Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 293


Oh, no.

No good… I’m getting mushy.

I’m getting excited thinking about what’s ahead in the story.

At least, I’m aware that I’m just a ‘subheroine’. But, perhaps because I used to call myself a ‘creator’, I still haven’t gotten rid of my bad habits.

–I wish I could say, “Suck it up”!

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve said that sentence in a long time.

Since the second part, in which I failed to intervene in Ryoma’s story, I’ve only been conveniently used in the story and haven’t done much.

So, is it time to act …?

Ryoma is already decaying, rotting away, and is just a helpless, useless protagonist.

In other words, Ryoma’s harem romantic comedy has been ‘cancelled’, hasn’t it?

I thought the stagnant Kotaro and Shiho’s romantic comedy would be cancelled first. … No, I guess not. Maybe their romantic comedy will just cease to be renewed permanently, but it will not be the end. Cancellation is a different matter.

But Ryoma’s story is different.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s already all ruined and over. … Yeah, this one is ‘cancelled’.

If that’s the case, then I can play with Ryoma and Ryoma’s harem members, can’t I?


For the first time in a long time, a me-like smile broke out.

When I first appeared on the scene, I used to say I was smiling confidently like this, but … I’ve fallen off the path too, you know.

“All right, I’ll let Kirari give you a lecture, shall I?”

Suddenly, an idea occurs to me.

It might be fun to let Kirari quarrel with Ryoma, who has suffered a lot because of Ryoma, and shred Ryoma’s heart to shreds.

… Well, to be precise, Kirari had to suffer because of all the things I set up.

I’ll let readers refer to the Part II for more details.

Anyway, … I wanted to see Ryoma being abused by a subheroine who had not been rewarded for a long time, so I immediately went to spurn her.

The destination was a bookstore with a café space attached. I knew from the detective’s research data that Kirari had been frequenting this place recently.

She seems to have started reading books, perhaps as a substitute for not being as dependent on Ryoma as she used to be. It was late in the evening. But she is still here today.

Kirari, who is sitting by the window and concentrating on her book, doesn’t seem to notice me. No, even if she did notice me, it would be unnatural for me to go near her since we are not very close.

All right, then, let’s do this.

“Hello, old man? I need someone, give me ten minutes.”

Summon servants by phone. Fill the seats in the café space and create a situation of crowding.

Oh dear, this will make me say, “Oh? This is a coincidence! It’s my classmate Kirari! Can I sit next to you because it’s crowded?” I could have made the same kind of tentative call to her.

If I were the main character, the seats would have filled up on their own without using such a match-pumping method, but …… well, she’s just a sub character after all, so it can’t be helped. She was too small in character or vessel to be a main heroine. She has big b*****s. … It’s a pity that she couldn’t grow up in the most important part.

That’s why I decided to play outside the story, like a small villainous character.

… Okay, I bought the appropriate books, ordered coffee at the cafe, and I’m ready to go. With the tray in my arms, I headed straight for Kirari.

“Oh? Such a coincidence! It’s my classmate Kirari! It’s crowded, so can I sit next to you?”

As I called out to her as I had planned, Kirari finally noticed me and looked up.

“Nnya? Oh, it’s Mary.”


“… Huh? When did it get so crowded?”

“Well, it rained a while ago, so I guess all the customers came at once. Can I sit next to you?”

“Oh, yeah. Please feel free~.”

Kirari had been played by me in the past, but since I was the mastermind behind the scene at the time, she didn’t seem to have a bad image of me.

She was less cautious and I could easily get into her heart.

Really, she is a poor sub-heroine, isn’t she?

She’s too good a girl to be able to love that crooked protagonist.

Really, she’s easy to handle…

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