Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 264

Story Brain

Compared to the past few days, today was relatively warm.

However, since it is almost February, the outside air is cold and the wind is strong, so I don’t think the temperature felt is much different.

On top of that, it suddenly started raining, which made the cold more intense.

Snow would have been better. The rain was so wet and the wind was blowing on top of it, so much so that it felt more like a ‘pain’ than cold.

“…The weather forecast was for clear skies. I didn’t bring an umbrella…”

Ryuzaki also frowned as the rain began to fall unexpectedly.

“Sorry about the bad weather. I’ll just go home.”

Ignoring me, Ryuzaki started to walk away.

Well, I wasn’t prepared to overlook this level of disturbance, and I wasn’t ready to make a relative decision.

“Wait a minute. There’s a park nearby where we can take shelter from the rain, why don’t we go there and talk?”

I stopped him.

As he was walking away, I reached out to Ryuzaki’s and grabbed him by the shoulder.

“… Let go of me. Even if it wasn’t raining, I’m not in the mood to talk to you.”

Of course, Ryuzaki was trying to refuse me.

I understand that feeling. Because you probably don’t have a lot of time to spare right now.

“Don’t say that… You’re worried about Yuzuki, aren’t you?”

So, I dared to touch on the issue that he might be having.

I know from Mary-san’s information that Ryuzaki was rejected by Yuzuki.

I knew from his appearance that Ryuzaki was distressed about it.

“…Hey, why is Yuzuki’s name coming out of nowhere?”

As expected, he couldn’t make out what I just said.

“No, wait a minute … why is Nakayama calling out Yuzuki’s name?”

Then Ryuzaki finally seemed to notice something ‘strange’.

Yeah, it bothers you, doesn’t it?

Because you don’t know anything.

You still don’t know that I and Yuzuki are childhood friends.

It’s not that I’ve been hiding it from you. But I didn’t have to tell you, and it was unnecessary information for Yuzuki, so she didn’t tell you.

But the situation has changed.

That’s why I wanted to tell him.

“… I’ll tell you all about it …”

All right, my wet skin was uncomfortable.

I’m not comfortable getting hit by the rain, so I started walking quickly as if I was leading the way.

“Let’s talk. I don’t want to talk to you either. But there’s something I need to tell you.”

“… Damn.”

For what it’s worth, Ryuzaki is probably curious about me too.

His expression was distorted with bitterness, but he was following me from behind.

Well, it seems that we have succeeded in communicating with each other for the time being.

A corner of the park. The trees there provided just the right amount of shelter from the rain and wind.

“I’m glad we took shelter from the rain. It must be tough to go home in such a downpour.”

On the way here, the rain accelerated further.

If we had gone home, the water would have soaked through our thick coats and we would have been frozen to the core.

“Weather forecast… useless.”

Ryuzaki swore and mumbled.

He was staring at the sky in abhorrence, while I, on the other hand, was wiping the droplets of water from my face with my handkerchief without much irritation.

“Well, you know, it happens.”

It’s not the first time the heavens have been capricious.

Rather, I even think that this bad weather is … staging a scene between me and Ryuzaki.

In a brain poisoned by stories, this also feels like opportunism.

That is why I use it.

Let me take advantage of this opportunity to say what I want to say to Ryuzaki…

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