Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 205

The Drug Called “Opportunism”

The encounter was so “unnatural”.

“Oi oi, don’t walk aimlessly…it’s dangerous, okay?”

Looking up at Ryoma Ryuzaki, who was holding her protectively, Kururi Kurumizawa was taken aback.

(How is this possible?)

This reality, the result of a series of coincidences, was so dramatic that it was difficult to come to one’s senses.

It was understandable.

First of all, it was early morning. It was also a holiday, the time of day when the streets are the least crowded.

And this place was located in the suburbs, outside of the residential area, so there were hardly any people walking along the street.

And to put it another way, there were not many cars to be seen either.

Because of this location, Kururi Kurumizawa was careless and absentminded… Unfortunately, a car passed by.

The driver of the car was also distracted and did not notice Kururi on the road, and if he had been even a little late in helping her, she would have undoubtedly been seriously injured.

Or, had she not been sleep-deprived, she would have been able to move a little more calmly. At the very least, she could have at least checked her surroundings before crossing the road.

But all kinds of bad luck conspired to nearly get her into a car accident.

How much bad luck does it take to get into a pinch like this?

And now, she had tremendous luck, which doubled her surprise.

(Why is he in a place like this?)

The biggest doubt of all must be this.

Ryoma Ryuzaki’s house should definitely not be in this vicinity. Kururi Kurumizawa had never seen him even once. And yet, she ran into him just as she was about to get into a car accident, and was also saved by him.

(Come to think of it, … Ryuzaki is so agile, isn’t he?)

Thinking back to what just happened, he reacted awfully fast.

Just before she was about to be hit by a car. The moment her body was frozen with fear, Ryoma Ryuzaki ran up to her and grabbed her arm without hesitation.

Next, he pulled her to him forcefully, and then threw himself to the sidewalk so that they would fall down together.

Thanks to this, Kururi Kurumizawa was unhurt. Thanks to Ryoma Ryuzaki’s embrace, she was unharmed when they fell.

As for saving her life, she was very grateful.

However, when she thought back on it, … too, it’s just not natural.

(How can I say this? Is it familiar to him?)

Can an ordinary person move like this on the spur of the moment?

Can he help a stranger, even though he knows it is dangerous?

These doubts are in the back of her mind.

All kinds of bad luck and good luck came at the same time, only because they were of equal totality, they were canceled out and … resulted in an uneventful outcome.

However, there is one thing that is different before and after the incident.

It was – Kururi Kurumozawa had a fateful encounter with Ryoma Ryuzaki.

“… Hey, you look a little dazed, are you all right? Did you maybe hit your head or something?”

It was probably because she was thinking about various things.

After being unresponsive for a while to Ryoma Ryuzaki’s words, she shook her body anxiously.

“Huh? No…”

She tried to tell him that she was fine.

But before I could say that, Ryoma Ryuzaki moved.

“You’re not bleeding somewhere, are you …?

He looked at Kururi Kurumizawa with a worried look on his face.

Kururi Kurumozawa blushed involuntarily as he checked all over her head and face, looking for wounds.

“C-close …”

While looking away, she managed to mutter in a trembling voice.

Then, Ryuzaki apologetically moved away from her a little bit.

“Hmm? Oh, my bad. I’m sorry for touching you so closely … but I’m relieved to see that you’re not hurt. So, are you fully conscious? If you’ve hit your head or something, just say so. I’ll call an ambulance just in case.”

Ryoma Ryuzaki didn’t seem to have any malicious or other intentions.

Kururi Kurumizawa gasped at his sincere concern for her.

Up close, his face was so well-defined … that also made her heart beat wildly.

(Is such an encounter … possible?)

The incident was so fateful and dramatic.

It made her heart race-

… Fate is a drug.

It is a poison that deceives reality and encourages dreaming and delusion.

In the story, the poison is called “opportunism”.

At last, she, too, has fallen prey to the poison.

Can the sub-heroine, who tried to consume even the main heroine, really resist the “harem protagonist” who is as the absolute protagonist?

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