Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 146

The Heroine Who Was Supposed to be the Keystone of the Story

“Huh? Huh? Me???”


Shiho, who was suddenly pointed at, was puzzled. She looked at me and pointed a finger at herself as if to confirm.

Her blank expression is cute, but now is not the time to be smiling at her loveliness.


(Why Shiho?)


I was puzzled, too.

I thought for sure she was going to be a part of the Ryuzaki-related leverage, but …, of all places, she’s coming here?


I’m also curious about the fact that she went to the trouble of nominating Shiho’s seat.

That… is next to me.


I had a bad feeling about this.

I hope it’s just a whim, but … no, wait.


It’s not good if I get swept away here. Because Shiho and I would be separated from our seats.

I was very sad about that, but it would be hard to reject … Suzuki-sensei is looking at Shiho as if to say “hurry up and change your seat” and she probably won’t listen.


Then, I have no choice here.


“Sensei, would you like me to go to the front?”


I raised my hand in defense of Shiho and volunteered to go in the front.

Although we will be separated from each other, Shiho seems to like her current seat, so at the very least, I thought I would protect it.


But Kurumizawa-san was blatantly vexed.

When I raised my hand, her lips were tightly sealed and she glared at me.


Suzuki-sensei, who was watching me, gave me a reply, not wanting to prolong the conversation any longer.


“Well, I’d prefer Shimotsuki-san instead of Nakayama-kun, right? Lately, there seems to be a lot of napping, and there have been complaints from other teachers~. I think it would be better for her rehabilitation to come to the front~.”


It’s a very good reason.

Indeed, Shiho’s classroom attitude is bad … about half of the time she is definitely sleeping, and the other half of the time she is either keeping an exchange diary or doodling in her notebooks.


It’s adorable, like a free-spirited little girl, but I don’t know if the teachers would allow that.


I can’t help it if they say so.


“Shiho, I’m sorry.”


I apologized in a quiet tone of voice, and she shook her head sadly.


“Ugh, if I’m going to leave Kotaro-kun anyway, both of us should be together…”


Looking at her sad face, I couldn’t help but want to keep her around.

But, well, it’s only a seat change. Since we will be together all the way to curfew after school anyway, our relationship will not change much.



So Shiho reluctantly switched seats.

She moved to the front seat on the corridor side and was looking at the blackboard with a bored expression on her face. Her back figure was also cute, but I was still sad because of the distance between us.


On the other hand, Kurumizawa-san, who newly arrived next to me,… was still looking grumpy.




When she came up next to me, she didn’t say anything, of course.

However, I was a little concerned that she glanced at me as she crossed next to me.


Clearly she recognized me.

She was looking at me quite distinctly, even though I tend to be overshadowed by the nature of my former mob personality.


I have a bad feeling about this.

I felt a sense of unease with Kurumizawa-san, who has moved the main heroine Shiho.


Besides, she seems to have no interest in Ryuzaki either.

Even when classes started and lunch time came, she was all alone all the time. On the contrary, she did not even look at Ryuzaki, but just sat quietly in her seat.


Her lips were tightly pressed into a grim line, and when spoken to, she only gave a blunt response, maintaining her sullenness.


And yet, … every once in a while, she would look in my direction.

I suddenly felt her gaze on me, and when I turned my eyes, my eyes met with those of Kurumizawa-san every time.




Each time she averted her gaze without saying anything, but it was still eerie.

I don’t know what kind of position Kururi Kurumizawa-san is in.


I had no idea what she wanted to do and why she appeared at this time… I had no idea why.