Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 183

A Too Defenseless Girl

A Too Defenseless Girl

For example, if my phone had not been taken away from me, I would have been able to return home without any problem, even if I did not know where I was.


In the first place, it was also unnatural that Kurumizawa-san initiated the move at the timing when Shiho had the flu.


More to the point, the situation at my mother’s company was going bad at such a time, she was in a bad mood, and her parents happened to be wealthy… there was no end to the possibilities.


It’s just too ‘inconvenient’.

No, that’s not it.


The current situation is probably ‘convenient’.

In order to make the story interesting, the current situation is very convenient.


How will I face Kurumizawa-san, who has broken the stronghold of the main heroine, who has always been the strongest, and who is treated just as well as the main heroine, despite her position as a sub-heroine for leverage?


If I decided to love Shiho single-mindedly, even if it hurt her, that would be fine.

Or, if I break down and accept Kurumizawa-san’s feelings and accept her love, then a new development will be created there.

(TLN: Please, no.)

The latter, in particular, is the “harem route” that I detest the most, so I want to avoid it somehow.


However, it would be very difficult for me to reject Kurumizawa-san’s feelings.


“Nakayama, can I have a word?”


At night, she invited me to stay at her house and showed me to the guest room where I was to sleep.

Later, when I had showered and regained my composure, Kurumizawa-san visited my room.


“…Yeah, if it’s just a little bit.”


The change of clothes provided was a brand-new jersey.

The size is just right, so they probably bought it for me.


The room was also cleaned up nicely, and the bed sheets were as clean and wrinkle-free like new

Observing these things, I could tell that Kurumizawa-san had been trying to get me to stay over from the beginning.


“Um… Let’s see…, have you taken a bath yet?”


As if looking for a conversation starter, she asked me something bland.

She seemed to be frightened in some way.


She looks apologetic, maybe because she feels more or less guilty for setting me up.


“Yes, I did.”


I answered shortly and sat down on the bed.

I wanted to lie down, but as expected, I couldn’t be that defenseless in front of Kurumizawa-san.


“I see, me too. I… will come in.”


Saying this, she slowly entered the room fearfully.


As she said, she seemed to have just finished her bath, and her pink hair was slightly damp. It looks like she came to me before she dried it off with the hair dryer.


Her pink pajamas also looked good on her, matching the color of her hair. Since it was winter, she wore warm and fuzzy looking clothing.


I don’t know if the pajamas fit her perfectly or if they were originally designed that way, but they showed the lines of her body at a glance, which made me feel a little uncomfortable.


I was having trouble keeping my eyes on her, so I lowered my gaze.

It was then that I suddenly realized.


(No good… not as usual.)


I am upset.

I am confused.

My emotions ran so wild that I couldn’t look directly at the unusual appearance of Kurumizawa-san.


I don’t know what to do.

Because Kurumizawa-san is too … defenseless.


“I’m going to sit next to you.”


See, this is how she approaches me.

Perhaps it was because she had just finished her bath, but there was a sweet smell wafting from Kurumizawa-san. Her hair, which is usually tied in twin tails, was straightened before she went to bed.


She was showing me her special side.

Generally speaking, visiting a man’s room late at night is also out of the question.




She then lies down on my bed.

She deliberately lies on her back. The distance between me and her was only about ten centimeters, and I could reach out and touch her with my hand.


If I were a normal human being, would I have left Kurumizawa-san untouched in this state?


<I don’t care what you do to me.>


I felt such a message.


Is it because she trusts me?

Or is she trying to tempt me?


I don’t know the truth.

But what I do know is that… Kurumizawa-san is about to make her final approach.


What in the world is she going to do?

I wonder if I will be able to handle it.


I was extremely anxious about that.

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