Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 260

If Ordinary Happiness Could Satisfy You, You Wouldn’t Be Walking Through This Story (Romantic Comedy)

‘You should forget about Ryoma Ryuzaki.’

If I tell her that, I feel Azusa’s future will change.

She adores me.

We were estranged for a while, but recently me and Azusa have finally come to be able to treat each other normally as brother and sister,

So my words will reach her.

(If Azusa gave up on Ryuzaki…)

I imagined about Azusa’s “future” beyond the hypothetical.

Let’s say that Azusa forgets about Ryuzaki because of my one comment.

That would mean that she would no longer be a subheroine.

In other words, Azusa would disappear from the story of Ryoma Ryuzaki and lead a normal life.

(I bet she’ll be dating a normal boy by the time she’s a college student.)

Azusa is very cute.

Even without considering that we are siblings, Azusa is objectively adorable.

She is attractive not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

She is friendly, lonely, and has a habit of getting carried away with people she allows herself to be with, but that is the kind of girl that attracts people to her.

(How can Azusa not be popular? If only she could forget about Ryuzaki, she would surely be approached by all kinds of guys.)

Perhaps she could even meet a much nicer man than Ryuzaki.

She would probably go out with a cool guy who would think of Azusa first.

After graduating from college, working at a normal company, and living a normal life, if she could find a compatible man after a few relationships, she would probably be able to ‘marry’ him.

Getting married, having children, creating a happy family, raising children, and growing old – such happiness awaits in the future.

(What a wonderful life.)

I think so from the bottom of my heart.

Some people may think it is a “natural” happiness.

Some may even think it is strange to yearn for a happiness that has nothing special about it.

However, it is surprisingly difficult to be normal.

I think it is okay to be satisfied with normalcy.

I think it is even more so because I was a mob character who could not even be normal.

Therefore, I want Azusa to lead a normal life and have normal happiness.

I sincerely want that.

But why am I so lost?

‘I think you should forget about Ryoma Ryuzaki.’

It is not a long sentence.

It is a phrase that can be said in a single breath.

And in less than a second.


But I’m the one who can’t say that line.


Azusa was looking at me anxiously as I was unable to say it.

She is waiting for me. Lost, frightened, and scared, Azusa is leaving it up to me to decide which path to take.

My pride as an older brother would not allow me to run away without telling her.

I don’t want to say irresponsible words like, “Think for yourself.”

I am her “older brother”.

I didn’t want to abandon my sister who is suffering.

So I told her clearly.

“You should forget about Ryoma Ryuzaki, … I, for one, think so. It would make Azusa happier.”

I still have my doubts.

But I chose it because I know this is the best path.

To those words, Azusa—

“…After all, that’s what I thought.”

–She nodded her head.

As if in resignation, as if in dismay, and yet somewhat relieved,…. she loosened her cheeks and nodded in a small way.

It was at that moment.


My intuition screamed.

It sensed that Azusa did not want things to stay as they were.

Because, Azusa’s eyes were saying so.

(These are not the words Azusa is looking for.)

The flame was still lit in the clear depths.

Azusa’s flame had not yet been extinguished.

(What this girl wants me to do is …!)

As an older brother, I understand.

I understand what my sister wants.

At that moment, my mouth moved by reflex.

“…But, Azusa … the happiest thing is to be with the person you love the most.”

The path I have shown you is the ‘ideal’.

But it’s not the ‘very best’.

“Azusa wants the ‘best’ happiness more than the ‘ordinary’ happiness.”

So, the line I should say is this.

“Don’t give up.”

Even if the path is full of pain.

Even if it means that you will end up leading a life that does not even allow you to have a normal happiness.

“Azusa, do your best.”

I can only push her back.

As an older brother, I wanted to show my sister the path she should take, but Azusa would not be satisfied with the ordinary happiness that lies at the … end of that path.

Because she is no ordinary girl.

She is a special girl heroine who is looked up to by the protagonist…

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