Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 148

The God of Rom-Coms is Fickle

TL: Bogdi
ED: Cassian

In a classroom lit by the setting sun, I was alone with a female student.

In the past, I became friends with Shiho in a similar situation.


But this time, the girl with me was not Shiho.


It was a pink-haired girl named Kururi Kurumizawa.


“I’m not interested in you, okay? I just want to talk to you for a little bit.”


She said while holding my phone in one hand, her cheeks flushed red.

No, no way, right? They’re just red from the reflection of the sunset, right?

You can’t possibly be… that thrilled to be with me, can you?


“…Can I have my phone back? I’m sure there are plenty of incoming calls.”


To be honest, I was freaked out.

I was content with my stagnant romantic comedy. I’d love to relax with Shiho forever.


Change was unnecessary.

Because we were already good friends.

And as time passes, we would become even better friends, and eventually, when we reach a certain age, we will consider marriage.


That’s the kind of romantic comedy I want.

We don’t want our story to have any peaks and valleys. We don’t want to experience any ups and downs. We don’t want incidents, events, conflicts, setbacks, or even catharsis.


And yet, the God of romantic comedies is merciless.

Just when I thought he had easily discarded Ryoma Ryuzaki, he began to love me on his own.


I really wanted a break.


“Incoming calls? Yeah, there were a lot of them, but I turned them off because they were too noisy. Nakayama, don’t you have a password on your phone? You’re pretty careless… Isn’t that how you got your phone stolen?”


Seeing her mischievous smile, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Why would she only smile like that at me? I don’t understand.


Why can’t she be as sarcastic with me as she was earlier?

There was no need to show any emotion.

It would be better for both of us to live as strangers.


“Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t look at what was in there, okay? I don’t cross the line… Well, usually. Sorry about this. Was it upsetting to have your phone stolen? I apologize for that.”


As she says this, she hands me the phone.

We were a few meters apart. But she didn’t appear to be getting any closer. She was leaning against the window, waiting for me to come.


“No, I’m not mad at you, but… I’ll have it back anyway.”


I approached her with caution, saying something bland so as not to provoke her.

Slowly, step by step, I stopped just within reach and tried to take the phone from her hand.


But the god of romantic comedies didn’t allow me to just take it, he had other plans.




Suddenly, something was caught at my feet. Somebody’s bag was on the floor. I fall forward, my foot caught on it as it rolls unnaturally.


“Look out!”


At that moment, she shifted her stance and moved forward to catch me.

Kurumizawa-san was light. She caught me but was unable to support me, so we both fell.


As a result, my face collided with her chest.


“Ouch… Nakayama, are you alright? Did you hit your head?”


Kurumizawa-san had fallen, but she appeared to be okay. She was worried about me.


I had just hit my face so hard that I couldn’t say anything right away. My nose especially hurt… I felt like I was going to get a nosebleed. If I did, the blood would get on Kurumizawa-san’s clothes, so I rushed to put my hand on my face.


But instead, my hand was on… her b****ts.

Because I was in a hurry, I couldn’t confirm it.




Kurumizawa-san’s face turned bright red in an instant.

After her chest was suddenly touched, it was no surprise that she would be angry.




“…Uhm, can you let me go? It’s a little embarrasing…”


She simply fidgeted shyly.

I could definitely feel her heart beating.

I felt like my blood had stopped flowing so much to the point where the nosebleed had subsided.


Why was she so nervous just because I touched her?

Rather, why wasn’t she mad at me?

I think it is normal for someone to get angry or disgusted when a stranger suddenly touches their body.


This was like a scene out of a rom-com.

No, the word “like” is probably an understatement.


I am now favored by the god of romantic comedies.

I’m sure that even this was planned out from the start.