Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 139

Protagonist-sama’s “Human Power”

What does this guy want?

I thought he had stopped going to school, but then he suddenly appeared in front of me, and he was also smiling for no apparent reason.


He thought he was a “mob character” and for some reason was trying to put me in a good mood, which was very irritating.


“What’s your point? What reason did you have to talk to me? Hey, Ryuzaki… I don’t understand your current behavior.”


I don’t see a narrative in what you are doing right now.

It doesn’t seem like anything you say or do is foreshadowing anything that will happen in the future. … What do you want to achieve?


“No? It’s not a big reason. I’m just thinking of coming to school tomorrow… Me and Nakayama had a lot going on, didn’t we? I thought I’d make a firm distinction once and for all.”


“Distinction? You, me?”


What is he talking about?

You don’t have anything to apologize to me for.


Nothing bad has been done to me.

I think the people you should be apologizing to are the girls you constantly trample on.


I raised my eyebrows at the inexplicable statement.

I decided to listen to what he had to say.


“Yeah, I was wrong about you in a lot of ways… Sorry. To be honest, I looked down on Nakayama. I thought he was a lesser person than me, and I underestimated you. So when Shiho and Mary said they liked you, I got very angry. But that was… a mistake.”


Mistake? No, nothing, as you perceive it, I’m a lower-ranked person.

There are few things I have that Ryuzaki doesn’t have. But, although there may be some internal parts that are a little better than Ryuzaki’s, in terms of status, I am clearly lower than Ryuzaki.


But Ryuzaki denies it.



“Nakayama has always been a higher-ranked person than I am. I finally realized that… I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said to you … I’ll be more mature from tomorrow, so I hope you won’t bully me too much.”




Again, I raise my voice.


I really don’t get it. I’ve never been a bully, remember?

Sure, I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot, but I’m not too proud to take offense at every single one of them.


So why?

Why does this guy have the wrong idea?


“Are you kidding me, Ryuzaki? I’m not angry, I’ve never bullied anyone, and I’ve never been apologized for anything. I don’t get it… What on earth do you think you’re talking about …?”


I ask him why.

What is the reason why you are being so humble to me? … Ryuzaki finally said the answer to that question.




“Because Nakayama is the protagonist, right? You’re the one who is promised to win, right? So don’t show too much hostility toward me, a mob character… That’s why I’m making all these mistakes. I mean … I’m just asking you to treat me as a mob character in school. Because when you get involved with me, all I do is lose.”





So that’s what that was all about… I knew it… You really are a hopeless human being, Ryuzaki.


“Me, the protagonist?”


The only one who let me be in that position is that precious girl.

You’re so misguided. If I were the protagonist, I would have led a different life.


I have no regrets.


But if I had been the protagonist, I would never have become close with Shiho … and I would have been able to make the three girls you made unhappy happy.


In other words, I, the person I am, have lost deeply accumulated things and overcome setbacks. Even someone like me has shaken off the past and moved on.


But Ryuzaki has not been able to do so.


I understand the shock of being dumped by Shiho and Mary. It is also understandable that he was heartbroken and frustrated.


But Ryuzaki couldn’t get over it.

For the past month and a half. He withdrew and shut himself in his shell, and I guess the conclusion he reached was … “this”.


–Kotaro Nakayama is the ‘protagonist’.


That’s why Ryuzaki thinks he lost…


It’s not my fault. The story is bad. It’s the casting. I just happened not to be chosen. I lost to Nakayama because of bad luck. It doesn’t mean that Nakayama is superior as a human being. He just happened to be lucky.


I finally understood the words between the lines and sighed involuntarily.


(The protagonist formed by opportunism is … really fragile, isn’t he? Without the heroine’s help, he really can’t do anything.)


Weak. As a human being, he is really immature.

He is the worst kind of person … always making excuses, trampling on other people’s feelings, and to top it all off, he’s… the worst kind of person.