Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 247

Meta-meta and a bit noisy ground text

Well, what should I do?

For example, if I were to be inserted here, it would surely be a good idea to take some kind of action.

Normally, it would be a good place to switch to the mob character’s point of view here, but … his turn may not have come yet.

“Kotaro is supposed to be the narrator.”

Well, there’s no use blabbing about it.

I am a perfect, flawless, versatile, and useful character. I am an excellent Onee-san who can play not only an antagonist, but also a tricky position, a subheroine in love, or even a funny clown.

The only characters I can’t play are the main heroine, the protagonist, and other such “real” characters.

As a small person, I pride myself on being a dexterous character who can do anything but the big stuff.

Since that’s the case, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to participate in their story as a … narrator.

“Fumufumu, I wonder what I should do.”

I look at the filed report and ponder.

While adjusting the position of my misaligned glasses, I was scrutinizing the information I had received from the detective ‘regarding Ryoma Ryuzaki’.

The place was my private room, a familiar place to me.

In one of the many rooms in the Mary mansion, I sat on an unintentionally expensive chair that cost more than one million yen, and threw my glasses in the trash.

“My eyes still hurt.”

“Please take care of yourself, Miss.”

The maid who takes care of me chided me.

I tried on a pair of glasses thinking that an intellectual character is not so bad once in a while, but they were not the right size for me. I have unusually good eyesight to begin with, so wearing glasses might have been bad for my health.

“Huh… I’d rather be a s*xy character than a narrator. You see, there are subheroines who have lucky sketches with the main character in a bathing scene or a changing clothes scene, right? It’s not bad to be handled like that.”

“How do you like it?”

“Look, I’m unintentionally stylish, so I think I’ll look good on the screen.”

“You’re right.”

“… Boring.”

Even when I made jokes, the servants here gave only inorganic answers like robots.

As usual, this mansion was boring for me.

I guess that’s why I’ve become so devoted to the story.

My mother, who had an affair and suffered a painful experience, and I don’t even know where she lives now. My father, who was betrayed by his beloved and got his revenge, but still puts his unfulfilled feelings into his work. There are only boring people.

When I was born, he even loved me so much that he named his company “Mary” for his daughter, but you never know how people can change.

Kotaro, I understand so well how you feel when you are having a hard time with strange parents.

…Oops, did I go on too much of a tangent?

I may have wasted too much time talking about my character.

No, but I am an old-fashioned person along with Shiho, and it is not an exaggeration to say that noisy background text is in a sense a beauty of style.

Kotaro’s and Ryoma’s monologues are not playful, and my eyes seem to slip when I read them, so it’s not bad to have an accent like mine every once in a while.

I’ll leave it at that.

Well, take a break.

In other words, I am the narrator of the story, which means that they want me to stir up the story in a good way.

“Hmmmmm… To make it more interesting, we need to revive some of those connections over there.”

I ponder

Lightly shaking my useless chest, I build up the flow of the plot.

I’ll let the mob character make an appearance at this point.

“Shall I bring Yuzuki and Kotaro together?”

Consciously or unconsciously, Kotaro is avoiding Yuzuki.

I don’t know if he is aware of it or not, but I have some idea that Kotaro is the reason why the two of them don’t see each other extremely much.

That’s why I’m going to make a mess of it.

Manipulating Kotaro, who tends to stagnate as soon as he is caught off guard, is one of my specialties.

Fortunately, Shiho is not trying to intervene too much with Kotaro at the moment, and if there is any time to initiate …, it is now.

With that, I got up from my chair.

“Where are you going, young lady?”

“I’m going onstage. I’m a very busy character.”

“I see.”

The servant nodded in disinterest to the appropriate answer.

A character with no story at all… If you say he’s like a mob character, that’s what I’d call him.

That’s why I like him a lot, because he has risen from being just a mob character.

“Kotaro, you’re going to entertain me again, okay?”

Let’s drag him up on stage.

Let’s bring Kotaro into Ryoma’s disintegrating harem story.

What kind of story will be told after that?

I still don’t know the answer to that question.

But the fact that I don’t know is what makes the story so interesting…

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