Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 292

Tidying Up and the “Punchline” of Part IV

A story can quickly become a mess if one is not careful.

The reason why works that are written as the author wants to write them usually end up unfinished is because the author is unable to properly organize the information.

Therefore, before writing a story, the author should prepare a “plot”, a blueprint of the story.

Some people write down the flow of the story from beginning to end, while others do not write it at all. However, those who don’t write are not without a plot, because they have it all built up in their heads.

Of course, I had a plot in mind.

But there are too many uncertainties to make a story out of reality, and there is no end to what I can do if I write it down on paper, so I have to build it all up in my head.

Initially, this fourth part was supposed to be about the conflict between Kotaro and Ryoma.

For this reason, I forcefully brought Azusa back to the stage, who had nothing to do with the story.

Yuzuki, an opportunist who had no initiative and had always been swept along with the flow, was also forced to mentally corner Ryoma and confront him.

Thanks to that, Ryoma became lonely and realized the importance of the harem members,… but when he learned that they had actually had a connection with Kotaro in the past, he despaired.

“Damn… I guess I’m beneath you after all. I can’t believe that after being deprived of my first love, the person I tried to fall in love with instead was your hand-me-down…!”

When Ryoma said that, it was painful.

It was so much so that I thought I was watching a drama, partly because I was watching it through a spy monitor.

Things had been going well up to that point.

But thanks to Shiho’s interruption, the tempo and the story shifted.

That’s why the story needed a course correction.

“First of all, the problem that needs to be solved is that of … Ryoma.”

The conclusion of the 4th part, or the “Punchline”, is the downfall of Ryoma.

I think it’s time for Ryoma’s role to end. I assumed that it was time for that unpleasant character to leave the stage.

Because he is no longer the “protagonist”.

Even his natural protagonism is slowly fading away.

Because, he has fallen to the point where even that unconditional positive character, Yuzuki, hates him, you know?

If he had retained his protagonism, that would not be possible.

Being popular for no reason was the only skill and the only reason why Ryoma was able to fit into the “protagonist” category, and without it, he would no longer be anything but an obnoxious character.

Therefore, I hope that he will meet a miserable end so that his heart will be refreshed.

What can I do to woefully achieve that ‘Punchline’?

“Hmmm … is there not enough ‘misfortune’?”

I want him to suffer more.

Then, I want him to take responsibility for me.

As a result of being swept away and affected by Ryoma’s nature, and finally made to fall in love with him, I was classified as a subheroine, not a creator.

To be honest, I still have a grudge against him.

In other words, this was almost like “revenge” for me.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to see how Kotaro and Shiho end up together after I’ve dissipated my own desires, right?”

I have no more interest in getting involved in their romantic comedy.

I don’t like Shiho, but that doesn’t mean I’m so obtuse and stupid that I can’t see the difference in power between me and her.

I can’t win against her even if I stood on my head, and instead I hope she’ll let me vent my frustration as much as I want with Ryoma.

“…So much for rationalizing, I guess.”

Well, I’ve made up a lot of logic to explain my obsession with Ryoma.

So from now on, I’m going to get a little more involved in the story.

So, next time, I think I’ll get … that subheroine involved too.

“I wonder if she’s still upset that I messed her up?”

I wonder what that girl … Kirari Asakura is doing now…?

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