed my feelings to Mary, she dumped me, saying she liked Nakayama.


If it had been Mary… I assumed she would accept me.

Because she had a very kind smile that was only directed at me. I was supposed to be the only person special to Mary.


Our first encounter was dramatic.

On a rare morning when I awoke early, I had the sudden feeling to go out for a walk. Mary was out walking her dog when we happened to pass each other… At that moment, the dog’s leash snapped it nearly got run over by a car. I saved it, and that’s how we met.


Since then, Mary has adored me.

But she chose the person I despised the most, him.


Kotaro Nakayama


I’m curious to how it all began.

I don’t know because I no longer can see Mary.

I can only speculate, but I think… it was the because of the play.


In the festival’s play, the lead role was played by Nakayama while the main heroine was Mary. I’m sure she was dissatisfied with with the performance on stage and fell in love with Nakayama.


I’m not sure what it is about him that makes him so appealing.

He is unquestionably a lesser man than I, and I am proud to say that I possess everything that he possesses.


But I guess it was nothing more than a passing thought.


(Shiho was one thing, but Mary too…)


If it had happened only once, I could’ve assumed it was a coincidence.

But there was no excuse the second time.


I honestly don’t know what his charm is.

In any case, it was a fact that Kotaro Nakayama was a better person than me.


If I had to use a metaphor, I’d say that… he is the so-called “protagonist”.


It would be strange if he wasn’t.

Because he has nothing. He lacks human charm, the ability to attract others, the beauty to make the opposite gender fall in love with him, and everything else.


And yet, the girls always seem to like him.

Furthermore, they were are all stunning and far beyond the norm.


This can only be described as “opportunism”.

Shiho and Mary don’t like him because he is an attractive person.


Because he was the protagonist, the two heroines adored Kotaro Nakayama. In other words, that guy was just lucky. He is just an ordinary person who was selected by the audience because he is easy to empathize with.


…Well, not that I’m complaining. I was simply unlucky enough not to be chosen. I am not in any way inferior.


But there are some things I have to admit.

It’s that… I am not as good as Nakayama.


No one can beat Nakayama, the main character, regardless of ability.


Basically what I am trying to say is.




Ryoma Ryuzaki is an insignificant “mob character”.



I’ve always imagined myself to be the main character.

But I was wrong. I wasn’t the main character. Shiho and Mary would both be drawn to me if I were.

Why didn’t they like me?

The reason for this was because I was a “mob character”.


I finally understood that.

The festival had to have ended about a month and a half ago. During that time, I stayed at home and thought about a lot of things, but eventually I came up with an answer that made sense to me.


So I won’t get carried away any longer.

I’m going to live my life as a mob character, living up to my full potential.


(PR/N: About time)


I’m sure that if I do that, I won’t get hurt any more…