Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 182

The Compulsive Power of Love

Kurumizawa-san’s house is quite large. Naturally, a large plot of land was needed to accommodate it.

Perhaps that is why it is located in a slightly suburban area.

Therefore, it would be quite a challenge to return home on my own.

Since I don’t know the area and I don’t have a smart phone, I might get quite lost.

So until now, I have been spoiled by Kurumizawa-san. I had taken it for granted that I would be picked up and dropped off by car, and I depended on my ride home.

She had exploited that gap beautifully.

“Is it … true that the car broke down?”

Could it suddenly break down at such a time?

It was working fine when I got here, it seemed too timely.

“Yes. It’s already late, and it’s going to be difficult to get a replacement car.”

She said that matter-of-factly, but it didn’t feel right in many ways.

In the first place, how is it possible for such a rich family to have only one car?

The fact that it took so much time to prepare the meal and the food took so long to eat is also unnatural now that I think about it.

Six days had passed since the agreement had been made.

I was wondering why nothing had been done at this point in time when the end of the agreement was approaching, but here it was.

I felt as if everything was a setup.

“From the very beginning, she had no intention of letting me leave…?”

I was stunned to learn of Kurumizawa-san’s intentions.

Since there had been no blatant approach in the past few days, I had been caught off guard, and I was stunned at my own stupidity by being caught completely off guard.

“It’s a little hard to admit it, but … tomorrow this good time will be over, so I had no choice.”

Although I had reached the front gate, that gate would not open.

“Hey, Nakayama…, why don’t you like it? If you really dislike me from the bottom of your heart, then I’ll give up.”

She put her straight thoughts into her words.

She confronted me head on.

“But, if you don’t mind if I do a little…, please forgive me for trying to be a bad influence on you. This is my first and last chance. Because after this is over, there will be no more time for me to win over Shimotsuki.”

Kurumizawa-san was pleading.

Her eyes were shaking with anxiety, her expression was tense, and her body was trembling with fear. Her tightly clenched fists and tightly sealed lips were filled with strength to motivate herself.

“I know it’s rude, but I’m asking. Would you stay… today?”

That figure was the same as that girl.

I will never forget the time when … Shiho refused Ryuzaki’s confession on stage during the overnight learning program, and the current Kurumizawa-san looked just like her.

Shiho at that time also looked similar.

She was suffering from anxiety and fear, but she was courageous enough to face the difficulties, that’s what I liked about her.

So, denying the current Kurumizawa-san was like denying the Shiho I once loved as well, and it made my heart ache.

(TLN: My brain and heart are hurting guys…)

It’s really not fair of her to make such a face.

If I were an insensitive person, I could have pretended not to notice and refused.

But I am not Ryoma Ryuzaki.

I can see how much courage Kurumizawa-san is now mustering up.

The single-mindedness of the girl in love was too pure and … too pure, so it was a frustratingly compelling force.

“Last, so…”

See, once again I make excuses like this.

“After tomorrow, I won’t have to do this anymore.”

Don’t worry, it will be over anyway.

Nothing has happened so far.

Nothing happened today either.

That’s what I told myself.

Immediately afterwards, I unconsciously shook my head.


Thus, I had given her one last chance…

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