Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 144

New Heroine

Ryuzaki is back.

He had been absent for a month and a half since the festival, and when he came to school, he was still the same mob character.

He was expressionless and stared blankly at the empty sky as if he had lost all emotion.

The heroines around him are puzzled by such a Ryuzaki. Kirari, in particular, was holding her head and groaning in distress.

Azusa also looked at Ryuzaki, albeit from a distance, and was stunned. The only one who remained the same was Yuzuki.

Always devoted, she would probably accept Ryuzaki no matter how much he changed. But that does not seem like a good thing.

If she accepted a ruined person, there would be no room for rehabilitation.

If Ryuzaki is content with the status quo, there is no point. It didn’t seem possible that he, in his current state, could make the heroines happy.

(Is Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy really over…?)

I had felt that way somehow after the incident with Mary-san.

Once again, I realized it.

No, but … there must be something more.

Because if it ends here, no one’s feelings will be rewarded.

If there is even the slightest possibility, it is Yuzuki, but even if … that girl and Ryuzaki in his current state were to get together, I wonder if they would really be happy.

Even that was doubtful, Ryuzaki was finished.

(Also, if there is some leverage, maybe Ryuzaki will come back from the dead…)

Mary-san, who took on that role last time, has gone the other way, though, and has driven Ryuzaki into a corner.

It’s about time for a new heroine to appear on Ryuzaki’s side… just when I was thinking that, she appeared after all.

“Good morning~ … Oh, Ryuzaki-kun has come to school too! That’s very good, but I have one more piece of good news~.”

Just as I thought Suzuki-sensei had arrived, a female student came from behind her.


At that moment, the classroom suddenly became quiet.

My first thought was, “Pink?” I’m sure that’s the same for everyone.

Her hair was pink. Her eyes were red and her hair styled in twin-tails. She was small and slender. Her style was probably similar to Shiho’s.

There was no doubt that she was cute. Although not as outstanding as Shiho or Mary-san, she was at least on par with Kirari and Azusa in terms of appearance.

However, her eccentric hair color overshadowed the impression that she is cute.

However, she herself does not seem to be bothered by her hair color and is unconcerned about it.

Her mousy expression is somewhat grumpy. The corners of her eyes were also turned up and it looked as if she was glaring at someone.

“Ah, you can’t come in yet. I thought I’d introduce you as a surprise~”

The teacher angrily replied in a pacing voice, but the pink girl inscribed her name on the blackboard without paying any attention to that.

“…Kururi Kurumizawa.”

Having said that much, she bowed her head.

Perhaps she meant to introduce herself? Even if she was being unsociable, she seemed to be short on words… and classmates were giving her puzzled glances.

But after all, she is still standing tall, paying no attention to the stares of her fellow classmates. Now she was glaring at the teacher. It was as if she was saying, ‘Hurry up and make me sit down’.

“Eh, erm… Let’s see, … that’s right, this is Kururi Kurumizawa-chan… It’s sudden, but due to her parents’ work, she transferred to this school. Please make friends with her, everyone~!”

Suzuki-sensei started to speak on behalf of Kururi Kurumizawa-san. However, she bent her lips into a smile almost reluctant to do so.

“You don’t really want them to get along with you, do you?”

Suzuki-sensei shrugged her shoulders as she muttered something like that in a grumpy tone.

“…Yes, yes, I’m sorry~. That’s how it is, so please don’t befriend me~.”

Ah, she is being a hassle.

The type of teacher who doesn’t really put a lot of enthusiasm into her duties was quick to be spoon-fed.

Well, I understand how she feels. I thought she seemed like a pretty difficult girl.

But I feel that her appearance at this time is … some kind of intention. She is surely not an ordinary character.

(After all, isn’t Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy over yet?)

I’m not sure yet, but … maybe Kurumizawa-san is a character for leverage, just like Mary-san.

I thought it was about time we had a heroine of the type that would bring Ryuzaki back to life. I am sure she is the one.

Otherwise, his romantic comedy wouldn’t work.

I really hate Ryuzaki, though.

Still, for the sake of the heroines, who still say it has to be him, I wanted… to somehow bring him back… I just wish he could get some kind of a revival.