Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 248

The Reemergence of a Decayed and Defeated Heroine


Even though it is nighttime, I rang the chime without hesitation.

A little later, I hear panicked footsteps from inside, and the door immediately opens.


A familiar mob face peeks out through the open door.

Remembering that I haven’t played the role of the jolly blonde beauty recently, I greet him like that.


With a wink, I stick out my tongue and give him a cute, cheeky look.

Most boys would fall head over heels for me if I did this.

I knew that most guys have their brains attached to their lower body, so they are weak against a s*xy character like me.

That is why Kotaro, who blatantly frowned at me, never ceased to interest me.

“No, don’t come here.”

Neither being strong nor bashful, Kotaro was not interested or concerned from the depths of his heart and was not deceived by s*xy characters, but simply disliked my mere existence, and I could not help but laugh.

“Nihihihi. Don’t say that, can you let me in? I think you should be a little more careful with a girl out so late at night, don’t you?”

“It’s only 8:00 p.m. and Mary seems stronger than the guys, so there’s no point in worrying.”

You are right. I would probably not get hurt even if I was attacked by any thugs. After all, I am perfect, I am seamless, and I have mastered the martial arts.

But men are usually attracted to you if you tickle their desire for protection.

So, I know that I wat to be happy when they give me shelter.

… Well, it still didn’t work for Kotaro.

“What do you want?”

“What if I told you I just came to see Kotaro?”

“I’ll just ignore you. You’re a pain.”

“OH…, what if I told you that I came to visit Kutaro’s stepsister?”

“Azusa? Mary-san, do you know that girl?”

“Of course. We’re such good friends that sometimes we see each other in the classroom.”

“That’s not very close, is it?”


My favorite vague way of talking was not working.

I knew that Kotaro was not interested in me at all.

That’s why Kururi’s guts in trying to lure such a man was quite interesting to see in retrospect.

And perhaps it is because Kotarouis a mob character that he has such a lack of ‘individuality’ and can remain ‘nothing’ in response to any heroine’s approach.

As usual, this character is interesting.

That is why it is a shame that he is a bit of a mosquito in Ryoma’s story.

I need him to dance more.

Because that would be more ‘interesting’.

“I don’t have a choice. I’m going to tell you straight to the point, okay? –Ryoma was rejected by Yuzuki.”

When he tried to tangle with Yuzuki, he lost.

If he tries to join forces with her, she pushes him away.

So, I had no choice but to be honest.

It’s not a very typical choice for me, but to make the story more interesting, it’s good to be honest once in a while.


As expected, Kotaro showed agitation.

He was completely unfazed when it came to himself, but when it came to those closest to him, he became instantly fragile.

I’m not gentle enough not to attack that gap.

“Isn’t he interested in your childhood friend?”

When I whispered this to him in an inciting manner, Kotaro’s expression instantly became tense.


But he was still trying to refuse me with his apparent strength.

However, it looked like I could break him if I pushed a little harder, so I relentlessly tried to break him…, but…

Unfortunately, I was interrupted before I could do so.

“Azusa would like to hear that story, too?”

… Hmm, I see.

Apparently, the homes of the common people were smaller than I thought.

“Did you hear me?”

The one who suddenly appeared from the living room was a childish woman who looked like a child sitting on a throne.

It seemed that she could hear me talking from the living room. It seems that the average home is much smaller than my mansion.

“What do you mean Ryoma Onii-chan got rejected…?”

The one who interrupted me was the once defeated sub heroine.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the appearance of the defeated heroine, whom I thought had already decayed completely.

(It’s funny when this happens, isn’t it?)

There may be more developments awaiting Ryoma’s story.

I felt that Azusa’s appearance was such a major turning point in the plot of the story…

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