Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 149

The Cute Transfer Student Who’s Always Grumpy Becomes Talkative Only to Me

TL: Bogdi
ED: Cassian

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Compared to Shiho, Kurumizawa-san’s body temperature was slightly lower than hers.


Shiho was a warm and comfortable girl who is so pleasant that I want to touch her all the time.

Kurumizawa-san, on the other hand, was the type of girl who made you want to cling to her and never let go.


I wanted to warm her up because she was cold, and that tickled a man’s heart.

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At the thought of it, I almost felt self-loathing.


I felt sorry for Shiho.

Why do I feel this way about Kurumizawa-san, despite the fact that my feelings for that girl haven’t changed…?


Just moments before, I had never been attracted to any other girl other than Shiho.

She was all I cared about.


But now that I’ve become the main character, I wonder if I’ve changed.

I wondered if I’d turned into Ryuzaki and developed feelings of favoritism toward girls without regard.


I was afraid of such a notion.

I wanted to run away from this place if I could.


I wanted to pretend that what happened after school never happened and play with Shiho.

But there was no way the god of romantic comedies would allow such a dull narrative.


“I-I’m sorry? If I was bigger, it would have been a cushion for Nakayama, but… it was so small, it felt like a board, didn’t it? I’m sorry I caused you pain.”


The scene continued.

The chance meeting was what one might call a lucky break.

The story seems to develop further from there.


“My chest… I have an inferiority complex about them… I’m not saying that I want you to understand me or anything.”


The words spliced in to mend the situation were conversely simple to understand…, and I realized she was doing her best to make herself known.


Why would she apologize?

And what she was saying was so adorable, it gave me goosebumps.


It was just so cute.


The things she said and did were not the kind of things a normal girl could do.


Yes, she had become a “heroine” herself, befuddled by the… Good fortune.


Her face was bright red, probably because from the combination of embarrassment at having her body touched and joy at being able to touch the boy she likes so much.


Such an expression of happiness tinged with embarrassment… is what tickles a man’s heart the most.


(I knew she was… my other heroine.)


I hate to admit it, but she was cute.


This was a girl who usually hides herself behind an eccentric pink hair color and an unfriendly attitude… but when the veil is removed, the face peeking out from the inside is a lovely girl, filled with indescribable cuteness.


“Incidentally, Nakayama, do you prefer girls who are big or small? I’m not sure if you’re a fan of the small ones or the big ones. And if possible, I’d be happy if you went with the small ones… But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not saying that I want you to care about me or anything, you know?”


Oh, I see.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while… but I now know what Kururi Kurumizawa is like based on what she says and does.


Kururi Kurumizawa is a “Tsundere”.

It’s a fairly standard definition of a tsundere, but it’s a tsundere that has evolved with the times, as long as it doesn’t get… violent.


Along with Yanderes that don’t go overboard, Tsunderes who don’t get violent are also adorable in their own right.


This was a bit of a problem.


“Maybe Nakayama prefers someone who is mature? In our class, I’d say… that neat-looking girl with dark hair, you know? What about that girl, Hojo, I think it was? If you like that type, then, ugh,… I’m not sure if I can win.”


…Even so, Kurumizawa-san talks a lot.

She is normally unsociable, but only becomes talkative in front of me… This was exactly the same thing that happened with Shiho.


“The cute transfer student who’s always grumpy becomes talkative only to me.”


Part III appears to be heading in that direction, it seems.