Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 138

The Main Character Who Has Become a Mob Character

First of all, let me say that I hate Ryuzaki.

That’s not why I’m worried about him. I don’t care what happens to him. I don’t care if he is unhappy or in pain.


But the girls who love him, that’s a different matter.

We don’t have much of a relationship anymore, and it’s not like I’m going to do anything about it.

Still, I don’t want to see them unhappy.


If possible, I want them to be happy.

For that to happen, Ryuzaki has to work harder,… but he’s such an incompetent person that I still haven’t seen any signs of that.


Even now.

He knows that the girls are worried about him, but he ignores them and keeps to himself. A word to the girls would have made them feel better, but I’m sure Ryuzaki is not doing that.


He is a self-absorbed person.

He has never learned to care for others.

That’s why he can only see things from a dogmatic, prejudiced point of view.


If only he could have a bird’s eye view like Mary, perhaps he could develop a better romantic comedy… Ryoma Ryuzaki’s awakening doesn’t come easily.


That guy is really slow to make decisions. Probably because the heroines around him helped him even if he does nothing, his ability to think for himself is weak.


That’s why the protagonist’s unique “awakening” is also slow.

He is a pathetic person who can’t do anything without the help of the girls.


Since he was defeated by me at the school festival, he has probably been sulking and refusing to go to school,… but I hope he’s had enough of it.


What do you have to be depressed about after losing to me?

You lost to me, so you should be inspired and work hard.

Kirari did that, didn’t she? You could have taken a new step forward to make me look up to you.


Hey, Ryuzaki… what about you?

When in the world are you going to step forward?


It’s already December.

More than a month has passed since the school festival.

I felt that was too long a period of time to be in a fool’s paradise.


It was then that he finally came back again.


“…Yo, Nakayama.”


And after school, he showed up in front of me.




The place was outside the school gate. I was going home with Shiho when Ryuzaki ambushed us.




Shiho still has a hard time with Ryuzaki, apparently. The moment she saw him, she backed away to keep her distance.


“Kuku… Shiho, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I showed up, which I hate. But I need to talk to Nakayama…, so is it alright?”


Ryuzaki was smiling at her.

I felt a sense of discomfort in that expression.


(Hmm? Why is he being so smug?)


For better or worse, Ryuzaki was a confident person.

He was conceited and arrogant, and that’s why his smile was always fearless… but now there is no sign of that.


It was the kind of smile that someone like me, who had no self-confidence at all before meeting Shiho, would have.


Something was wrong.


“…Nakayama-kun, I’ll leave first. Don’t be too reckless, okay?”


Shiho must have sensed something.  I guess she’s really not good with Ryuzaki… She’s running away without hesitation.


“Shiho is as cute as ever… I envy you Nakayama. I wish I could have been adored like that. You really are an amazing guy to be liked by such a nice girl.”




I don’t understand the meaning of the praise out of the blue.

I’m not at all happy to be praised by someone I hate.


“You, what’s wrong with you? You’re weird… If you have something to say, say it fast.”


I was frustrated.

I was angry at Ryuzaki’s uncharacteristic behavior.


Why did he show up in front of me at all?

There were probably other people he should have met with.

There are many harem members waiting for your return, you know?


How could he ignore all of those feelings? … It still didn’t make sense to me.


“Yeah, that’s right. It should never have happened that I, myself, could take away time from a person like Nakayama.”


Ryuzaki remained sneering.

The guy said this to me with a self-mocking, distorted smile on his face.



“I’m sorry…  a mob character like me should never have had the chance to go up against Nakayama. I’m really, really sorry.”


Ryuzaki was smiling.

He bowed his head to me, trying to put me in a good mood.




I almost punched him in the face when I saw him do that.


No way … You’re lying, right?

I know you were in shock when Mary rejected you.

I understand that you are depressed because you were rejected by two people in a row, following Shiho.


But just because of that, Ryuzaki had lost all his confidence.

What a fragile human being he was… He became despicable at once and thought he was a miserable being.


In other words, the man who had been the harem protagonist was now … making himself a ‘mob character’.


It was very, very unpleasant.