Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 141

Harem Collapse

–Kinoka Komiya. A second-year female student in high school, she is a member of the Public Discipline Committee.

The Public Discipline Committee holds a greeting campaign in front of the school gate every morning. Of course, Kinoka wakes up a little early every morning to participate in the activity.

She has something she secretly looks forward to every morning.

That is to exchange words with Ryoma Ryuzaki, a first-year student.

(Ryuzaki-kun… I wonder if he will come today?)

Kinoka missed him because he didn’t seem to be coming to school lately.

Not knowing the details of the situation since they are in different grades, she just stood in front of the school gate every morning, praying that Ryuzaki would come.

(If he comes, will he notice that my hairstyle has changed?)

Just the other day, she changed her hairstyle.

She had been wearing her hair in braids for a long time, but she gathered up her courage and decided to cut it short. She did it all so that Ryoma Ryuzaki would think she was “cute”.

And so the days went on, just waiting and waiting.

After the festival, Ryoma Ryuzaki did not show up at all… However, a few days into December, he showed up.

(Ah, there he is!)

Finally, the boy she had longed for had arrived at school.

Immediately, Kinoka straightened up her back and styled her hair to look as cute as possible. Then, when Ryuzaki approached, she was the first to speak to him.

“Good morning, Ryuzaki-kun.”

She greeted him cheerfully.

Usually, Ryoma Ryuzaki would smile and greet her back. He would say, ‘Kinoka is a great girl.’ She was very happy when he patted her on the head and said, “Kinoka is great, thank you for always working hard.” She is his senior, but he is somewhat like an older brother, and Kinoka adores him very much.

However,… today Ryoma Ryuzaki was different from usual.


He walked past Kinoka as though he didn’t hear her greeting. His vacant eyes were unfocused and eerie.

“Ryu… Ryuzaki-kun?”

She called out to him again. He finally noticed her and turned his lightless eyes on her.

His eyes didn’t reflect … anything at all.

“… Kinoka, huh?”

At least, he recognized her. But without saying anything more, Ryoma Ryuzaki walked into the school.

He didn’t even seem to notice that she had changed her hairstyle. He did not even exert himself in the greeting activity. On the contrary, he didn’t even return a proper greeting. Kinoka felt uncomfortable with Ryoma Ryuzaki.

(Huh? Was the person I was interested in … that kind of person?)

– No, he wasn’t.

The person Kinoka fell in love with was supposed to be more sparkling.

He was always confident, very dependable, and so inclusive that he would make her happy if she ever got to go out with him.

But the Ryoma Ryuzaki of today is different.

There is no color in his expression. There is no light in his eyes. There is absolutely no high spirits.

He even looked like an emotionless robot.

He was like a puppet.

Kinoka did not fall in love with this kind of person.

(… I think I’ve had enough of this.)

Suddenly, she realized that she was losing strength.

Somehow, she seemed disappointed… No, not somehow. Kinoka was definitely disappointed.

Ryoma Ryuzaki was not as great a man as she had thought.

That is why she felt that falling in love with Ryoma Ryuzaki was a hassle.

(Well, we didn’t have much of a connection anyway, so why did I fall in love with Ryuzaki-kun? I was just greeting him in the morning, but it’s kind of weird.)

If she were to use a metaphor, it would be like waking up from a dream.

Kinoka came to herself with a start and lost her love for Ryoma Ryuzaki.

From then on, she forgot about Ryoma Ryuzaki.

In other words, Kinoka Komiya has left Ryoma Ryuzaki’s “harem”.

And it is not only her.


The student council president and third-year senior also lost interest in Ryoma Ryuzaki.


A classmate, a girl who secretly admired him, also lost her admiration for Ryoma Ryuzaki.


The ace second-year girl on the track team has also lost hope in Ryoma Ryuzaki.


The school nurse, who is known for her beauty, also lost interest in Ryoma Ryuzaki.

(TLN: W-what?)

All at once, the harem collapses.

Ryoma Ryuzaki, who thought of himself as a mob character, had been abandoned by the gods of romantic comedies.

Without triggering opportunism, the girls had escaped Ryoma Ryuzaki’s poison.

(… Kuku. As expected of me as a mob character… the girls keep moving away.)

Still, Ryuzaki remained sneering.

He understood that the girls’ hearts were leaving him, yet he accepted it.

The harem protagonist-sama, who can no longer fly in the sky, can’t even crawl on the ground. On the contrary, he did not even struggle on the spot, but looked up at the sky in a daze.

Truly, he had become a trivial person.

Since he was such a protagonist, it was only natural that the members of the harem would abandon him.