Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 241

(Interlude 10) Commentary by a self-proclaimed Creator

–Where will the story end up?

“Young lady, I have the material for you.”

“Thank you♪”

I received the materials brought by the servant and looked through them lightly.

After understanding what was written on them, I threw the documents on the desk.

“I read it, so please put it away.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Another servant moves in response to my instruction.

He picked up the papers that I had thrown away at random and filed them carefully.

The compiled documents are stored on a shelf by the wall.

The number of files stored in the bookshelves on the wall was so huge that I could no longer count them.

But they are also treasures to me.

Because this information is a collection of settings that make up the “story” I love so much.

Finding a story in the world of reality requires a vast amount of information.

And since there is a lot of unnecessary noise in that information, I have to make a selection and discard it, which is a big challenge.

“Hmmm… I see.”

Then, I began to consider the information.

I incorporate the information I have acquired from the data and further deepen my thinking.

If I were to use an analogy, it would be like a puzzle?

As I fit the complicated pieces together, I can gradually see the finished picture, can’t I?

Connecting information to information, considering what is between the lines, and completing the background of the information.

Then, eventually, a “story” will come into view.

I think it is just like a puzzle.

“Finally, I can see it now.”

If you hire a detective, use last-minute means that violate the law, and spend money sparingly, you can get any information you want.

And, moreover, anything was possible to obtain information about Kotaro, Ryoma, and Shiho, who are ordinary people.

The information available, however, was nothing more than a “bullet-point description”.

By reading the background, or the connections between the information …, one can finally find the “story” in the world of reality.

But just because you see a story doesn’t mean there is any value in it.

In fact, I would have to say that the cost-effectiveness for the effort and cost is infinitely low.

It is just a hobby, in other words.

But it is the only thing that I, Mary Parker, enjoy.

I am willing to go to any lengths to enjoy the stories.

I used to be a main character, but I’m not anymore, so I’m enjoying their stories to the fullest.

I guess the story I’m most looking forward to is … Kotaro and Shiho’s romantic comedy?

Hmmm… but maybe I’m more interested in this one right now than that one?

“It’s about time for Ryoma to find some answers.”

The information about Ryoma was written in the document I had just received.

He confessed his feelings to Yuzuki and… unfortunately, he was rejected by her.

But that’s not really surprising.

From the standpoint of knowing the background up to now, I think it is even a natural result.

“Ryoma comes before Kotaro’s romantic comedy.”

Currently, the protagonist-sama, who has charmed even me, is in a difficult situation.

Ryoma has undergone an awakening with Shiho’s help, but … perhaps that blossoming came too late.

“Your love was not accepted by Yuzuki.”

Ryoma is trying to shake off his feelings for Shiho and obtain pure love this time.

But Yuzuki is not so carefree as to allow that to happen.

“Heroines are always so troublesome.”

She wants to be loved.

She wants him to love her.

But she wants that love to be real.

I understand that feeling because I am the same gender as her.

“Yuzuki, … you don’t want to go through the process of elimination, do you?”

From the perspective of the heroine who is in the position of being chosen, Ryoma’s love now is only a ‘process of elimination’.

Yuzuki was only chosen because he had no choice because there were no more options left to choose from.

Maybe she thought that was fine at first.

But hey…, maybe now she is not satisfied with that.

“It’s because Shiho changed Ryoma.”

I know.

I know that Yuzuki was watching the scene where Shiho and Ryoma were talking.

Yuzuki must have been shocked at that moment.

“Ryoma couldn’t be changed no matter what Yuzuki did,… so Yuzuki decided to accept such a Ryoma.”

But Ryoma has changed.

“The Ryoma that changed so easily just by talking to Shiho, he is no longer the Ryoma that Yuzuki tried to love, you know.”

Well, … it’s a complicated thing to say, but I guess that’s what it all boils down to?

“It’s physiologically unreasonable to love a man who has the handprints of a woman other than yourself.”

That’s why Ryoma was rejected.

Ryoma was awakened thanks to Shiho, but he was rejected thanks to Shiho. … I wonder what will happen now?

“Nihihi ♪ I wonder if you’ll ever forgive a romantic comedy in which you love one person and are happy now?”

You’ve hurt the heroines so many times in the past.

The god of romantic comedies would never allow you to be happy with just one person.

“There are only two choices for Ryoma. Either he will be ‘dumped’ by everyone or he will ‘choose’ … everyone.”

The former would be a bad ending.

That is exactly the kind of “Suck it up” ending that excites me.

But if it’s the latter, it’s a happy ending.

It could be the most boring ending in the world.

I’m hoping for a bad ending, of course.

But … he doesn’t.

“Kotaro can’t accept that the heroines he cherished are unhappy.”

That’s why that mob character wishes for you.

He believes in the power of the harem protagonist, whom he hates.

Well, what will happen now?

I don’t know how Ryoma’s story will end, so I’m really looking forward to it.

“What will Ryoma really do?”

I’m curious to see what the greenhouse-raised protagonist will do.

And what will he think?


“What will Ryoma think when he finds out that the heroines who love him … Azusa, Kirari, and Yuzuki, were heroines who originally loved Kotaro?”

This may be the best foreshadowing of all.

In fact, Ryoma does not know the relationship between Kotaro and the three heroines.

That’s probably going to be the heart of the fourth part, isn’t it?

“It’s about time to collect the foreshadowing of the subheroines that have been tossed aside until now.”

What kind of “romantic comedy” will Ryouma be following?

I’m looking forward to the epilogue at the end…

[Part 3 End]

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