Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 246

Don’t underestimate my romantic comedy

What is the driving force behind love?

The answer to this question may not be known to even the smartest of people.

There is no right answer. Moreover, it takes different forms for different people. Therefore, there is no answer that I, a mere high school student, can give.

But I can say this.

The driving force of love may not be “right” or “wrong” at least.

“Did you start to dislike me, Ryu-kun?”

I did not shake my head at that question, of course.

I could not lie, because I did not dislike Kirari.

“Hmm? Then, I won’t give up, right? No matter how much Ryu-kun rejects me, if he doesn’t hate me, I’ve decided to do my best.”

The words were heavy, symmetrically to mine.

She was down-to-earth, and yet I could see a glimpse of her unshakable core strength.

That’s why I felt sorry for her.

I think it’s wrong for her to be so attached to me.

“Kirari, I have someone else I like. I can’t accept your feelings.”

I tried to reject her somehow.

What I just said was not a lie.

I like Yuzuki.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to make her happy.


It’s frustrating that I doubt that even this thought is correct.

Do I really like Yuzuki?

I’m just trying to atone for my sins with a stupid sense of responsibility and duty?

Such doubts are going through my mind.

But I deliberately pretended not to notice these thoughts.

I could not persuade Kirari with such doubts in my mind.

I felt as if I had to face her now.

That’s how serious she was looking at me.

“Someone you like? I already know that.”

Kirari was still unmoved by my words.

Her spirit was so strong that it almost made me back away from her.

“I chose … Ryu-kun, knowing that you are that kind of person. I don’t care if you like someone else. Someday you will like me too, and that’s all that matters.”

I wonder if such a convenient thought is possible.

I’m not sure if this girl is also a victim of my “protagonism” that has made her crazy.

So, I make a statement that is convenient for me.

I was wrong because she said it that way.

“Kirari… I know it’s not right for me to say this … but let me say it. Your thoughts are wrong. Don’t say things like that, like you’re fine with being a mistress… You should be with someone who loves Kirari first and foremost. You’ll be happier that way.”

You and I are both wrong.

That’s why distorted romantic comedies like harems are born.

It’s time for us to be right.

If not, we can’t be happy – that’s what I told her.

But Kirari snickered at my words.

“I don’t care if it’s right or wrong. I fell in love with Ryu-kun. That’s all that matters, so why do you keep making excuses? There is only one person who can make me happy, right? Only …Ryu-kun is the one I love.”

It will not break.

Strong will easily dismisses my light words.

…This is impossible.

No matter what words I spin, Kirari will never change.

She has her “self”. She will not change herself by the words of others.

She won’t be like me, who was drastically changed by my childhood friend’s words.

“…Don’t underestimate my romantic comedy.”

And with this one comment, I was the one who broke down.

“I will not let my past experiences go to waste. Even if my love doesn’t come true in the end, I will say ‘I had a good romance’. That’s the kind of romantic comedy I’ve decided to make, you know.”

Laughing, Kirari patted me on the shoulder.

As usual, she smiled at me in a friendly and … cheerful way, like friends.

“So, are you ready for this?”


I couldn’t shake her off.

Unlike Kirari, I’m too frivolous.

There was no way I could twist Kirari’s hard, heavy, strong will…

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