Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 142

Even the Harem’s stronghold

――The harem is crumbling.

As if awakening from a dream, the love of the heroines is growing cold.


This is the path chosen by Ryoma Ryuzaki.

Thinking of himself as a mob character, he gave up his own character, and as a result, the heroines abandoned him.


This is the end of the road for the immature harem protagonist.


The protagonist of a story develops naturally. Even if their wills are weak at first, they gradually become stronger through the trials of the story.


Ryoma Ryuzaki, too, had an ideal growth curve in the beginning.

With the help of opportunism, he was on the verge of becoming a splendid harem protagonist.


However, he has been unable to hatch.

The reason for this… I guess it’s him, after all.


Kotaro Nakayama.


One stranger was mixed into Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story.

The foreign element grew throughout the story and eventually became a peculiar phenomenon that bothered all of Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story.


Because of Kotaro Nakayama, Ryoma Ryuzaki’s awakening was not fulfilled.



Whenever Ryoma Ryuzaki made up his mind, whether it was during the overnight learning program or at the festival, Kotaro Nakayama was always there. He has deranged, twisted, and destroyed Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story.


Thanks to this, Ryoma Ryuzaki Ryoma remained immature, and as a result, he lost confidence in his story. He no longer had any expectations of himself. He no longer knew how to behave. Because of this, he was abandoned by the concept of “opportunism,” the god of romantic comedies.


Once that happens, the only thing left to do is to fall.

The harem protagonist who falls to the ground loses everything, even his title.


The harem collapses, and he is no longer even the protagonist.


However, there were still girls around him.

These girls are classified as so-called “sub-heroines” girls who have particularly strong characters in the Ryuzaki harem.


These girls are the “stronghold” of the Ryuzaki harem.

As long as he is loved by the sub-heroines, Ryoma Ryuzaki can still maintain his status as a protagonist.


But now he has nothing.

He has become a “mob character” who has lost his appeal as a character.

Seeing Ryoma Ryuzaki like that, even the subheroines, as expected, were … shocked.




The first one who felt strange was Kirari Asakura.

When she saw Ryoma Ryuzaki coming to school for the first time in a long time, she was the first to call out to him. She had regained her “self” after the incident at the school festival, and she needed to get together with Ryoma Ryuzaki in order to make Kotaro Nakayama look back at her.


So, she tried to make an aggressive approach.


“Ryu-kun, it’s been a long time! You know, I…”


But in the middle of talking to him, she soon realized.


(Different. The person I fell in love with is not like this.)


Her intuition told her so.

Originally, it was also her intuition that made her fall in love with Ryoma Ryuzaki.

She fell in love at first sight, and it is because of … this that she could not accept Ryoma Ryuzaki of today from a sensory point of view.




Even when spoken to, he sat down silently.

He could probably see Kirari Asakura, but he ignored her as if there was no need to speak.


Kirari Asakura didn’t like that.


(Hah … I don’t like it.)


Sighing, she looked away from Ryoma Ryuzaki.

Suddenly, she looked at the corner of the classroom and saw Azusa Nakayama. She was once a part of the Ryuzaki harem. She has been out of the harem for a while now, but she still hasn’t forgotten Ryoma Ryuzaki. She cared about him so much that she often followed him with her eyes.


That’s why she seems shocked to see Ryoma Ryuzaki now.




She is stunned in her own seat. Rounding her eyes, she checks Ryoma Ryuzaki over and over again.

It’s a gesture as though she’s seeing an illusion, but… this was reality.


That’s how much Ryoma Ryuzaki had changed now.


(It’s a bit different to love Ryu-kun like this…)


To love him in this state is, to tell the truth, an easy thing to do.

Just accept it. Just close your eyes to the bad parts, pretend you don’t see them, and act as usual.


But she couldn’t do that.


(That would just be a “dependence”.)


There is a difference between loving and being dependent.

She no longer wanted to live her life hanging on to Ryoma Ryuzaki.

So she decided to ignore him.


(Ryu-kun … I wonder what made you become like this.)


It was shocking.

However, she didn’t abandon her thoughts and tried to think of a way to save him somehow.


(Uh… I’m not smart, so I don’t know.)


But this was the subheroine’s breaking point.

The current Ryoma Ryuzaki could not be touched by an ordinary character.



Every subheroine wondered if he would continue to fall…


However, there is only one person who accepted him… even if he was this kind of … Ryoma Ryuzaki.


“Ryoma-san? Good morning. I am so glad you came to school today …. I have tried to contact you many times, but you didn’t reply, so I was worried about you. Oh, of course I don’t mind that you didn’t reply, okay? That part doesn’t matter!”


The name of that person was Yuzuki Hojo.


Nakayama Kotaro’s childhood friend…