Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 145

A Girl with a Beautiful Sound

A transfer student has arrived.

This is the second transfer student for the second class of year one. Normally, they would be sent to another class, but the fact that they came to … our class, can it be concluded that Ryoma Ryuzaki’s “opportunism” is still functioning after all?


Or is there some other reason why she is in this class?


The exact reason is not known at this point. To begin with, what kind of character she has, and what kind of position she is in, is also unknown.


I would like to wait and see for a while.

However, I somehow feel that … she is not an ordinary person.

I feel that she has appeared here with some kind of role.

The reason is that Shiho, who normally shows no interest in anyone, had her eyes glued as she looked at Kurumizawa-san.


“… Sounds beautiful.”


She muttered.

I’d never seen her so upfront before, not even Mary-san was interesting to her.


“It sounds soooo much like my mom and dad…”


Hearing Shiho’s thoughts on Kurumizawa-san, I was surprised, too.

The fact that she resembles Shiho’s parents, Itsuki-san and Satsuki-san, means that … she is a person just like them, the genuine protagonist and heroine of the story.


If that is the case, then she may be a leverage character after all. She may have been introduced as resuscitation to bring back Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy.


If that is the case, then thank goodness.

If Ryuzaki could only be revived…, there is a possibility that the feelings of those three could be fulfilled. No, even if those feelings don’t come to fruition, they should be able to make a break and go their separate ways.


It would be really wonderful if that happened.


“Well then, maybe Kurumizawa-san’s seat should be, let’s see~… Mary-san’s seat? She’s taking a leave of absence from school, and it would be fine~.”


There is an empty seat where Suzuki-sensei is gazing.

That is the place that is supposed to be Mary-san’s seat, but no one has been sitting there for a long time now.


In case you are wondering, she is just taking a leave of absence, not quitting school. So when we changed seats, we didn’t exclude her, but instead decided her seat by lottery.


The location is at the front, on the corridor side. By the way, Ryuzaki’s entourage is currently stationed in the back by the window. Azusa has moved to the center of the room, and Shiho and I are still at the back by the corridor. Shiho, who has become the lottery organizer, has stopped cheating against Ryuzaki, but she continues to cheat to be next to me.


I know my classmates must have suspected it, but since they didn’t say anything, I decided to ignore it until then. Suzuki-sensei didn’t seem to care much about it either, so I guess it’s all right. Well, since he doesn’t like lectures, guidance, and other bothersome things, it’s possible that she’s intentionally not paying attention to it.


Anyway, it looks like her seat will be in a place that has nothing to do with Ryuzaki.

If so, I wondered if Kurumizawa-san was someone who had nothing to do with the narrative, and that’s when I thought to myself.


“I’d prefer to be in the back, not the front.”


Kurumizawa-san, looking as grumpy as ever, voiced her dissatisfaction.

At her words, Suzuki-sensei stuck out her tongue in a very annoyed manner.


“Ehhh~? You want to be in the back~?”


“Yes, I do. I don’t want to be in the front.”


Suzuki-sensei smiled vaguely at Kurumizawa-san who clearly expressed her intention. It seems that she is clearly annoyed and is too lazy to resist.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes. So I’m going to switch with someone in the back seat. By the way, where would you like to sit? Please decide quickly, I’m tired already!”


Emotions are running rampant. It’s like she’s already decided to do everything at Kurumizawa-san’s beck and call. I think that’s why you can’t get married, Sensei…


But, well, this trend is not bad.

Perhaps Kurumizawa-san will go to a seat in the back by the window… that is, close to where Ryuzaki is. That’s how she will get involved with Ryuzaki, get caught up in the story, and encourage that guy’s resurrection from her position as the new heroine.


That’s what I had expected.


“…Then, over there.”


The one that Kurumizawa-san pointed to was not the seat in the back by the window.




To my surprise, it was a seat in the back on the corridor side.

In other words, Shiho Shimotsuki’s seat.