Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 240

(Interlude 9) Ryoma Ryuzaki’s Epilogue

–Is this all right, Shimotsuki?

Everything is over.

I finished my role … by deceiving and derailing the girl Kururi Kurumizawa, messing up that girl’s love, and even shaking off fate with Nakayama.

Since then, I haven’t talked to Shiho …, rather Shimotsuki.

I don’t know if the case with Kururi has been resolved, or if Shimotsuki’s anger has subsided.

However, the fact that nothing has been reported must mean that all is well.

Shortly before the midterm test, I had not even been able to make eye contact with her since our conversation through the window from our rooms.

Since that day, the window of her room has been closed.

The curtains are also tightly closed. Somehow, it seemed like a rejection by Shimotsuki.

(Well, such is the end of a first love, isn’t it?)

I smile bitterly.

The girl I’ve had a one-sided love for for so many years coldly and clumsily shook off my feelings for her.

But I no longer have any lingering feelings for her.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ve made my ‘peace’ with her this time around.

(Be happy from now on…)

I wish my dear childhood friend happiness in my heart.

Then, as if to shake off my feelings for her, I clutched my smartphone tightly.

“It’s almost time, time for me to grow up.”

I can’t be an insensitive person forever.

I’m done pretending not to notice and making the girls that like me unhappy.

Today is Christmas.

It’s just a convenient day for a romantic event.

“As of today… Ryoma Ryuzaki will graduate from being a harem protagonist.”

I’m already prepared.

I could end my unrequited love for Shimotsuki with a clean slate.

Thanks to Shimotsuki, I was able to realize my sins and understand the bad parts.

Up until now, I have made many girls unhappy like a ‘harem protagonist’, but I am done with that.

But that’s over now.

Thanks to Shimotsuki, I have regained my normal way of thinking.

The time for me to be an immature person is up to the present moment.

It is time for me to repay the feelings of the girl who has been in love with me.

“Yuzuki, I need to talk to you. Can you come over to my house?”

Yuzuki has supported me all this time.

She accepted me like this.

That’s why I wanted to make her happy.

(Everyone already hates me… I’ll cherish Yuzuki who still likes me.)

Not so long ago, there were more girls who liked me.

Especially, Azusa, Kirari and Mary are still in my heart.

However, they must have lost their feelings for me by now, so I can’t choose them.

I am also concerned about Kururi, but … well, she has blatantly started to avoid me, so I feel that she is not a little resistant.

There is only one girl who still likes me.

And I was about to confess my feelings to that girl – Yuzuki Hojo.

(Like Shimotsuki… let’s have a single-minded love.)

I love only Yuzuki.

I don’t want to show my affection for other girls anymore.

I don’t want a harem anymore.

I should be more normal, … because Shimotsuki seemed to hate me so much.

With that in mind, I decided to graduate from being a harem protagonist.

“I was just on my way over there. I will arrive soon.”

It was right after I sent the message to Yuzuki.

It seems that she was also on her way here at the right time.


I got up from the sofa and lifted a small box placed on the table.

When I opened the lid, there it was… a ring.

(If I gave this to Yuzuki, she would be very happy.)

It is one of the few mementos of my mother, who passed away when I was very young.

It is also a treasure that I had hoped to give to the girl I loved someday.

If I give this to Yuzuki, she will know how I feel about her.

She will know that I truly love her.

“…Here she comes.”

And then the doorbell rang.

I ran out of the living room and opened the front door and … there was Yuzuki, holding a paper bag with cake in it.

“Ryoma-san, Merry Christmas… cake, I made it. Would you like to eat it with me?”

Of course, it’s only natural that we eat together.

But first, there is something I want to get done quickly.

So I kneeled down right there and held out the small box to her.

As if I was proposing to her.

“I love you, Yuzuki.”

I “confessed” to Yuzuki.

“Sorry for the abruptness. But I’ve made up my mind… Thank you for liking me all this time. I will definitely make you happy. So will you go out with me?”

I conveyed my feelings firmly.

By doing so, my harem romantic comedy will end.

From now on, my … single-minded romantic comedy in which I love only Yuzuki will begin – it was supposed to.

“I’m sorry.”

With that one word, everything fell apart.


At first, I did not understand what was being said.

But when I saw Yuzuki bowing politely, I was reminded that my confession had been rejected, even if I didn’t like it.

This was the end of Ryoma Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy.

I could only be stunned by this sudden epilogue…

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