Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 204

Fateful Encounter

Early in the morning, when the light was still dim, she was walking aimlessly.

Perhaps because it was in the suburbs, there were few people walking down the street. Only the occasional car passed by, and at this time of the day, there was not much human life to be seen.

Thanks to this, Kururi Kurumizawa was able to lose herself in her thoughts.

(After all, he didn’t show up yesterday…)

In the back of her mind, her beloved’s face flashed.

The tutoring agreement was for one week. The deadline was yesterday, but he had gone away like he was escaping.

It was supposed to be a violation of the agreement, but Kururi Kurumizawa sighed, as if that didn’t matter either.

(I’m sure I hurt you…)

Unconsciously, she put her hand on one of her twin-tails and twirled them around with her fingers. It was a habit that she tends to do when she is distressed.

(He’s a purist, of course he would never want an affair.)

It was just the other day.

When she forced Kotaro Nakayama to stay over for the night, she set him up.

She got into bed with him, held his hand, put her body close to his, and even kissed him on the cheek.

(… Well, it’s probably not a significant skinship for some people…)

For example, if two people are adults.

This level of touching might not have caused any emotional turmoil. If they were in a close relationship, or some men and women might be fine with this level of touching.

(No … I knew he wasn’t that flirty.)

She realized that she was about to make an excuse and lightly pinched her arm as a reminder.

This is what happens as soon as you let your guard down.

She was well aware that she was in the wrong on this matter.

(I have to accept that I hurt … him, because it’s true that I took advantage of his pure side and left scars on him.)

Because of those things she did, he didn’t come over to her house the other day.

He wouldn’t make eye contact with her at school, and every time it was recess, he ran off somewhere.

She sighed, he was obviously avoiding her, but she didn’t blame him for doing so.

(I don’t want him to hate me, if possible, but … I doubt it.)

She was so worried about it all last night that she couldn’t sleep.

She was lucky that today was a holiday. She could take a leisurely walk early in the morning without worrying about school.

Thanks to that, her thoughts were becoming calm.

(But I had to do that much to leave him with a part of “me”.)

She has no regrets for what she did.

She feels guilty and sorry, but she doesn’t want to undo what she did.

(I don’t want Shiho Shimotsuki to counteract it…)

Kururi Kurumizawa has some concerns.

Up until now, things have been going so well that she was afraid to go too far as she wanted, … however, the other day, Shiho Shimotsuki returned earlier than expected.

(I thought she was scheduled to be out for the rest of the week, though.)

Yesterday, her arrival at school brought some changes to Kotaro Nakayama.

Perhaps they talked about something. It made him more pained, visibly hurt and depressed than the day before.

(I’m pretty sure it cracked the relationship… Proof of this is that Nakayama didn’t talk much to Shimotsuki.)

They were distant at school.

This is a sign that her plan is going well…, but still, she can’t help but be concerned about Shiho Shimotsuki’s presence.

(She was probably observing … me, and I’m sure she smelled me too.)

The other day, Shiho Shimotsuki was staring at Kururi Kurumozawa. She was on her guard because she had noticed that gaze.

(Something, I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes a move … before that, I need to carve more of my presence into Nakayama…)

Find the next move.

She schemed to create a situation where Kotaro Nakayama would have no choice but to accept Kururi Kurumozawa.

So she was not paying attention.


By the time she realized it, it was too late.


Because she was strolling in a daze, she was not paying attention to her surroundings and did not notice the car approaching.

Trying to cross the road, she noticed a car approaching.

Moreover, the car showed no sign of slowing down. She did not know what the driver was doing, but if she continued on her way, she would be run over.

In a panic, she tried to start running.

But perhaps because of the sudden exertion, her body doesn’t move properly, and she tripped.

(…… Might not work)

The occurrence was so unexpected that it took her breath away.

She can’t do anything else.

Reflexively, she closed her eyes and waited for the impact of the car.

(Is this… punishment?)

In her heart, regret was swirling, after all.

Groaning at the sin of hurting Kotaro Nakayama, she waits for the moment.

That was the moment.

“Look out!!”

Suddenly, someone pulled her.

At that moment, her body was lifted up and flung to the sidewalk.

(…I’m alive?)

The shock of death that she had expected never came.

Fearfully, she opened her eyes and looked at the person who had saved her.


Then her eyes widened at the face she found.

It was a face she knew.

A classmate, a boy she had never spoken to before.

But she knew his name.

“… Ryoma Ryuzaki?”

Yes, his name was Ryoma Ryuzaki.

Kururi Kurumizawa was stunned by this unexpected encounter.

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